This precious boy is only 9 months old, about 50 pounds, and we think he’s just adorable.  His transporter said he was a great passenger and a total sweetheart.  It amazes us how after so many changes in his young life that he maintains such a gentle and sweet persona.  He absolutely loves everyone, is very affectionate, and adores all dogs.   Orville deserves to find a family that will embrace his tender soul and loving heart.


Durbin, affectionately known as Burley,  is nothing short of a big teddy bear.  He is a 5 year old chocolate male and 90 pounds of pure love, although with his additional exercise, he is trimming down. He energetically walks 1-2 miles with his foster mom every morning, trotting the entire way.  Now that he feels safe and confident, he quickly connects with everyone he meets and is a super friendly boy.  He loves his treats, and is very cooperative by going into his kennel with verbal commands and gentle leading with and without a treat. Durbin really has a way of grabbing your heart, possibly because he is such a very special dog with a tremendous capacity to enjoy life and share his joy.

As wonderful as Durbin is, we DO NOT recommend he is placed with cats.


FOSTER UPDATE:  There are so many positives about Durbin, whom we love to call Burly-it seems to fit him. He is very good on leash with prong collar, but does pulls when he wants to smell something. We passed dogs behind fences, dogs in houses, and a cat on the sidewalk with no reaction to any of them. We’ve been walking just under a mile and he behaved the entire walk, but we don’t think he accustomed to much exercise, so we’re going to take it slow. He is still learning to share toys with the other dogs, so we have removed them from the living area for now. Our plan is to try again in a few days on a supervised and limited basis. Overall, he’s a love who just wants to sit close. Although he’s a little pushy for attention when he wants it, but in reality, we think it’s kind of cute. He is not a beggar when humans are eating (rare for a labbie), and he does not like going into his crate so we entice him with a treat.
Sometimes he settles right away, other times he barks for a minute and then settles. He doesn’t get on the furniture and is completely house-broken, something that always makes life easier. Durbin/Burley lets me pet him, touch his face/head/ears while he’s eating. He even lets me take his bowl away, or put my fingers in his bowl while he is eating. Additionally, he has a very gentle mouth taking treats.  He is doing a great job keeping us entertained with his silly and fun personality and are enjoying learning more about him every day.


durbin 9-6-15

Ophelia (Maggie)

ophelia 1
ophelia 2

Our 2 year old Ophelia certainly deserves her Hamlet to love and care for her.  She recently arrived and is so confused and at this juncture fearful. We look forward to her moving to a foster where she can relax and realize that she is safe.  Until she relaxes her 55 pound frame, we cannot really assess her personality, but we do know that we want to help her know that life can be wonderful, and we will do our very best to help her find a better tomorrow.

FOSTER UPDATE: Ophelia here.  As you can see, I’m back inside and taking a little nap at my new foster home.  My foster dad is still making me wear this STUPID collar but the vet said I could maybe get the stitches out tomorrow so he might bring me in.  I sure hope so.

He also said he might change my name AGAIN, this time to Maggie.  He said it kind of fits better than Ophelia.., whatever that means.

I’ve decided I like getting attention and being scratched behind the ears and guess what?  If I wag my tail, my foster family does it even more!  They’re such suckers.  My foster dad even got all excited when I scratched at the door to go outside for a bathroom break.  Where did he expect me to go?

I had a really good night’s sleep on the couch.  In the morning, my foster dad poured me a bowl of breakfast.  At first I didn’t know if he was a good cook but once I tasted it, I decided it was OK and ate it all up.  After that, I went outside with my foster brother and sister, Kosar and Roxy, and we had a great time.

I guess maybe humans aren’t so bad.  We’ll see…,  Maybe I’ll see everyone tomorrow when I come to get my stitches out.




nutmeg 1

Nutmeg, a 3.5 year old chocolate female, came to us as a kennel favorite.  She is an energetic girl who requires exercise, but does pretty well on a leash with guidance and direction.  She responds very well to people, including kids, and definitely looking for some stability.  She is a little nervous in her new environment and will be so much happier with a home and family, like all of our pups.  Consistency and obedience classes will benefit her as she has not been taught commands, but that doesn’t inhibit her loving heart and beautiful soul.


champ 9-25-15

Champ is a beautiful 1 ½ year old beautiful boy who was rescued from deplorable condition outside a trailer.  We had considered posting the pictures, but frankly, they were too offensive, so decided there is no need to recall such misery.A good Samaritan has been patiently waiting for an opportunity to save him and finally was successful. We are so pleased to introduce Champ to a much better life where he is safe and loved.


Tyler is a 2 year old male that was found as a stray and recently arrived at CLR.  He has captured everyone’s heart with his sweet disposition and eagerness to please.  The staff has just raved about him, and think he is absolutely wonderful.  He is not very large at approximately 45 pounds – which is perfect for snuggle time.  He needs to gain some weight, which will give his family just a little bit more to love.


bert 1

Bert’s story is very similar to his brother, Ernie.  Seriously underweight, he needs some TLC and good nutrition to be at a healthy weight.  He probably should not be as large as Ernie and could be  comfortable  at 60 pounds, so he isn’t a very large guy .Our volunteers that have spent time with him think he’s a very sweet dog  with excellent potential.  He is truly a beautiful 2 year old, chocolate male, just waiting for his opportunity to find a family to provide him the appropriate training and a safe home where he can prosper.


shilah 5


This beautiful five year old chocolate female was dumped by a backyard breeder at a kill shelter when he no longer had an use for her.  One look at her sweet face and we knew we had to step up and help her. She needs to learn better leash manners, but through no fault of her own, because we presume she had no practice. She needs routine vetting and some TLC and certainly someone to share their home and love with her – something we can only imagine is something she did not experience in the past.  We are happy to keep her safe while she waits for that special family to step forward.

FOSTER UPDATE: Considering Shilah’s background we are surprised and pleased she hasn’t had ANY potty accidents in the house!  She is adjusted well with our family and gets along well with our pack of dogs as well as our kids and the adults.  She is learning the joy of being part of a family and not just a baby making machine. The singular negative is that she is overly interested with our cat, so we are convinced that she should not be placed with a cat. Shilah really has a sweet disposition, and we are so pleased to see her relax and acclimate to family life.  We hope she finds a family soon as she’s had a difficult five years and definitely deserves the comfort of being part of a family.



Monty is a 2 year old, 60 pound,  black male who seems to have been passed over.  When we learned he was about to be euthanized at the shelter, we said, “No way!” and responded quickly to bring him to CLR. Every dog deserves a chance, and we will continue our best to make that happen.

We have been unable to capture our glamour pictures of him, but will post as soon as we have the opportunity.



paulie sad


If you ever wonder whether a dog can be depressed or feel sadness, all you need to do is look in Paulie’s eyes.  He absolutely breaks our hearts, and we want desperately to find him a loving family. We were told he was 5, but think he is probably 6-7 years old.  We presume he doesn’t look youthful because he hasn’t received the care he deserves.  His so-called family recently dumped him at a shelter, because they said they were moving.  Paulie is so confused and has no idea what has happened to him.  When we received a request to take him, it only took one look at his sad face, and we were committed.  He could not be more gentle or sweeter. We have truly fallen for this sweet boy.

FOSTER UPDATE: We have had Paul for 5 days now, and he is a very sweet boy.  He is exceptionally CALM, great on a leash, and has excellent house manners. In fact, he needs little to no training; just normal adaptation to a new environment.  Although he sleeps all night in his crate, he really wouldn’t need to crate him. We already have 3 dogs, so we traditionally crate, but he will be fine without being restricted.

Paul will be a great companion for almost anyone, and he is fine with other dogs, but hasn’t shown signs of bonding with our pack, although that could potentially change as he becomes more comfortable. Considering he was abandoned and still confused, we also think he would relish being the one dog to get all the attention.    He responds beautifully to people and like most dogs loves being petted and close to his people.

If you are looking for a wonderful and tender hearted companion that will transition easily into your home, Paulie would be an excellent match for you!

After our volunteers spent some time with Paulie, helping him feel safe and showering him with attention and affection, he started to relax, and we were able to capture a few pictures of this sweetheart.


This precious 1½ year old female is absolutely precious.  According to one of our volunteers, “She is the sweetest dog ever!”.  Nina is rather petite for a lab girl, but her tremendous heart compensates for her size.  She is exceptionally loving, friendly with everyone she meets, and very attentive.  This sounds like a perfect combination to us.  An added bonus is her big, floppy ears and irresistible cute expression.



Dustin is a 5 year old black male who needs a fair shake at a better life.  He has been treated for heart-worm disease (we have treated over 70 dogs for HW with 100% recovery rate).  He has an amazing spirit, gets along very well with other dogs, and thinks tennis balls are just the greatest.  We are happy to bring Dustin into CLR to help him find a good home and a promise to help find him a loving family.

Lilly 2

lilly new 4

We cannot imagine anyone giving up this wonderful 5 year old, but that’s exactly what happened when her family moved and chose not to take her along. She could not be any sweeter or obedient, so this is certainly confusing to us. She needs more experience with leash walking and probably wasn’t walked by her previous owners very much. Just letting dogs outside does not negate the need for nice family walks, which are wonderful for socialization, bonding, and learning leash manners. Lilly’s lack of hair on her underside is being tested for allergies, but without an adequate history, we will treat her accordingly. Regardless, she is such a beautiful girl that deserves a much better life. This gentle soul is confused as to why her life has changed so drastically, so we hope she finds a family very soon who understands the true concept of family.

UPDATE: Recently, Lilly was a wonderful labassador for CLR at a volunteer expo on Fountain Square. She rode great in the car, but did insist on being co-pilot.  She was so very friendly and patient with some little kids she met. Even when one small child was “petting” her tail, she just took it in stride and was completely relaxed.  Sometimes she will bark at unfamiliar dogs  but settles quickly and took a nice walk with her new buddy, Finn.  The two made a great team and we think they relished all the attention along the way.


Rusty is a 4 year old chocolate male whose coat has been compromised due to a yeast infection. He is currently  being treated, and before too long, he will again be a very handsome fella. We are learning about him, but his transporter said he could not be any nicer.  When we saw his pictures, we knew we could restore him to his former self and help find him a new family.  Had he had the care he deserved, he wouldn’t be with us today, but we are happy to help him find a better future.