julia photo bomb 1

                         Julia’s photo bomb certainly shows her playful personality.  

julia retake 4 julia retake

Julia is  a very special chocolate lady at 7 years of age.  A seven year old still has many wonderful years in her future, and Julia is an active, healthy girl.  For many, a senior dog is the perfect fit for their family, and we want to help Julia find that perfect match so she can  thrive with their loving care. But, do not let the senior tag influence you, because Julia is a very energetic and youthful girl!

NEW UPDATE:  Julia is a very sweet, attentive, affectionate girl. She will let you know every day how wonderful she thinks you are and how much she loves you :-)  Heartworm treatment is very stressful and painful for dogs, and she has maintained her sweet, loving demeanor throughout the challenging 2 months of restricted activity and painful injections. She has had no problems with crating when I am working during the day and has succeeded in learning basic manners and the household routine. She wants to please and just needs to know what is expected of her. She has learned to sit and wait her turn for treats and meals, to wait at the door rather than plow through to get outside, and also to come back in when she is called. She loves and plays well with her canine and feline siblings, but would also enjoy all the attention she could receive as an only dog. Initially she wanted to chase the kitty, but with correction she has learned to be friendly and gentle. Julia loves to play fetch and she enjoys chewing on nylabones :)


julia new 1 julia new

UPDATE: The vet mentioned today what an awesome girl she is (I think we already knew that), specifically saying that she has a great labbie personality – just so happy all the time, sweet and loving. I doubt that any dog could get a better endorsement.

Cinderella (Cindy)

cinderella Sweet little Cindy is an older dog, 6-7 years, who was in great need, and we could not ignore that. You would be amazed how often people literally dump and abandon their dogs, because they do not want to deal with the aging process or spend money on their care. Obviously, this is a situation where we can’t even begin to connect the dots.  Cindy is a very sweet, confused little girl (literally, she isn’t very large), who just underwent surgery to extract 8 teeth.  The roots were exposed, and that would present a health risk.  She is doing really well and this hasn’t inhibited her at all.  She is doing wonderfully at her foster home and socializing beautifully with her foster’s pack.We love knowing that she is finally experiencing part of the good life.  The circle will be complete when she finds her forever home.Cindy 2

NEW UPDATE: “We have had Cindy for 2 weeks now, and she is starting to really get settled and show her sweet personality.  Cindy has a lovely black coat speckled with white and good nutrition has dramatically improved her coat. She really isn’t in love with her crate, as we were originally informed, but the good news is she doesn’t need one!  She is,however, absolutely content with her dog bed, and happily lounges on one all day!  She has good energy outside, loves to walk, and finds joy in chasing an unsuspecting squirrel.  Cindy is a smaller sized Labbie, at about 45 pounds, and is easy to physically handle. So,  if you are looking for a companion who isn’t too big, but still has all the labby personality traits, this is your girl.”

She loves to walk and gets along great with all people and dogs.

FOSTER COMMENTS: Well, Miss Cindy came home with me yesterday and fit right into the pack.  She is a sweetheart with her tail wagging and kisses for all the dogs.  She has slept through the night in her crate and is house trained.

She even wants to run and play outside with the pack chasing squirrels but we are holding off on that activity till she learns the boundaries and has been here a while.
We think she will be a great dog for a family with other dogs to play with or a family  that is home during the day able to spend time with her.
She is very calm in the house, loves the comfort of the dog beds. We noticed she actually prefers to be on the furniture, but being a very smart young lady, she quickly realized in 15 minutes, (and several no’s), that she isn’t allowed on the furniture  and has never tried again.  Therefore, an very easy conclusion: She is SMART and SWEET!



noki 1 noki 2



Noki was born last Valentine’s Day, so it’s only fitting to classify him as an absolute love.


He’s still a puppy and need the traditional obedience training, but we love everything about him.  He is playful and unbelievably handsome. He rode well in the car, but managed to chew his leash en route, which is not surprising, because as we have learned he was tied up outside and chewed his way free and was found wandering across a bridge entering Ohio.  He must have know when he found his way, he would be looking at a much brighter tomorrow.

Fwd: Noki – cfkerns@gmail.com – Gmail

FOSTER UPDATE: Noki is truly a great puppy!  He’s house and crate trained, and he gets along exceptionally well with my dogs.  I’m actually surprised at how fast he is learning, especially since he has only been here a few days.   He no longer jumps up, has greatly improved his sits, and knows down (when he wants to!).  He knew limited commands when he came, but is very eager to learn, and quickly catches on to new things.  He’s quite the pleaser, which generally translates into being a wonderful, well-behaved companion.




“For a dog that was reported to have been abused, Jonesy shows no signs of fear or aggression with people or dogs.  He absolutely craves attention from people, and does everything he can to get as close to you as possible.  He is a very sweet and loving dog, and he loves everyone.  He appears to have been severely neglected, as he is very thin and just seems very unsure of how to act.  He walks extremely well on a leash, and we are currently working on house training. I am happy to report that he is doing pretty well so far.  He also does wonderfully in a crate, with no issues what-so-ever.  He and his future family will really benefit from obedience training, as he has never had the opportunity to learn, but will be a willing student.   Jonesy, really didn’t not get a fair shake in life with his prior owners’ actions and “report”, but I’m confident that is future will be entirely different knowing what a wonderful companion he will be for his future family. He definitely deserves a second chance to know what it’s like to be in a caring a loving home.”

jonesy chillinjonesy chillin 1

VOLUNTEER UPDATE:  Jonesy is a very sweet, loving, dog. He’s a little stubborn, but he is also can be compliant, and he calmly walked on a leash joyfully wagging his tail. He’s a little reistant to sit and go down, but with a little pressure he will comply. He accepts the guidance of being handled, responds favorably to treats, petting, and praise.
When he approaches other dogs, he wags his tail and barks, because he is just ready to join the fun.  Considering his history, we are so proud of his progress.
additional comments: Jonesy has a good disposition and allows his handler to manipulate his body to teach positions.  He seems like a gentle boy despite his stubborn attitude at times, and he has good eye contact, which generally translate to eventually making the right connection to learning what he needs to know.

Jonesy, a three year old chocolate, was surrendered to a rural Ky shelter after his owner claimed he bit her.  The law dictates that he spend the next 10 day quarantine.  While in quarantine, his owner came to visit him, and when putting him back in his kennel he resisted.  The owner kicked him and slapped him in the face.  He surrendered and collapsed in the corner shaking in fear.  An appalled shelter volunteer witnessed this and contacted CLR and asked if we would please give this poor soul a chance.  After several weeks in a foster home to insure he was not aggressive, he came to CLR. He is exceptionally  timid and for good reason,  hesitant to trust,  but he is not showing any signs of aggression.  We have no doubt that he was treated very harshly, and it will take him time to move beyond some of these fears.  Until he is more comfortable, we are doubtful that a home with small children is an appropriate placement.  What he does need is a family or individual who really understands that he will need a very tender heart to help him trust and feel safe.
on a side note: we certainly hope his previous owner NEVER gets another dog!


Well, it was text message chaos trying to pull this wonderful boy. He was set to be euthanized, and we were given 10 minutes to connect the dots. Fortunately, that was accomplished! Raymond (yes, “Everybody LOVES Raymond”) is an owner surrender who is about 8 years old.  Yes, he is a very large boy, but falls into the classic gentle giant category.  Apparently, he arrived at the shelter, and they contacted his family who said they didn’t want him back.(you are correct – that is something we just don’t understand). He was so cooperative during his bath time, and he is such an affectionate dog.  We know little else about his history,  but what we do know he is just the sweetest, most gentle boy who deserved to be rescued.  He immediately went into a loving foster home, and she shared that he does just fine with her cats. Just like we said- just a loving, gentle guy, and we are thrilled to be able to help him.

raymond at foster's


clara 1 clara

This 9 month old little girl is a real cutie.  She is rather small, and a friendly and inquisitive little girl.  She appears to do very well with other dogs and is very friendly with people. There is something very tender about her, and she will easily capture your heart. Since  she is so young, she still needs some guidance in learning proper manners, but is bright and compliant, so we believe she will be an excellent student.

Indian Summer


This one is really tough, so grab the tissues and hopefully you can step up and help this poor girl who is only about 9 mo.old.Indian Summer was dumped on a rural road and picked up by a family. Obviously, this was not an ideal situation as we learned  they kept this poor girl in a cardboard box on their front porch. They naively thought someone would come looking for her.  After 2 weeks, they gave up and called the local animal shelter, because allegedly, their dogs didn’t like her and were being cruel to this defenseless little girl.  A volunteer called us at the last minute and begged CLR to save her before she ended up in the shelter.  She obviously had been traumatized enough at this point and we had to hurry to get her before the animal control officer staked claim.  To say she is a frightened girl is an understatement, and she will need a tremendous amount of love to restore her faith in people.  Yet again, this is the true meaning of rescue and we are happy to help Indian Summer learn about love and trust.

(we will post better pictures soon)



This playful 9 mo.old is an absolute love.  He currently weighs approximately 60 pounds, but is obviously still growing and filling out.  He is wonderful with people and loves playing with other dogs.  Our volunteers describe him as very sweet and gentle. He does well on a lead, doesn’t jump, and is an affectionate boy. He is comfortable making eye contact during training sessions too, which is indicative of his potential to learn. For some unknown reason, his original owner apparently docked his tail, but it doesn’t inhibit him from being a very happy boy. This all adds up to an extraordinary amount of superlatives for a dog who just arrived, which gives us the impression that he will be an absolute fabulous family addition.

FOSTER UPDATE: Well, what can I say about CT other than wow, what a pup!  What he lacks in a tail (which wags just fine, thank you very much) is certainly made up for many times over by his excellent personality.  It’s hard to believe CT is only 9 months old.  While he will show bursts of puppy exuberance, he is for the most part, a very calm Lab and is quite well behaved.
He quickly made himself at home with my two dogs and thinks my younger one is a great playmate.  They “helped” me rake leaves yesterday and I don’t know how I could have done it without them. He finds my cats interesting for a sniff or two, but,  otherwise, leaves them alone.
So far no accidents in the house, and he slept through the night just fine in my room with the rest of my pack.  I haven’t tried crating him yet, but he hasn’t exhibited any bad behaviors, so I don’t know if it would be necessary.
All in all, CT will be the perfect Lab for a family who wants a young dog in a loving, grown up package.
CT at foster 1 CT at foster

VOLUNTEER UPDATE: We were available to spend some extra time with CT and are completely enamored with this wonderful boy. He is such a sweetie! He is exceptionally friendly and unbelievably affectionate.  He is so receptive to a kind touch and just loves to be loved.  If you are interested in a loving companion, we think CT would be the perfect candidate.



Cricket is a 2 year old black female who is a little bit fragile from her previous neglect. She definitely needs some good nutrition and additional weight. She will work for treats, which is encouraging when teaching manners and is learning to sit and the ready command.  It’s so rewarding when the dogs are responsive, because we feel confident that they will adapt well to a new family and learn house rules. We are still getting acquainted with her, and will update her post as soon as we can, but we did want to introduce you as soon as we could. Obviously, we are suckers for those big floppy ears!


holly new 4 holly new 5 Holly new

Holly is an absolute precious 2-3 year old girl.  She is smaller than an average Lab at a delicate 45 pounds (it’s all relative).  She needs to learn some better leash manners, but is very affectionate and responds well to other dogs and new people.  Holly has the most beautiful dark, chocolate coat – it practically shimmers in the sun.  Holly is an adorable bundle of energy, but she definitely settles for some quiet and loving time. What we do know is that the perfect family is waiting for this sweet girl.



LeBron is just the cutest guy – not 100% labbie, but we could not resist helping him.  He was found on a basketball court and apparently had been there for a while.  He was picked up and participated in a prison training program prior to being available for adoption.  He received a bath over the weekend, and our volunteers could not stop raving about his personality and gentle demeanor.  They said he just kept bestowing kisses on them – frankly, we think he is just irresistible. We think he’s a very special boy – even if he can’t make a 3-pointer, we believe he would be a great member of your family’s team.

Muddy Roger

muddy roger 1 muddy roger 2

This adorable 5 month old male is such a wonderful boy and rather mild mannered for a puppy. He has the sweetest kisses and is exceptionally cooperative and obedient, which leads us to surmise that he will be an excellent student and easily learn house rules and good manners.   When he arrived, he appeared relatively calm, considering he had just traveled quite a distance prior to arrival. We hope he finds his family soon, because not only does he deserve to find his family, but as a youngster we want him to have the opportunity to join and learn what life is like in a loving home where he can grow and thrive.Muddy


Kingsley is an absolutely magnificent 2 year old male. He was surrendered by an elderly gentleman who was not able to care for his beloved pet any longer, and we understand it was a tearful departure.  In honor of his love for his dog, we promised we would make sure he found a wonderful home.  We believe he needs some leash training and basic obedience to enhance his manners, but his heart is tender, and his potential is endless.



Fletch,a 1.5 year old magnificent PB male, is another owner surrender, who recently arrived. His owner is moving and was not taking him along. Sadly, we hear this scenario way too often. His transporter said he rode so well in the car, and added that he was such a good boy and she was very impressed with his temperament. Fletch had a basset hound brother, so we know he gets along well with other dogs. In addition, his former shelter said he was a wonderful, friendly boy, and we look forward to getting to know him better. Regardless, we think he is just breathtakingly beautiful.


lucy new 2

It’s time for precious  Lucy to catch a break.  When she first arrived it was obvious she had not been well cared for during her 1 1/2 years on this planet. Everyone who knows her and has spent time with her says she is just an affectionate sweet girl. She’s been subjected to too many transitions and now it’s Lucy’s turn to understand that she’s truly safe and wanted. Lucy is searching to find a family to  give her a chance to settle in and know that they have made a lifetime commitment, and will provide her the love and security she deserves.




milo resting MILO

Milo is unequivocally one of the all-time sweetest boys.  How anyone let him go is a complete mystery.  He has a huge heart and his foster thinks he is the best foster she has ever had.  That is saying something, because we’ve lost count of her numbers.

He is estimated to be 9 years old, but has the spirit of a much younger dog and is an active, fun loving boy.  He is housebroken and has excellent manners.  He truly encompasses everything we love about labs.

Foster Update:  “Milo has to be hands down my most favorite foster. He is such a sweet boy.  House broke, no need for a crate although  I am sure you could put him in one,  but no need.   He must be a young 9 years since he sure doesn’t act like he is old.  I don’t think he has had much love in his life and probably beaten with the way he reacts if you raise your voice or hand.    He has joined the pack and pushes his way to the front for attention, but never growls, or reacts to other dogs being near his food, treats, toys or shoving him out of the way for their turn at attention.  He walks on a lead although a little timid with a lead, again, I think he may have been beaten with one.  He like the cats and cuddles with them or allows them to cuddle with him.    He does not tear things up and waits patiently for his food or treats.    Unlike other labs, he is underweight so  he gets extra treats, but always takes them nicely and shares if need be. He has chosen his pillow and goes there when he is ready for bed at night.   Milo is looking for a forever family that will give him so much love and attention to make up for  all that he missed out on.  You just may be the perfect family for this exceptionally special boy.”