dinosso 3 DiNosso 2 Dinosso 1

DiNozzo is very handsome 18 month old male who weighs in at 77 lbs. We think he is just beautiful and has such a friendly personality. He really is a very solid dog, and that’s why he was selected to help the puppy.  Since he still qualifies as a youngster, he has the energy and zest to go along with his age. Like most young dogs, he would benefit from training. DiNosso is a very alert and intelligent dog that learns quickly and would be wonderful addition for an active family.

dinozzo at wags 1 dinozzo at Wags






A joyful DiNozzo is having a wonderful time swimming at Wags Park.  He just loves the water – his smile tells it all!

FOSTER UPDATE:  “DiNozzo is doing a great job adjusting to life in his foster home. He has assimilated well with all my other dogs, walks calmly on a leash, is crate trained and house broken. I took him to Wags Park today, and he was appropriately social and had a blast swimming and fetching his ball from the water. He has really made great strides in learning not to jump up and overall is a quiet and calm dog.  If this sounds too perfect- well, he really is a pretty amazing dog.”


lucy new 2 lucy new

It’s time for precious  Lucy to catch a break.  When she first arrived it was obvious she had not been well cared for during her 1 1/2 years on this planet. Everyone who knows her and has spent time with her says she is just an affectionate sweet girl. She’s been subjected to too many transitions and now it’s Lucy’s turn to understand that she’s truly safe and wanted. Lucy is searching to find a family to  give her a chance to settle in and know that they have made a lifetime commitment, and will provide her the love and security she deserves.




lexis 1 lexis

Lexis, a two year old chocolate female,arrived a few weeks ago. This poor girl had been neglected, so we wanted to help her feel better before we posted her. She has come a long way in a very short time and she is definitely ready to be adopted and find her family. She is feeling great and doing beautifully in her foster home. Lexis gets along well with the other dogs and adapts easily to change. She is rather small for a lab for those who would prefer a more delicate lady.   She happily roles on her back for belly rubs and loves to share her affection.  When the vets met her, they commented that she’s a “great” girl, and we tend to agree.  We don’t know very much about her history, but she came to us with some minor dermatitis presumably from flea bites, so we assume not only did she not receive proper medical care or nutrition, but  dare we say the love she deserves?  Now that we have treated everything, and she is a very happy, healthy girl, we are hoping she doesn’t have to wait very long to find her family.


higby 1 higby 2 higby

When we arrived at the shelter to meet 4 year old Higby, we learned he was a true favorite.  Once we spent some time with him, we certainly knew why.  He has such an easy going sweet demeanor.  He is just a very agreeable guy and although affectionate, he doesn’t seem to be overly demanding.  He rode beautifully in the car and along with us, never looked back.  We think he knew his time for a better life has finally arrived. We look forward to helping him look toward a better future.

FOSTER UPDATE:  “Well, it’s easy to pick one word to describe Higby as a foster and that is without a doubt, “gentleman”.  After initially higby at foster's exploring throughout the house, Higby quickly settled into the household routine.  He’s absolutely perfect with my two dogs, and although he initially found my cat to be interesting, he is fine with her as well.  His appetite is excellent, and he takes his treats politely with a wagging tail and a “sit”.  He quickly figured out what door to go to when he needs a potty break, so there have been no accidents.  He quietly slept through the night in my walk-in closet, so although I don’t think he needs to be crated, this leads me to believe he’d be fine in one.  His droopy eyes and wagging tail can’t do anything but encourage you to open your heart to him.  Higby is a loving, bright, calm boy that would make the perfect fit for a family looking for a sweet and calm gentleman.”

VOLUNTEER UPDATE: ” Higby continues to be a gentleman and walks nicely on lead with a minimum of pulling.  He happily works for treats and shows a positive  interest in his surroundings and in other dogs.   He already knows: Ready, Sit, Down, and Heel.   I just introduced down today, and he went down first with some pressure  then proceeded to go down five consecutive times w/o pressure and minimal prompting..  Some lucky family will adore this well mannered dog!  He is an absolute joy to work with!”


candy 2 candy 3 candy 4 candy

For Chocolate Lab lovers, two year old Candy is the perfect combination of beauty and personality. When Candy arrived, she was confused about all the changes in her life, but she is becoming more comfortable and beginning to relax. She walks relatively well on a leash, and she is very people friendly.  Candy sits on command and has almost mastered down, so her potential for learning more manners is definitely there.  We know she has the potential to be a magnificent companion, and we are hoping a kind heart will  step-up soon and bring her into their home to teach her about stability and love.


river 3 river



This magnificent 1 1/2- 2 year old male is an unbelievable find for CLR.  His foster said they just love this big boy after only two days at their house.  He is the sibling to Starlight, and right now he is a little sad with the separation, but we know he will feel better very soon in his loving foster home. He took him a few days to enjoy eating, but his appetite is rapidly returning as he learns to trust his new environment. An obvious sign of lack of previous attention is that his foster is literally teaching him about using stairs and a crate. He and his sister were found as strays (which can be interpreted a million different ways),and there is every indication that neither of them received adequate care, let alone sufficient love and care. It’s difficult for us to imagine the confusion they must feel moving from point A to point B and often C and D before they are “really home”.




river 2 river 1


willow willow 2

Willow is a stunning and elegant 5 year old adult chocolate female. She’s the perfect age for companionship without the puppy challenges, but enough playful energy to keep you engaged. She definitely needs some better nutrition to help her coat return to it’s natural color and shine, since she appears to have been left outside and her coat is bleached from the neglect and sun.  We can guarantee that she will be most grateful to have a family to actually care for her where she can just curl up by your side and learn about love and devotion.


julia julia 3 julia 2

Julia is our last newcomer and a very special chocolate lady at 7 years of age.  A seven year old still has many wonderful years in his/her future, and Julia appears to be an active, healthy girl. Transitioning can present a problem for some dogs, but



Julia is doing well and is a happy senior girl.Her coat does not appear as bleached out as some of our rescues, but this lady needs exercise and a better diet to help her trim her weights in order to keep her healthy and fit.  For many, a senior dog is the perfect fit for their family, and we want to help Julia find that perfect match so she can grow older and thrive with their loving care.


We did discover Julia to be HW positive, so once her spay sutures are removed, she will begin her treatment.  We have had over 50 dogs with heart-worm and every single one is thriving and doing beautifully.  Her activity will be temporarily restricted, and then she will be ready to just enjoy being a normal dog.


Tobie is another new arrival who is a young 22 month old.  He is quite a show stopper, but needs some basic training, like most of the dogs.  He can’t know commands if he’s never been taught.  Most labs want to please their people and are willing learners. so with consistent instruction,Tobie would be a wonderful boy. He walks relatively fast on a leash, but doesn’t pull and responds beautifully with a slight tug to return and slow his pace.  He is very affectionate and friendly and appears to enjoy the company of other dogs.  We are thrilled to have him join our new dogs and are honored to help him find his family.


chesney 1 chesney 2 chesney

Beautiful Chesney is our newest arrival, so we are just learning about him.  It is always difficult to adequately assess many new dogs since they are often anxious and confused after the long transport.  What we do know is that he appear to be a strong, friendly 60 pound male who, like all our dogs, is anxious to settle in and find his family. Once we have the opportunity to know him better, we will update his bio.

Periwinkle (Peri)

periwinkle newperiwinkle 1 periwinkle 2 periwinkle



We stepped up to save another 7 year old dog, because it just breaks our hearts when they are abandoned by their family.  We couldn’t be happier to have helped this incredibly sweet girl.  We question her care, because she is a hefty 88.5 pounds and definitely needs to loose weight, which is not a difficult task.  Proper nutrition and green beans work wonders!  Surprisingly, she is a slow eater, and her foster put her hand in Peri’s food and was petting her while she was eating, and she did not respond negatively at all, which is a wonderful indicator of her sweet nature. Peri gets along well with other dogs, and even is fine with the family’s cat.  She sits for children to pet her and is just a wonderful labbie.  Only caution is that she loves to snuggle with you on the couch.

We need to add that so many of our volunteers stepped-up to foster her, and we are so grateful since it is our policy to never have to kennel older dogs.  We just cannot let them experience the feeling of not being loved ever again!

Maverick: 2nd Chances

maverick 1Maverick

We are re-posting Maverick, because we feel he deserves another chance. We needed sufficient time to re-evaluate him, and although we believe Maverick is a wonderful dog, because of the previous incident, we believe it would be irresponsible to place him with young children. Yes, we know this limits some potential adopters, but we also know the right family is there to open there hearts to this special guy.”

FOSTER UPDATE: “Maverick is a  2-3 year old male, black lab mix. He came into rescue about 2 months ago. He currently resides in a home with 2 adults 3 other dogs and 3 cats. Although he is very affectionate and sweet , Maverick came to me after being adopted and returned for biting their 5 year old son. Due to the abuse in his previous life he is known to be pain sensitive. This was the determined cause of the incident. ( for further information please inquire within) Since then he has gone through a series of temperament tests advised to me by a certified dog trainer and graduate of Animal Behavior College and Maverick did excellent. Maverick is adjusting quickly to the life of loyalty and love. He is almost completely house broken. When we are not home he stays in a spare bedroom however he also does well in a crate. Maverick is a very energetic greeter when you first get home and is happy to meet company. He thrives in a home with other dogs but would be ok as an only dog too. He really enjoys doggie daycare as well as playing fetch and with his favorite toys. Maverick likes to go on walks and behaves well on a leash. Just like a typical Labrador he loves the water.

After all this sweet boy has been through he deserves a chance at the good life . Do you have room in your heart for Maverick.? because he has room for you!”


lady new lady new 2 lady new 1

Lady is an exceptional girl, who at one point we had thought of having available for adoption, but our focus is to help her on her journey for Search and Rescue. Therefore, currently she is exclusively available to a Search and Rescue or Crime Scene Handler.  We truly believe this is “her purpose” and want to be instrumental in helping her achieve that goal.  

 Lady’s  Journey for Search and Rescue 

All Dogs K9 Academy
We are so proud of Lady as she begins  the process of being trained as a search and rescue dog.  We suspected she needed a job, so we had her evaluated in early August.  She passed with flying colors, and we are so excited for her future.  She is an absolutely fabulous and smart dog.  Please follow along as we share her progress in the weeks to come.
8/30/14: Our girl,Lady, is making outstanding progress in her training and had another highly successful  session with Rob Dawn. This was similar to last time, where he put the scent in one of 5 PVC tubes  and rewarded her for finding the right one. Today, he added what is referred to as passive indication; training her to sit once she found the scent. After a few practice  rounds, we hid the tube with the scent in a larger area, and let her find it. Rob also had another handler work with Lady. The biggest news from this session is miraculously Lady is starting to transfer her excitement about her ball into excitement about finding the scented object. She’s normally rewarded by getting to chase her ball once she finds her objective, amazingly, she ignored or missed the ball throw twice. Rob was very impressed and said it’s very early in the training for her to start making that transfer, which is fantastic news for our Super Star, Lady!

8/23/14: Last week, we tested Lady to see how good she was at finding her ball when it was hidden in a field, and added scent to the ball to help her begin the association. This week was more of a challenge. This time we were using PVC tubes with holes drilled in them, and a scent marker inside, just like the other search and rescue dogs were using. Rob placed the scent marker in one tube, and I placed 5 tubes in a row on the ground with about five feet between each. Rob took Lady to each tube in turn and directed her attention to it. At the 4th tube, where the scent was, Rob tossed the tennis ball for Lady after she smelled it. Then the ran through again. Rob pointed Lady to #1 and she sniffed it. When nothing happened she went straight on to #4, and got to play with her ball again.

Then I rearranged the tubes so they were scattered, and Rob let her go again. After a little sniffing around, she went right to the marked tube. Next, we hid the tube while the others were in plain site. Again she found the tube after a few moments searching. It was ball time again after every success.

Her last test was more of a challenge. We were down to two tubes. I placed a tube without scent in the place where the marked tube was last time, and then hid the marked tube someplace farther away. Lady went to the original spot first, looked for what Rob called the “residual scent”. She found it and looked up… and Rob ignored her and kept walking. Without missing a beat, she must have realized that wasn’t her target, so she moved on. She got hung up for a bit downwind of the marked tube, where some scent was accumulating. Once Rob redirected her from that, she caught the scent and went straight for the tube. Then it was time for some ball throwing and a drink!

8/16/14:  Lady had a training session today in California, KY.  It went very well. First we got to watch as Rob worked with his German Shepherd, Brooklyn. Brooklyn is trained to search for cadavers. Rob has chemicals that reproduce the right scent for various conditions (don’t worry, it’s only strong enough for the dogs to smell). He put a tiny dogs inside a plastic tube with a tiny hole in it (Rob explained this was the equivalent of searching for a fingernail). The tube was hidden in a field, and Brooklyn went to work. Lady watched every move (seriously!) as Brooklyn went to work, and managed to find the object twice in a row. Lady seemed especially interested to see Brooklyn rewarded with a few tosses of a Frisbee after finding the object (Frisbee is to Brooklyn as ball is to Lady).

Then it was Lady’s turn to work. To get her started with the scent, Rob cut a slit in a tennis ball, and placed Brooklyn’s scent sample inside. He then got Lady excited about that ball (not hard!), and then hid the ball in the grass while I held onto Lady out of sight. It wasn’t quite the same challenge Brooklyn had — it was a smaller area and she was really tracking the very familiar and much stronger scent of the ball  — but Brooklyn’s a pro and this was Lady’s first time. She performed like a champ though, finding her ball quickly two times in a row.

Rob’s confident that Lady has the right traits to succeed as a scent dog for cadavers or drugs. The next step will be to see if he can get her to associate the scent with her ball drive, so she will find the scent to get rewarded with the ball, rather than finding the ball. This will involve 5 days in a row of training.
Images:  Rob training Lady with the ball, and Lady proudly showing what she found.

Lady had her third training session today. Rob summed it up nicely at the end in three words: “She did awesome.”

Danni (Danica) – (Nadia is adopted)

We choose female athlete’s names to inspire our little female pups to be strong and fight to get healthy- well, it worked! All the pups, along with the mom and dad were surrendered by apparently irresponsible, uncaring owners and arrived at CLR in sad medical condition. Thanks to excellent vet care and amazing foster care, everyone is doing well, and we just love these cuties to pieces. Two of our experienced fosters have been so dedicated and have put so much energy into helping these darling puppies. We are thrilled to have been part of their journey to restore their health.  Now it’s someone else’s turn to open his/her heart to these adorable pups and provide a loving home for them to grow.


milo resting MILO

Milo is unequivocally one of the all-time sweetest boys.  How anyone let him go is a complete mystery.  He has a huge heart and his foster thinks he is the best foster she has ever had.  That is saying something, because we’ve lost count of her numbers.

He is estimated to be 9 years old, but has the spirit of a much younger dog and is an active, fun loving boy.  He is housebroken and has excellent manners.  He truly encompasses everything we love about labs.

Foster Update:  “Milo has to be hands down my most favorite foster. He is such a sweet boy.  House broke, no need for a crate although  I am sure you could put him in one,  but no need.   He must be a young 9 years since he sure doesn’t act like he is old.  I don’t think he has had much love in his life and probably beaten with the way he reacts if you raise your voice or hand.    He has joined the pack and pushes his way to the front for attention, but never growls, or reacts to other dogs being near his food, treats, toys or shoving him out of the way for their turn at attention.  He walks on a lead although a little timid with a lead, again, I think he may have been beaten with one.  He like the cats and cuddles with them or allows them to cuddle with him.    He does not tear things up and waits patiently for his food or treats.    Unlike other labs, he is underweight so  he gets extra treats, but always takes them nicely and shares if need be. He has chosen his pillow and goes there when he is ready for bed at night.   Milo is looking for a forever family that will give him so much love and attention to make up for  all that he missed out on.  You just may be the perfect family for this exceptionally special boy.”


Puppies: Cowboy; (Bear and Packer have been ADOPTED)


cowboy outside 1 cowboy outside





Cowboy – by far the biggest & strongest male pup.  He has an abundant of personality and plays beautifully with other dogs.  He’s guaranteed to make you smile every day.

bio for website – cfkerns@gmail.com – Gmail

FOSTER UPDATE: “Our family has been fostering the 3 adorable male pups from Dooney and Coach’s litter:  Bear, Cowboy, and Packer.  Considering they all had some early health challenges, they are now thriving and healthy, and we love watching them joyfully scamper around the house and yard.  Ironically, Packer came in with wounds and needed a transfusion, and amazingly his wounds are nearly healed, and he is the biggest of the three boys!  They sleep for nearly 4 hour periods with few potty accidents. At nine weeks, they have  learned and nearly mastered to potty outside.  What a bonus- smart and cute!  They are beginning  to come when called and play well with our other dogs, including our two Newfoundlands.   It’s been so rewarding to help these precious pups go from being sick and weak, to three plump, healthy, and happy little guys and to know that being part of their journey has made all the difference.”

“We have had Cowboy since Thursday and this small pup is full of personality!  He isn’t afraid of anything ran right into the 4 large lab pack and made himself right at home.”

COWBOY FOSTER UPDATE: “He is a sweetheart with just enough submission tempered with confidence to be a great family puppy!  He is very smart already sitting for his food and learning some basic commands pretty quickly.  He is sleeping through the night with no accidents in his crate! He loves to chew a bone and will be happy to snuggle in your arms and fall asleep.
  I have raised a lot of puppies and this one is a keeper.
This litter has been through so much I am surprised at how confident he is but he is a healthy little boy and my pack loves him, especially our other foster boy from the website Gibbs, they play and play and play!
Whoever brings this little fellow into their home will not be disappointed!”



dooney dooney 3 dooney 2

Dooney, a 2-3 year old chocolate,  is the pups’ mom and she is an absolutely beautiful chocolate girl at 65.7 pounds, who loved being pampered during her bath.  We couldn’t help but wonder if she has ever been bathed before.  She appears to have been a good mom and wanted to be near her pups, but it is time for them to separate.  She adjusted quickly and after a little while was able to comfortably relax.  She really is an impressive beauty, and like Coach, we look forward to learning more about her and helping her find a better life.


coach new 3 coach new 2 coach new 1 coach 3

Coach is the pups’ dad, and we were not about to leave this gorgeous boy behind.  We believe he is between 2 and 3, and not a very large male at 58 pounds .Although he appears to being doing well, he does need some better nutrition to restore his health to its maximum and some additional weight. He is exceptionally friendly and enjoyed his much needed bath today.  Our initial impression is that he is an easy going guy and is adapting relatively quickly to his new surroundings. He really is a very calm, yet socially adaptable boy whom we believe will adapt to a new home easily and provide the family with everything they are looking for in a gentle and loving companion. .


vali 1 Vali

When we were asked to help Vali, we could not resist.  He appears to be a wonderful year old lab/collie mix.He is fully vetted, microchipped , and HW tested.Apparently quite a sweet boy according to his fosters.  He gets along with other dogs and is indifferent to cats –  to us that translates into doing fine with cats.  He is somewhat shy and is believed to have been a stray and may have had limited time inside a house as he was initially uncomfortable navigating stairs. He is a little shy submissive (not shy aggressive) and knows some commands (sit), is housebroken, and adapted to leash walks very quickly. He would need a little patience, because he does still has a few nervous behaviors (pacing, lying down in submission when a new person meets him), but seems like he will be a great dog once he feels safe, loved, and comfortable in his new surroundings. We think he sounds like one awesome guy!