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This playful 9 mo.old is an absolute love.  He currently weighs approximately 60 pounds, but is obviously still growing and filling out.  He is wonderful with people and loves playing with other dogs.  Our volunteers describe him as very sweet and gentle. He does well on a lead, doesn’t jump, and is an affectionate boy. He is comfortable making eye contact during training sessions too, which is indicative of his potential to learn. For some unknown reason, his original owner apparently docked his tail, but it doesn’t inhibit him from being a very happy boy. This all adds up to an extraordinary amount of superlatives for a dog who just arrived, which gives us the impression that he will be an absolute fabulous family addition.

(we promise new pictures soon, but didn’t want to wait to post this wonderful guy!)


VOLUNTEER UPDATE:  Jonesy is a very sweet, loving, dog. He’s a little stubborn, but he is also can be compliant, and he calmly walked on a leash joyfully wagging his tail. He’s a little reistant to sit and go down, but with a little pressure he will comply. He accepts the guidance of being handled, responds favorably to treats, petting, and praise.
When he approaches other dogs, he wags his tail and barks, because he is just ready to join the fun.  Considering his history, we are so proud of his progress.
additional comments: Jonesy has a good disposition and allows his handler to manipulate his body to teach positions.  He seems like a gentle boy despite his stubborn attitude at times, and he has good eye contact, which generally translate to eventually making the right connection to learning what he needs to know.

Jonesy, a three year old chocolate, was surrendered to a rural Ky shelter after his owner claimed he bit her.  The law dictates that he spend the next 10 day quarantine.  While in quarantine, his owner came to visit him, and when putting him back in his kennel he resisted.  The owner kicked him and slapped him in the face.  He surrendered and collapsed in the corner shaking in fear.  An appalled shelter volunteer witnessed this and contacted CLR and asked if we would please give this poor soul a chance.  After several weeks in a foster home to insure he was not aggressive, he came to CLR. He is exceptionally  timid and for good reason,  hesitant to trust,  but he is not showing any signs of aggression.  We have no doubt that he was treated very harshly, and it will take him time to move beyond some of these fears.  Until he is more comfortable, we are doubtful that a home with small children is an appropriate placement.  What he does need is a family or individual who really understands that he will need a very tender heart to help him trust and feel safe.
on a side note: we certainly hope his previous owner NEVER gets another dog!

Indian Summer


This one is really tough, so grab the tissues and hopefully you can step up and help this poor girl who is only about 9 mo.old.Indian Summer was dumped on a rural road and picked up by a family. Obviously, this was not an ideal situation as we learned  they kept this poor girl in a cardboard box on their front porch. They naively thought someone would come looking for her.  After 2 weeks, they gave up and called the local animal shelter, because allegedly, their dogs didn’t like her and were being cruel to this defenseless little girl.  A volunteer called us at the last minute and begged CLR to save her before she ended up in the shelter.  She obviously had been traumatized enough at this point and we had to hurry to get her before the animal control officer staked claim.  To say she is a frightened girl is an understatement, and she will need a tremendous amount of love to restore her faith in people.  Yet again, this is the true meaning of rescue and we are happy to help Indian Summer learn about love and trust.

(we will post better pictures soon)



Julia is our last newcomer and a very special chocolate lady at 7 years of age.  A seven year old still has many wonderful years in his/her future, and Julia appears to be an active, healthy girl. Transitioning can present a problem for some dogs, but

julia 1


Julia is doing well and is a happy senior girl.Her coat does not appear as bleached out as some of our rescues, but this lady needs exercise and a better diet to help her trim her weights in order to keep her healthy and fit.  For many, a senior dog is the perfect fit for their family, and we want to help Julia find that perfect match so she can grow older and thrive with their loving care.


We did discover Julia to be HW positive, so once her spay sutures are removed, she will begin her treatment.  We have had over 50 dogs with heart-worm and every single one is thriving and doing beautifully.  Her activity will be temporarily restricted, and then she will be ready to just enjoy being a normal dog.

julia new 1 julia new

UPDATE: Julia is going into foster care where she will get additional love and comfort. In the meantime, the vet mentioned today what an awesome girl she is (I think we already knew that), specifically saying that she has a great labbie personality – just so happy all the time, sweet and loving. I doubt that any dog could get a better endorsement.

Mary Kate


mary kate glamour 1 mary kate glamour 2 mary kate glamour 3

We definitely think of these as Mary Kate’s glamour shots, because she posed for her pictures like a professional model.  Our photographers were so amused how she just acted like a pro – but the evidence is in the wonderful shots of this beautiful girl.  Mary Kate still has some puppy in her 1.5 years, although for her age, she appears rather laid back and is a very affectionate girl. We don’t think she was exposed to very much leash walks as she weaves, but just needs to learn how to heel and walk on a leash.  She is a rather small for a lab, and she isn’t difficult at all, just didn’t understand the expectation, but we believe she will learn quickly.  One of the traits we love so much  about our labs is their desire to please which translates into the willingness to learn.  We believe she will easily adapt to a new home and be everything a lab lover would want.

Mary Kate AKA Mak – 

FOSTER UPDATE: “Just wanted to let you all know that Mak (shortened  her name, and she responds well to it!) is doing wonderfully. No accidents in the house, and she is completely crate trained. She doesn’t even put up a fuss about going in before I leave for work.

She and Jed (our lab)  get along beautifully and although I haven’t seen her around too many other dogs, we have taken her to the dog park where she socialized well with the other dogs.  Best of all, she is very cuddly and likes to give some sloppy kisses. She is definitely eager to please. She knows sit and we are working on down as she doesn’t like to lie down and stay down most likely still in play mode.  She readily drops her tennis ball with the command, “drop it’, so playtime isn’t too rough for children.  Overall, we both think she is a super awesome dog who deserves her forever family!”




chief 1 chief

This absolutely precious 3 year old, 55 pound boy was saved by a loving and kind young woman. Chief was set to be euthanized, and she pulled him to save his life. Looking into that beautiful face makes it so hard to believe that his owner surrendered him to a kill shelter because he or she didn’t have time for him and he was being seriously neglected.  Our kind hero brought Chief up-to date on all his medical needs and had him neutered in  hopes of finding him a reliable rescue.  We are honored she choose us and drove several hours to bring Chief to Cincinnati.  In the time she had him, she learned what a wonderful heart he has and shared that he gets along very well with other dogs and kids.  It was a tearful goodbye for her, because she wasn’t in a position to keep him, but she also knows that we will do our very best to find him a loving home.

COMMENTARY: Just like everyone else, those of us who volunteer with rescue, can not address why some people perpetrate such heartless acts and have little to no moral compass or compassion when it comes to caring for their pets.  It’s a total mystery to us, but fortunately CLR can step up to help so many of these defenseless dogs.


“Wap, wap, wap, wap”  What’s that?  It’s the sound of Chief’s happy tail wagging against the couch (or coffee table, or chair, or wall) when he sees me come into the room. He’s very friendly and affectionate but not to the point that he jumps all the time and if he does, he will listen to “off”.  He’s playful with my four year old dog but not overly so.  No problems with the cats either.
His bag of tricks include “sit”, even without a treat, and he almost has ‘down”.  He walks surprisingly well on-leash.  I was a little concerned because he pulled hard when we left the rescue yesterday.  If you keep him on a short leash, he walks beside you fairly well.  I tend to let my dogs roam and sniff a little and even doing that he didn’t pull.
He eats well and drinks A LOT of water but no accidents in the house and made it quietly through the night.  I also left for a couple of hours yesterday and no signs of separation anxiety.
All in all, Chief is an affectionate cute Lab boy who will be perfect for a family looking for a dog with great balance of love, playfulness and good behavior.
I know I don’t need to tell any of you this, but in my brief fostering experience, it’s amazing how these dogs, mistreated by humans for probably most of their lives, always give us a second chance.  Every one of them.

chief 3chief at fosters 1 chief at fosters chief 2





Beautiful Sundance is a 3 year female who is  about 65 pounds, but is a little thin, so needs to gain a few pounds to reach a healthier weight.. She is quite affectionate and has a tendency to do the infamous labbie lean.  She walks surprising well on a leash and already sits on command. Our volunteers described her a a very sweet girl who is anxious to settle in with her family so she can relax and enjoy life.

UPDATE:  Well we just learned that Sundance has earned the title of “the Kennel Favorite” due to her mild manner.  What a nice compliment for this beautiful girl.




Cricket is a 2 year old black female who is a little bit fragile from her previous neglect. She definitely needs some good nutrition and additional weight. She will work for treats, which is encouraging when teaching manners and is learning to sit and the ready command.  It’s so rewarding when the dogs are responsive, because we feel confident that they will adapt well to a new family and learn house rules. We are still getting acquainted with her, and will update her post as soon as we can, but we did want to introduce you as soon as we could. Obviously, we are suckers for those big floppy ears!



hayden 3

This beautiful girl ihayden (dollie)s a 6 year old owner surrender.  Their description of her said she was wonderful on all counts and gets along beautifully with other dogs and children.  She recently arrived and has a wonderful foster just waiting to help her transition to a new and hopefully better life.  We say better, because we can’t imagine giving up this sweet girl.

from Hayden’s Foster: “We were watching “Hell’s Kitchen” this evening, and they had opera singers performing. .We presume that Hayden decided it was her golden opportunity to  audition for the MET, because she just starting sing along in diva dog fashion.  She just threw her head back and howled along. Without a doubt, this was just the cutest and most entertaining thing we’ve experienced in a long time.”

Barbara Rose – The opera singing Labrador….. Local in Cincinnati…

  • HER FOSTER CAN’T SAY ENOUGH ABOUT HAYDEN: “Good with dogs, great with kids, ignores the cat! Kennel trained (goes in on her own and on command- she was like that the night we brought her home to foster) & house broken. :)
      She went to The Pet Spot today and did great!! She also got groomed (she was COVERED in flea dirt!) And then when we got home – she got to meet the 4 neighbor kids (aged 2-10) and was kissing all of them….”
  • :)
FOSTER UPDATE: “She’s sweet as can be, gets along fine with my dogs and ignores the cat (even when he is obnoxiously sniffing her while she is drinking!). But… the best news is, and going to brag here…. I have the best foster dog ever – she just put herself to bed in her crate, all by herself. I gave her a cookie when I found her in there. Earlier tonight when I crated her to see how she’d do – – she started singing. I’m pretty sure she’s sneaked some beagle in her progeny.” :-)



This adorable girl is only 1-2 years old a light 47.3 pound. We think she is precious. Our vet described her as one of the most loving dogs she has ever known.  She added that when examining her, she just laid her head in her lap.  Obviously, a wonderful sign that she will be an extremely devoted pet.  She arrived via Pilots ‘n Paws, a wonderful group that helps dogs arrive safely into their rescues situation.  We continue to be so grateful to the selfless pilots that continue to support our efforts to save labs.



This adorable guy is only one year old and appears to do very well with other dogs and lovingly gravitates toward kids, which is wonderful.  Since he just arrived, we still need to learn more about him, so will update as soon as we learn about his other characteristics and charming personality. His transporter had such positive comments so we are anxious to get to know him better. Those who have had the opportunity to meet Luke have said that he’s a total sweetheart and a very gentle soul.

FOSTER UPDATE: “Luke is an amazing boy!  He’s very sweet and extremely easy to foster. Luke is crate/house trained and gets along great with my giant breed dogs.  He loves going on walks to use his manners when he meets people. He also is great with kids and loves it when the neighbor kids are out so they can pet him.  He’s a little thin, but is now eating good quality food to help him gain weight.  He does enjoy his meals!  Don’t miss meeting this boy. He’s wonderful!”


lucy new 2

It’s time for precious  Lucy to catch a break.  When she first arrived it was obvious she had not been well cared for during her 1 1/2 years on this planet. Everyone who knows her and has spent time with her says she is just an affectionate sweet girl. She’s been subjected to too many transitions and now it’s Lucy’s turn to understand that she’s truly safe and wanted. Lucy is searching to find a family to  give her a chance to settle in and know that they have made a lifetime commitment, and will provide her the love and security she deserves.



Salty Dog

saltly dog 1 salty dog

We received a request to help Salty Dog and said, “Absolutely – he needs to come to CLR so we can help him.”   We are delighted to find this adorable guy a family to love and care for him.  He is not a very large boy at 42 pounds (obviously needs some weight gain),   is only 1.5 years old,  and has the most adorable and irresistible face.  We could tell he was a little stressed when he first arrived, but settled down rather quickly.  It is difficult to imagine how stressed the dogs must feel from so many changes. There is no doubt that he is very thin and needs some good nutrition and additional weight since he currently is only 41.7 pounds- an obvious indication of not receiving the care he deserves. We look forward to learning more about him and to let him know that his future will be so much brighter than his past.




milo resting MILO

Milo is unequivocally one of the all-time sweetest boys.  How anyone let him go is a complete mystery.  He has a huge heart and his foster thinks he is the best foster she has ever had.  That is saying something, because we’ve lost count of her numbers.

He is estimated to be 9 years old, but has the spirit of a much younger dog and is an active, fun loving boy.  He is housebroken and has excellent manners.  He truly encompasses everything we love about labs.

Foster Update:  “Milo has to be hands down my most favorite foster. He is such a sweet boy.  House broke, no need for a crate although  I am sure you could put him in one,  but no need.   He must be a young 9 years since he sure doesn’t act like he is old.  I don’t think he has had much love in his life and probably beaten with the way he reacts if you raise your voice or hand.    He has joined the pack and pushes his way to the front for attention, but never growls, or reacts to other dogs being near his food, treats, toys or shoving him out of the way for their turn at attention.  He walks on a lead although a little timid with a lead, again, I think he may have been beaten with one.  He like the cats and cuddles with them or allows them to cuddle with him.    He does not tear things up and waits patiently for his food or treats.    Unlike other labs, he is underweight so  he gets extra treats, but always takes them nicely and shares if need be. He has chosen his pillow and goes there when he is ready for bed at night.   Milo is looking for a forever family that will give him so much love and attention to make up for  all that he missed out on.  You just may be the perfect family for this exceptionally special boy.”



vali 1 Vali

When we were asked to help Vali, we could not resist.  He appears to be a wonderful year old lab/collie mix.He is fully vetted, microchipped , and HW tested.Apparently quite a sweet boy according to his fosters.  He gets along with other dogs and is indifferent to cats –  to us that translates into doing fine with cats.  He is somewhat shy and is believed to have been a stray and may have had limited time inside a house as he was initially uncomfortable navigating stairs. He is a little shy submissive (not shy aggressive) and knows some commands (sit), is housebroken, and adapted to leash walks very quickly. He would need a little patience, because he does still has a few nervous behaviors (pacing, lying down in submission when a new person meets him), but seems like he will be a great dog once he feels safe, loved, and comfortable in his new surroundings. We think he sounds like one awesome guy!