bexley 1 bexley

bexley sleeping

Trying to find enough superlatives for this magnificent boy is nearly impossible. He is a 2½ year old beauty and a true lover.  At approximately 80-85 pounds, he loves cuddle time .is extremely affectionate, and totally considers himself the perfect lab dog.  He is being fostered with several other labs and had an easy transition with his meet and greet.  It also didn’t take him long to find the sofa the perfect place to relax.  We often wonder if our rescues have ever known the meaning of feeling safe, loved, and comfortable in their surroundings.  No doubt that Bexley is enjoying these feelings, but needs to find his forever home to enjoy all the luxuries he deserves.




kelley 2 kelley 3

                                      Kelly: 9 month old black female                                     

This  precious 9 mo. old pup was dumped by a breeder for being so labbie. We can’t think of a better compliment.  Thanks to Pilots ‘n Paws, they arrived safely with CLR,and we are so excited to help her.  She is becoming more comfortable after so many changes and has such a wonderful and sweet temperament and exceptionally gentle.  We are looking forward to helping her settle into a routine where she is loved and feels safe and wanted. In a perfect world, no one would ever consider a dog as disposable property. Her two siblings have been adopted, so now it is Kelley’s turn.

FOSTER UPDATE: “She is doing great! Learning to move through the house and doorways and sleeps great in her crate with no issues.  Loves the dogs and learning to settle in.  Sweet personality we love her.  She will be great family dog !  Super sweet.  We are working on the potty training and so far so good.”





How many ways can we say magnificent?  Archie, a 2 ½ year old yellow male,  is absolutely everything wrapped up with a silver bow.  He is not only beautiful, but his temperament is as good as it gets.  He is exceptionally calm, loving, and sweet.  There are not enough superlatives to sufficiently describe everything wonderful about him.  We are anxiously waiting to hear from his foster and will update you with more glorious details soon.


FOSTER UPDATE: “Archie is an AWESOME dog!! He truly is a great dog, super-sweet, loving, laid back, mellow and loves to be pet…he is very affectionate.  I believe he lived in a home, he fits right in and makes himself comfortable, he doesn’t seem lost at all in my house and things seem so intuitive to him. He is a good looking and healthy dog, his big brown eyes and face just melt your heart.  He knows sit, down, shake, wait, going out.  I say “mommy” and his ears perked up, so he might know what this means also. I can’t imagine the people that had him not wanting him…wow!!!  They have to be missing this sweet boy.  I am so glad that I can keep Archie at my house, the kennel is not a good place to be, there’s no way I was going to leave him there.
Archie does not like the crate at all!  I tried many “many” times to put him in there and even tricking him with a treat but to no avail.  He has been great around the house, he is totally house broken and no accidents whatsoever.  Last night he slept on the couch with Wiley, so this was a good test, I went downstairs a few times to check on him and to make sure he was ok and he was absolutely fine.  He had a good night sleep and there were no accidents at all.  I really trust this dog, he’s really good! He plays with toys and doesn’t chew on them much less destroy them.  He is a “gem” of a dog, I love him!!.  One lucky family will be so happy to adopt him, he is an awesome dog!”




Jett is perfect if you’re looking for a smaller boy as he is currently a light 45 pounds, but should fill out a little more since he is young.  He is a very sweet 1 year old who needs some confidence building and reassurance. He is learning several commands and loves to play with other dogs.He is a little wiggly and confused, but is very responsive to praise and petting and like all the dogs, he’s just looking for someone to care for him and provide the consistency he needs to thrive.










NEW FOSTER UPDATE: “What an absolute surprise and pleasure Jett has turned out to be!  You can’t judge a book by its cover?  Great things come in small packages?  All would be true about this unbelievably well mannered boy.  His profile describes him as a little “wiggly” (his rear end definitely wiggles when he’s happily wagging his tail) and he seemed full of puppy energy at the rescue, but what a transformation when we got home.  Jett settled right in and quickly made friends with the rest of my pack.  He has excellent manners at mealtime actually taking time to taste his food.  He slept quietly though the night next to my bed and has yet to have an accident in the house.
Almost all of the Labs behave differently at the rescue and when in a home but Jett absolutely takes the prize.  So far, he is one of best behaved fosters I’ve had.  If you are looking for a young, affectionate one year old, look no further -He’s right here.”



These photos were taken less than two days after Jett joined his foster family.



TRAINER/VOLUNTEER UPDATE: jETT is a very happy dog and a little anxious when first out of the kennel, but his tail is always wagging.  He is a bright boy and has learned the walk routine.  He pulls somewhat on leash and we continue to work on correcting that, but he heels well, and sits when I stop.  Needs coaxing after turning on heel to continue with walk.  Add to what he already knows: ready, sit, down, stay, and come. Also did an extended stay.  Jett really knows commands! A cute wiggle worm who wants to please his people, and we believe the stability of a home will help his excitement settle. He  responds well to praise, and loves getting attention and treats. 




Happy is an absolute cutie, who is a year old yellow male.  He is another example of a darling dog who has not had the benefit of good training, but he is doing a great job learning his manners. He wants to please, and is realizing what he needs to do to achieve his goal of being your perfect pet.  As he is gaining the needed confidence and knowledge, he is getting close to achieving his goal as a perfect.gentleman.  As we’ve said before, we cannot fault a dog who has not been taught.  We know after a short time, we will be looking at a great dog.  Currently, he appears to get along with all other dogs and  responds lovingly to people.   It is fascinating to observe how quickly dogs can learn once they know the expectations.  We look forward to working with Happy and helping him achieve his goal of finding a family to continue to teach him, but to show him the love he deserves.

happy today

                                    Playful Happy enjoying daycare


and relaxing with his foster familyHappy2

FOSTER UPDATE:  Although Happy has some puppy energy, he has shown a marked improvement. I took both dogs for a walk today and he was a perfect gentleman, well, near perfect. He responded well to a verbal no, when trying to get our dog to play on only one occasion. I am just so pleased with his behavior.In the last few days, with guidance, he has come a long way walking on the leash. Just further evidence that the dogs just need someone to teach them and need to learn the expectations.
When in the house, his playfulness has subsided too and he isn’t constantly instigating play or jumping on her. For discipline, he isn’t phased by the water bottle, but time-out in the crate, helps him settle. He’s not aggressive with food. When I eat lunch, Bella gets her apple and he gets a few pellets of food. He knows that Bellla gets her bite first,and he waits patiently for his turn. He knows what “Lets go potty.” He heads toward the door and doesn’t dawdle and goes quickly. He has gone to the door on several occasions, but its subtle. He doesn’t bark or scratch at the door, but stands by the door to indicate he needs to go out. He also knows several voice commands: . No, stop, come, down and he sits on command. He is a very sweet and friendly dog, but may loose a little focus when he is in play mode. He is NEVER  mean, but he takes his play seriously, as any puppy. He truly is a joyful dog with a world of personality.
NEW TRAINER/VOLUNTEER UPDATE: Adorable, energetic, Happy, is making wonderful progress.  He is becoming more settled and is definitely learning his manners. Is very social and meets other dogs without difficulty – in fact, he did a great sit/stay while other dogs passed (so proud).  He is very affectionate and wants to please. Like most of our dogs, he  responds favorably to affection and praise.


coco new dog 1 coco new dog

Coco is a nearly 4 year old chocolate male, who along with Reece, is an owner surrender and we really want to help him have a healthier and happier existence. He gets along well with other dogs and the staff thinks he is just a sweetheart.  He is obviously overweight at 103 pounds and needs some serious green beans in his diet.  We can only imagine how gorgeous he’ll be when he is a healthy weight. His disposition is just wonderful, he has had some training is reported to be very good with small children, other dogs and even cats, and we hope he has the chance to meet his family very soon and begin the best years of his life.


Beautiful Herman is 2 ½ year old  70 pound male who was surrendered by his owner.  We don’t know why, but we do know that this sweet boy is rather confused and doesn’t know why his life has changed so drastically.  Right now, he is being rather timid, and we are anxiously waiting for him to feel more comfortable and safe.  It is just heartbreaking to witness this wonderful dogs feeling so lost.  With a little time and love, we know his true loving personality will emerge.  He just needs to feel safe and the most promising way for that to happen is for him to find a family to love and care for him.


This incredibly special young 1.5 year old black male just arrived with CLR, but we have been monitoring his progress for several weeks and anxiously awaiting his arrival.  His arrival  was delayed because he was so undernourished.  To look at him today, it’s difficult to believe this magnificent dog was ever unhealthy. Today, he is a healthy boy who has touched the hearts of many with his tender disposition, and we are beyond thrilled to help him find his forever family.


“What a sweet boy!  Armani is a very well behaved, calm Lab. He’s had no accidents in his crate or the house, and sleeps through the night in his crate. He is somewhat timid (I’m sure due to his past) when you first meet him, but just loves it when you pet him. He now trusts me and does everything I ask.  He is just wanting someone who will treat him right, so he can show what a tender, amazing boy he is.  He gets along great with my dogs, and loves kids. Armani is looking for someone to love him, so he can love them back.”


Donner is an 18 month old yellow male who is a lean 57 pounds with a friendly and playful disposition.  He still has a lot of puppy in him and has learned a great deal about good manners from his devoted foster family, who love his playfulness and friendly personality. We have learned that most dogs really want to please their family and rapidly adjust to house rules. He is an exceptionally loving boy who responds so well to positive reinforcement and a loving touch.  He is very people friendly and greets other dogs very well and feel confident he will be a great addition to a loving family.

P.S.  don’t let his serious expression fool you –

donner new                                         Snuggle time at his foster home

donner 1-28 donner 1-28 2

donner 1-28

NEW FOSTER UPDATE:” Just a little update on Donner. Donner is a little snuggler for sure with his humans and his four legged friends. He is doing a great job with the commands sit and lay. He isn’t jumping up on us as much as he was and is walking better on a leash.  loves loves to play outside and playing with his foster sister. Does really well with cats!!! Donneris slowly gaining wieght and he loves to eat, before he gets his food Donner has to lay down and he does it without us telling him while his tail goes a million miles a minute.”


remington 1 remington

Remington is a definite show stopper – translation: he is an absolutely beautiful chocolate boy!  He is between 5-6 years of age and is a very calm, gentle dog.  He happily observes and is not easily excited.  We were overwhelmed by his sweet temperament and believe he will transition easily to a new family.

remington at foster


SHORT UPDATE “He is super sweet, great with other dogs and  cats, and was silent all night in his crate. In addition, he hasn’t had any potty accidents  and loves, loves, loves toys and playing ball.”

remington 1-22


One year old Remi, has impressed our volunteers with his ability to responds so beautifully to his training.  This happy, friendly black lab is doing beautifully with his training and this is reflected by his ability to sit, down, stay, off, and heeling on his walks.  Although he needs reminders and reinforcement, his love of affection and praise is instrumental to his learning his manners. He is very sweet with typical puppy energy and is so pleased to meet new people and other dogs on his walks. We wouldn’t want him any other way and think he is a real winner. Nothing would make us happier than to help him find his family and begin the New Year in a loving home..



josie 1-23

Josie is a particularly special girl to CLR. whose attributes are exponentially greater than many of the dogs we have met. since she has a unique dignity and almost appears regal in her presentation. Josie truly is an extremely smart and loving girl. We believe she is part Weimaraner, and many of her characteristics fit the temperament. Her intelligence is evidenced by her knowledge of commands and overall respect for her pack leader.  She is responsive and well mannered and a definite pleaser.  Her calm and sweet disposition combines with her playfulness and joy when she gets to go for car rides. She is crate trained and cooperative when being bathed or even if she needs to have some medical attention.  We are experimenting with a special diet for Josie, but making this adjustment is not overly complicated, and she is doing great with her new diet restrictions. With the proper guidance and leadership, Josie is a loving, affectionate, intelligent, happy girl, who, in return, will bring so much joy to your life.

josie at daycare

                          Josie hanging out with her buddy, Jessie, at daycare

FOSTER UPDATE:  As a first-time foster Mom for CLR, I was hesitant and unsure how the experience would unfold.  However, Josey has made it an easy adventure for me.  She is house-broken, never barks in the house, walks right into her crate upon request, and her leash-walks require minimal correction.  I’m sure she would feed herself if I let her!   Josey does not even attempt climbing on the furniture, but is comfortable sleeping on her bed, in the crate, or in our room.  When she is outside, she is a little fearful of school buses and appears uncomfortable with car headlights at night.  We continue working on a “stay” command when I leave the house,  and she definitely shows her intelligence as she responds so readily to commands.  In addition to being such a bright girl, she is very affectionate and especially loves our playtime. I continue to be amazed at how seamlessly she has fit in with our family as well as our hearts, and we have thoroughly enjoy her presence in our home.

josie after picture 2

We hope you notice how wonderful Josie looks after receiving such good care….a huge difference from when she first arrived.



dibble 1 dibble 2 dibble

Dibble is a new arrival and really is an adorable 2-3 year old black female.  She has a very sweet temperament, but needs to improve walking on a leash and other basic commands.  Since she is so new, our trainers/volunteers are just beginning to help her learn.  We don’t want to be repetitive, but, again, we can’t fault a dog who has never been taught basic commands and manners. She definitely wants to please, so we imagine she will continue to make significant progress. She is an affectionate, energetic girl who is very people and dog friendly.  For us, this is the most important, because learning manners is the easy part.



coco new dog (2) coco new dog (3)

6 year old Reece arrived with Coco and has the same background as an owner surrender. His expression tells it all, and he is an absolutely lovable boy, who deserves a more stable and loving home.  He is seriously overweight at 103 pounds, and needs a healthy diet  of good nutrition to reduce and become the healthy boy he should be. Losing weight for a dog is not a monumental challenge: good food, green beans, and adequate/appropriate exercise will perform miracles in a relatively short amount of time.Reece has a sweet, endearing temperament, gets along beautifully with other dogs, children, and cats.  We believe he will transition relatively easily once he knows he is really home with a family that will take care of him and provide him the loving home he deserves.


Rambo is a 2 ½ year old owner surrender that we have just accepted into our rescue.  We are including the owner’s bio on Rambo since he knows him best.  The family is surrendering this magnificent male, because his activity level is too much for their aging senior and out of respect for the older dog’s need for quiet, they believe this is the best option.  We appreciate their sensitivity to their senior dog and are happy to help place Rambo in a new and loving home. And yes, we think he will be a rock star!

FORMER OWNER BIO: “Rambo came from a reputable breeder in the Dayton, Ohio area that provides dogs for both the TSA and sporting trials.  He is two and a half years old and a big lovable goof.  He was the biggest in the litter and full of spunk.  When the other puppies were resting in a group he was chasing leaves blowing in the wind, even though he was barely old enough to walk.  He loves to play.  Tug of war and chasing balls are a couple of his favorite things.  He is a people dog.  He wants to be near his people all the time.  He does not have separation anxiety but will meet you at the door every time.  100% house broken with zero accidents.  He is a chewer on his toys but does no chew other things.  Your shoes and furniture are safe.  Even though he is a big boy, he is very happy to be a lap dog.  If allowed, he will lay right with you on the couch and chill.  His energy level is just a bit too much for our nine year old female lab.  He has all his shots, is neutered, and in exceptional health.”


mistletoe 4


Mistletoe, a 4-6 year old female golden retriever, has been with her wonderful foster for a little while, but she needed some procedures, and we did not want to post her until we knew she was perfectly HEALTHY! She is a little under 70 pounds and well proportioned, and we think just beautiful (of course we are objective). It is almost impossible to express how much we love her, and her extremely gentle nature.  She just has the most tender heart, the sweetest eyes, and could not be more loving and affectionate. If you meet this girl, it is absolutely impossible not to want to devote yourself to loving her and keeping her safe.

Cinderella (Cindy)


Cindy, a 6-7 year old, is a very sweet, little girl (literally, since she isn’t very large), Sadly, she was dumped because her owners did not want to bother with an aging dog. You would be amazed how often people literally dump and abandon their dogs, because they do not want to deal with the aging process or spend money on their care. Obviously, this is a situation where we can’t even begin to connect the dots. She is doing wonderfully at her foster home. She is well socialized  Her foster thinks, ” She would make an excellent second dog for a family as she loves the company of a canine companion. She lights up when GIbbs, my dog, is around even though he is pretty handsome and aloof. She quickly mastered the stairs to our upstairs- loves to go for walks, and  loves snuggling!”  She has adapted easily in her foster homes and each foster mom can not say enough wonderful things about her.  Cindy encompassed everything we mean when we talk about the “heart” of a dog.  We love knowing that she is finally experiencing part of the good life.  The circle will be complete when she finds her forever home.


cinderella newest


How many ways can we say cute, cute, cute! Macy is a darling female pup who is between 4 & 5 months.  Everyone is so taken with this adorable girl, who is as precious as any puppy we’ve ever known.  She is affectionate, gets along with other dogs, and just loves everyone. Although she has the spirit of a pup, she is relatively easy and attentive.  We know anyone who meets her will fall immediately in love.