Memphis & Nash

memphis and nash collage

Memphis and Nash just arrived, and we are already in love! They are lab/Great Pyrennes beautiful boys.  Although these siblings are between 8-10 months, they already weigh in the mid-70’s, which just translates into more to hug and love. They are both very affectionate and could not be sweeter or more gentle. They walk nicely with a lead, and were both absolute gentlemen during their transport – which was quite long. We were informed that they do NOT do well with cats not very unusual for herding breeds.  They were owner surrenders, and we do not know the circumstances. The important component is that we just cannot believe our good fortunate to have these two join us at CLR.


dixon 2

Dixon is 1.5-2 years of age and was found as a stray prior to arriving at CLR.  He a little under 60 pounds and according to our vet, he is one of those dogs that just makes you smile.  We think that’s as good an endorsement as any dog can have. He is an energetic dog, who loves people, but needs to improve his manners, so we are working with a trainer to help him learn to manage his enthusiasm. His trainer thinks he is a wonderful dog and said he made excellent progress. In fact, to quote his trainer,

“Just wanted to give you an update on Dixon. He is doing awesome, coming along great. His personality is fantastic, very energetic and very playful. He is very energetic and loves to play.   Dixon definitely aims to please. He literally brings me a gift every morning, the very first thing he sees, he picks up and brings it to you with his rear end going crazy. He loves relaxing and getting his belly rubbed for sure.”

Now that his good manners have been established, he will be a wonderful and fun-loving  family companion.


pepper new 4

Pepper is yet another very nice dog who was found as a stray and never claimed.  She is 2.5 years old and not very large at 61 pounds.  She gets along well with other dogs and was even successfully tested with cats.  She is rather compliant and  willing to please her people,  and our initial introduction to her was very positive. We really were impressed by her easy-going disposition. Like all our pups, she is ready to find her forever family.

FOSTER UPDATE: What a compact chunk of Lab sweetness Miss Pepper has turned out to be!  She will gladly exchanges kisses for pets, and if she can lay quietly with her head in your lap, she’s the happiest Lab in the world.

She immediately fit in with my dogs and cats and reads their signals very well.  She had one small accident when I first brought her home, not necessarily surprising in a new place, but nothing since then.  She knows “sit” and “down” but that quickly turns into “roll over for a belly rub.”  She is really silly.

Like most of the Labs, her manners are much better now that she has left the kennel.  She settles nicely, doesn’t really jump and definitely understands “no”.  Another bonus – it doesn’t seem like she will shed very much.  Oh, and she actually chews her food… (sort of), instead of inhaling like most labs. Pepper is encouraging you to come and see her soon for some lab kisses, and in return, she only requires a little bit of attention and a few scratches on her head or a good belly rub.



yoshi 5

Yoshi is a young chocolate who is 1-2 years old.  He is another owner surrender, and we were told that the owner’s son required extra time, and he could not continue to care for the dog.  For someone looking for a smaller lab mix, he only weighs 32 pounds, although he does need to put on a little more weight. Regardless, we think he would be the perfect cuddle buddy. This sweet boy needs a home to provide him the stability of a loving family.

Tennessee Clan




Sam was the first of our 10 year old seniors to arrive, and then Zoie and Hershey. Sam was delighted to be reunited with her siblings. We have Pilots ‘n Paws to thank again for bringing them safely to Cincinnati.  Their owner passed away, and his wife was not able to stay at their home, so the dogs were dropped at a shelter, in line to be euthanized. Believing It wasn’t their time to cross the bridge, we agreed to do our best to help them relocate with families- something we feel they all deserve.

We were told that Sam is better with larger dogs. We also know it won’t be possible to keep them all together. For many of us, we believe there is nothing more rewarding than bringing a loving senior into your lives.

Chillin' at Camp Senior


tully 6

Tully is only two years old, but has already had far too many challenges.  This 50 pound chocolate male had lost his leg, but unfortunately, we do not know the circumstances.  He was recently hit by a car and his family took him to the vet, but abandoned him at the vet’s office.  The vet tried to reach out to the family, but they never responded and ultimately he ended up in a shelter, who ultimately reached out to us.  We believe the photos are all telling, and it’s obvious he is truly a sweet and loving dog.. We certainly hope he finds a family that can offer him the loving home he deserves.


baker retake 1

8 year old Baker has been on quite a journey for five years.  He has been wandering the mountains in West Virginia all that time.  He hunted to survive and was randomly fed by some miners for sustenance. He needs some vetting and most likely will have his teeth pulled due to periodontal disease, and then he will be ready to settle into the “good” life with a family, consistent care, food, a warm bed, and an abundance of LOVE – he deserves it ALL,  and we are determined to help him reach the summit.  Yes, this is the heart of rescue!


calypso 3

Calypso’s story cuts us to the core.  This absolutely sweet and gentle 3-4 year old male came to us with multiple wounds. He was found literally dumped on a rural road, and fortunately, a good Samaritan took him to a shelter, who in turn, reached out to CLR. He is also extremely malnourished and even a vivid imagination cannot completely answer his past. All we can do is change is future.  He is being treated for his wounds, being given high quality food, medical care,  and a lot of love. As if he didn’t already have enough challenges, he is also going to begin Heart-worm treatment very soon.  We are very confident we can restore his health and spirit, and once he is mended, he will be ready to find a family to keep him safe, warm, and loved.  We wanted to post him to help you understand and learn more about the heart and commitment of the Pack at CLR.

The Heart of Rescue

Jelly Bean

jelly bean 3

Jelly Bean is a rather small 1-2 year old lab mix.  She is a little over 40 pounds and desperately needed help.  A good Samaritan found her under a bridge near the expressway, and we hate to think of her prospects without CLR stepping up. It’s a mystery how she got there, but she is now safe.  She has had minimal guidance in the manners department, and we are working with her to help her learn. Once she understands what is expected, we think she will be a wonderful family companion.


skittles 3

Precious Skittles just arrived and was found as a stray with a puppy that we presume was hers.  She isn’t much more than a puppy herself at 1.5 years old.  She is incredibly sweet and a little bit shy. She gets along well with everyone, including other pups and even cats. Skittles is only about 40 pounds, so she is a delicate lady and as cute as she can be.


jolly 4

This handsome male is another new arrival who reportedly gets along well with cats as well as all people and other dogs, which is about as wonderful a recommendation as we can hope for 2 year old Jolly. He weighs 70 pounds, which is a good healthy weight, and he really has a friendly, loving disposition.  He was found as a stray, and he is a definite prize that needs to find a family that will keep him safe and loved.


milady 1

Milady, an 8-10 month old, has had a challenging beginning to her young life. She weighs about 52 pounds, and she has a few visible wounds, which have healed, but she was left with a few areas with scars.  We don’t know what happened, but we can’t imagine anyone harming an innocent pup.  Regardless, this has not inhibited her from being a sweet and loving girl.  She is ready and deserves to find a family to open their hearts to her who will teach her the true meaning of family.



Sable is a 1.5 year old black female who has typical puppy energy and playfulness. She gets along well with everyone and was even cat tested. Although she is an owner surrender, we do not know why. She is relatively small at a little under 50 pounds and will be a great addition for an active family.