anna snuggles 1


The best word to describe 1 year old Anna would be IRRESISTIBLE!  If you believe in love at first sight, she is your girl.  She weighs in at about 53 pounds and it’s 53 pounds of affection.  As you can see in the photos, she loves to snuggle and will literally wrap her paws around your neck and tuck her head…and that is impossible to resist. She is calm for a puppy and loves to ride in the car and just gaze out the window.  She is much to precious to not have a family to provide her a warm bed, a safe home, and an abundance of love in return.
anna snuggles

Calla Lily

Calla Lily will absolutely grab your heart.  This tender 2 year old was surrender to a shelter  (we do not know the reason) and was scheduled to be euthanized, but one look at her beautiful and tender eyes, and we had no choice but to make sure that would not happen. Calla Lily is 55 pounds of tenderness who is somewhat timid and cautious of new situations.  We suspect she may have been treated poorly, but that does not prevent her from being very affectionate. In fact, she loves to lean into you and get lots of loving.  She walks perfectly on a leash, rides well in a car, and will absolutely melt your heart – she most certainly did ours.


Toots could not be a more adorable 2 year old female chocolate girl. She was found as a stray and weighs about 54 pounds, but she need better nutrition to restore her fur to a pretty luster.   Her expression alone shows her playful and precious personality.Toots is a happy, confident dog, and she is relatively easy going, walks nicely on a leash, rides beautifully in a car, and is overall, just a wonderful pup.

Abbott –

Abbott is a handsome one year old who is exceptionally tender-hearted.  He is only 60 pounds and tends to be rather submissive to other dogs.  He is quite the affectionate young man.  Considering his wonderful disposition, it is difficult to believe that he was literally dumped on a country road.  Fortunately, a kind person picked him up, and he is now with us so we can help him find a better life.

FOSTER UPDATE: Abbott has been doing great!  He appears to be fully house trained, which is wonderful.  He’s done fantastic in the crate as well, with no crying or barking.  He has decided he really likes our nylabone toy, and he carries it around all the time, even on his potty breaks, lol.  He’s done well with his three canine foster siblings, as he is not a dominant dog, and is friendly and affectionately playful with our kids. The cat meowing piqued his attention, but after a few seconds, he completely lost interest. He especially loves to just snuggle, and bury his head in your lap for a good ear rub.  Abbott will make an absolutely fantastic family member for a very lucky family.

Update: ,  Abbott can be a little nippy, so we called in a professional trainer to asses Abbott’s behavior.  After spending considerable time with him, he classified him as a a typical young lab, and a little mouthy at times. He saw no aggression, and when he used his mouth while playing, he never actually tried to close his mouth. In addition, the trainer succeeded in getting Abbott wound up, but Abbott settled very quickly. We do recommend Abbott is with a family that understands the puppy personality and knows how to temper zealous playing. 



indica 4

As we have be able to spend more time with Indica, we are totally in love with this absolutely adorable pup. She has such a wonderful personality and excellent temperament.  indica at kennel

                Indica’s adorable personality is so obvious in this photo

Hardly the first time we have mentioned this, but she was surrender by her owners because they were moving.  We believe she is 2 years old and approximately 65 pounds. Her transporter said she was a delightful passenger, and although a little shy at first, she will warm up once she feels comfortable.  It’s difficult to imagine how challenging it is for this loving pups to go through so many changes in their short lives, but they are at the mercy of others.  We look forward to helping her find a family where she can relax and feel safe and secure forever.


dixon 2

Dixon is 1.5-2 years of age and was found as a stray prior to arriving at CLR.  He a little under 60 pounds and according to our vet, he is one of those dogs that just makes you smile.  We think that’s as good an endorsement as any dog can have. He is an energetic dog, who loves people, but needs to improve his manners, so we are working with a trainer to help him learn to manage his enthusiasm. His trainer thinks he is a wonderful dog and said he made excellent progress. In fact, to quote his trainer,

“Just wanted to give you an update on Dixon. He is doing awesome, coming along great. His personality is fantastic, very energetic and very playful. Someone had mentioned cage aggression and he has not displayed any what-so-ever. He is very energetic and loves to play.   Dixon def. aims to please. He literally brings me a gift every morning, the very first thing he sees he picks up and brings it to you with his rear end going crazy. He loves relaxing and getting his belly rubbed for sure.”

Now that his good manners have been established, he will be a wonderful and fun-loving  family companion.


yoshi 5

Yoshi is a young chocolate who is 1-2 years old.  He is another owner surrender, and we were told that the owner’s son required extra time, and he could not continue to care for the dog.  For someone looking for a smaller lab mix, he only weighs 32 pounds, although he does need to put on a little more weight. Regardless, we think he would be the perfect cuddle buddy. This sweet boy needs a home to provide him the stability of a loving family.


baker retake 1

8 year old Baker has been on quite a journey for five years.  He has been wandering the mountains in West Virginia all that time.  He hunted to survive and was randomly fed by some miners for sustenance. He needs some vetting and most likely will have his teeth pulled due to periodontal disease, and then he will be ready to settle into the “good” life with a family, consistent care, food, a warm bed, and an abundance of LOVE – he deserves it ALL,  and we are determined to help him reach the summit.  Yes, this is the heart of rescue!


calypso 3

Calypso’s story cuts us to the core.  This absolutely sweet and gentle 3-4 year old male came to us with multiple wounds. He was found literally dumped on a rural road, and fortunately, a good Samaritan took him to a shelter, who in turn, reached out to CLR. He is also extremely malnourished and even a vivid imagination cannot completely answer his past. All we can do is change is future.  He is being treated for his wounds, being given high quality food, medical care,  and a lot of love. As if he didn’t already have enough challenges, he is also going to begin Heart-worm treatment very soon.  We are very confident we can restore his health and spirit, and once he is mended, he will be ready to find a family to keep him safe, warm, and loved.  We wanted to post him to help you understand and learn more about the heart and commitment of the Pack at CLR.

The Heart of Rescue


lucas 2

Lucas is a year old, 55 pound male that has the typical playful energy of a puppy. He gets along well with everyone he meets and is exceptionally friendly.  He was found as a stray, and we imagine, like many of our dogs,  he will need some guidance learning house rules from his new family, but his foster dad referred to him as a “Super Duper” pup. In a very short time, he is responding very well to instruction from his foster dad and really wants to please. He hasn’t been with his foster family very long, but has already done a great job adjusting.   Lucas is at the perfect age to melt right in and become a great family member.

FOSTER UPDATE: So after a weekend with Lucas, I can safely say that the super duper dog title still applies. Loves people? Check.  Likes to run around outside and have fun but has good indoor manners?  Check and check.  No accidents in the house yet? Big important check!  Walks nicely on a leash? Another big check!  Thinks his foster brother and sister dogs are great and his foster cats are no big deal?  Check to that too!  Has a forever family that will be very happy they adopted him?  No checks to that yet but I’m sure there will be soon.  You’re not going to find a better young dog than Lucas.  He says, “come in and see me soon!”


pepper new 4

Pepper is yet another very nice dog who was found as a stray and never claimed.  She is 2.5 years old and not very large at 61 pounds.  She gets along well with other dogs and was even successfully tested with cats.  She is rather compliant and  willing to please her people,  and our initial introduction to her was very positive. We really were impressed by her easy-going disposition. Like all our pups, she is ready to find her forever family.


bronco new 1

Bronco's Freedom Flight with Pilots 'n Paws

For those searching for the perfect dog, you can put on the brakes now.  According to Bronco’s foster, that would be Bronco.  He is a 108 pound lap dog who loves people and could not be more affectionate. He is approximately 3.5 years old and gets along beautifully with other dogs.  So often, the bigger the pup, the more gentle – something we have witnessed many times. Everyone who has met Bronco is 100% smitten with this fabulous dog.

FOSTER UPDATE: “Bronco must have been named after the NFL team because he’s the champion of rescue dogs. He won us over from the time we picked him up and continues to impress us. He’s 108 pounds of sweet and affectionate lab. He loves being pet, leaning up against your legs for a back scratch, and has a playful personality. We have nothing but good things to say about this sweet boy from the past few days that we’ve had him.

He does great walking on a leash and doesn’t pull much; a big bonus for a dog of his size! Another big perk is that he seems to be a quiet boy. He has not barked once since we picked him up on Saturday! He spent most of yesterday laying outside with us in the shade. He had a trip to the vet today for his checkup and he was a great patient. The staff at the vet complimented him on his sweet disposition.

He knows basic commands such as sit, paw, and no. He does not jump much but has once or twice when he gets excited playing outside or after a treat. It has not been a problem for us and we’re sure he will get better with more training but thought it would be beneficial for potential adopters to know considering his size.

We have not tried crating him but he’s done well with his free reign throughout the house. He stayed on his own with one of our other labs (Ruby) for a few hours earlier today and this evening and they did great together with no accidents. He can navigate stairs but has spent the last two nights sleeping downstairs. We’re assuming because it’s cooler down on the first floor.

The large lab frame is small compared to the size of this boy’s big heart. He is a happy and affectionate boy that will make his future family very happy.”



tully 6

Tully is only two years old, but has already had far too many challenges.  This 50 pound chocolate male had lost his leg, but unfortunately, we do not know the circumstances.  He was recently hit by a car and his family took him to the vet, but abandoned him at the vet’s office.  The vet tried to reach out to the family, but they never responded and ultimately he ended up in a shelter, who ultimately reached out to us.  We believe the photos are all telling, and it’s obvious he is truly a sweet and loving dog.. We certainly hope he finds a family that can offer him the loving home he deserves.





Dolan is a 2 year old who was an owner surrender.  Personal situation made it impossible for them to keep this beautiful boy.  He was not current on his annual vetting which was immediately completed along with his neuter.  He needs some manners, but has a great and loving disposition and loves being around people. Once he finds his family and knows he is secure and completes obedience training, he will be an amazing family member.


levi 1 4-28

Levi is an absolutely irresistible little 12 week old puppy. He was surrendered by someone who could not keep him, and we were informed that he is a lab/hound mix, but that is not even remotely correct.  Once he arrived, we quickly realized otherwise, but that doesn’t mean he is not a cutie.  We suspect he will be very tiny, possibly a chihuahua mix.   The staff keeps carrying this little one around and loving on him, so we had to move him to a foster before he was 100% spoiled! Thank goodness for another good Samaritan that saw this innocent little pup posted, and stepped up to help, and in turn made contact with CLR.  We are all so captivated by precious puppies.

FOSTER UPDATE:  Levi  is exceptionally well socialized and gets along with all of our dogs, but he especially loves every person he meets. He loves getting hugs and never neglects to share his kisses. He weighs around 15 pounds, so he’s a definite mix and perfect for anyone looking for a smaller package of love. We established a diet of good nutrition and excellent care and his coat and skin are just beautiful. Levi is crate trained and nearly completely house broken. He still has sharp puppy teeth, but we are working with him to  He still has puppy teeth which are very sharp, but he’s learning appropriate manners.  He truly is a love bug and a very special little guy.