Sweet Gru is only a year old, and we knew when he came to us he would have some special needs.  He was hit by a car and already had had two surgeries, but was still having trouble getting around. Further investigation and a radiograph determined that we needed to proceed with another surgery to give him a chance at a normal life.  Dr. Frick performed an elaborate surgery on him, and today we received the most wonderful update. When we heard about Gru’s plight and neglect, we could not resist helping this innocent dog. We just knew it was the right thing to do, and the results have been amazing and worth it to know that this special dog can finally have the life he deserves. 

FOSTER UPDATE: Gru is doing great!!  He is eating on a regular basis for the first and just seems to be acting more like a dog everyday.  He consistently sleeps through the night.  He is no longer confined to the play pen and gets along great with our dogs.  He is an affectionate dude and wants to meet everybody.   He is using both legs although we are being cautious so he doesn’t over do it.  

PUPPIES-ONLY AVAILABLE to meet on Oct 1st!

Eight weeks ago, we brought a beautiful pregnant lab into our care.  Our fabulous volunteer, who has helped us with several litters, took mom into her home, and assisted with the birth of her 12 amazing puppies (named from Arthurian Legend).  She has continued to care for all the puppies, and on OCTOBER 1ST, they will be ready for adoption.  CLR will be responsible for all their puppy shots, microchips,  as well as their future spay/neuter.

The cost for puppies is $375.00, but before you can adopt, you need to complete our on-line application, receive an approval, and then schedule an appointment to meet the puppies. We will guide you in your selection, but cannot take specific requests. We have had a waiting list for the pups, but most are still available. 


Lynette                                    female             black

Elaine                                      female             black

Sir Gareth                                male                black

Sir Galahad                             male                black

King Arthur                             male                black

Sir Percival                              male                black

Merlin                                     male                black

Sir Lancelot                             male                black

Sir Tristan                                male                black




Guinevere is the beautiful mom to our litter of pups.  Outside of being a gorgeous lab, she is one of the sweetest dogs we’ve ever met.  She may be black, but she has a “golden” disposition.  Without fail, every person who has met her has fallen completely in love with her.♥  She is as close to perfect as you will ever find.  She will be available for adoption after the first of October. Since she has been nursing, she will need her vetting and spay once she is separated from the pups on Oct. 1st, but will be available at that time to meet her potential family.  She is such a special girl, and we look forward to helping her settle in with her forever family.


Franklin is only about 5-6 months old and weighs in at around 35 pounds. He is at the adorable age when he is just a sweet, silly boy looking for a family to share his time and labbie affection.  He was transported with Vienna, and the transporter had equally wonderful things to say about Franklin.  She wanted to make sure we knew he was such a fabulous pup, and we promised to share.  We are always anxious to help the young pups to find their family so they can learn and grow surrounded by love and guidance.

FOSTER UPDATE: I’ve had him at my house since about 10 and he is having a blast! He sits in command, listens, loves squeaky toys and gets along great with my female and male. He aims to please. He does have that puppy behavior, but he’s doing great so far! New places are just exciting.


cheerio 2

If a major requirement is gorgeous, then Cheerio is perfect!  He is a five year old who was pulled from a shelter by a kind volunteer, where he originally arrived as a stray.  He is 68 pounds of a beautiful, sweet boy, who unfortunately is beginning treatment for HW.  We have already treated over 110 dogs who arrived HW positive.  Our wish is that people would realize the ease and necessity of giving monthly heart-worm prevention.  It is an uncomfortable and expensive treatment for the dogs, but without treatment, it is a fatal disease.  With treatment, the dogs are absolutely fine, but it makes us so sad that any dog needs to endure the treatment when it is so easily avoided.  Cheerio will be absolutely fine, but will need to rest while being treated, then he will be as good as a new puppy!


sprite new
sprite 8-30

2 year old Sprite came to us with a difficult story.  When we hear scenarios like this, we cannot help but respond immediately. He had been hit by a car and left alone on the road.  Fortunately, a wonderful person helped get him to a hospital, and that is where we come in.  Subsequently, Sprite was brought to us so our vets could perform surgery for his dislocated hip.  The surgery was a success, and he is currently recovering. You are able to tell from the photos that he is favoring his leg from surgery, but before long he’ll be running and playing exactly how he should.  We believe being with his forever family will most definitely help him recover more rapidly as he rebuilds his stamina and learns the benefits that a loving family can provide.

FOSTER UPDATE: Sprite is such a sweet, happy boy despite all that he has been through! He hasn’t had an accident in the house and sleeps soundly in his dog bed all night long! He gets along well with his foster brother, and just seems relieved to be in a home where he is loved.

Sprite has joined his wonderful foster home, and we are excited to watch him recover and get ready for his forever family.

sprite at foster 1sprite at foster


Pebbles is a 6 month old chocolate female who gets along beautifully with other dogs and thrives around people.  She is very affectionate and just loves everyone.  She has a distinctive look with one blue eye and one brown eye.  We are always anxious to help the young ones settle into their forever home.


morrison 1

One look at Morrison’s face, and you know he’s a heart-breaker.  This 5 year old has certainly not had too many advantages in his life.  His transporter said he was very gentle and well behaved and was particularly gentle taking treats.  He was found as a stray, has some scarring, and sadly is very thin at only 51 pounds.  In addition, he will begin treatment for heart-worm disease, which is further evidence of how much he was neglected. Although he is a little cautious in new situations, he relaxes when he feels comfortable. He loves being caressed  and responds affectionately to kindness. One look into his soft and tender eyes, and we knew we would have to help change his future.

UPDATE: Morrison is most certainly on the road to recovery.  At his most recent vet check, we discovered he gained over 10 pounds, maybe closer to 15, and has responded well to medication. His stamina has certainly improved, and he is finally feeling comfortable in his foster home.  His foster parents are so pleased with his progress and have been incredibly proud of how well he is doing.  He is a little possessive with food, but he is learning that no one will take it away from this formerly starving boy.  We know he is grateful for the care he has received and shows his appreciation with good cuddles and kisses. The best news is he is finally ready to finally curl up with his new family.

Morrison at his foster family's farm



If you are wondering why Amber is smiling on her freedom ride, it’s because she knows she is finally safe.  Amber is a 3 year old female who was abandoned along with 14 other dogs and numerous other pets when her owners just moved, leaving Amber and all the animals outside.  Good Samaritans were feeding her, along with her two pups (who mysteriously just disappeared). They then reached out to CLR to help, and without hesitation, we wanted to help restore her faith in people. These stories never ceases to render us speechless, but it continues to motivate us to help the defensive pups that cross our path.



Precious little Pufkin is only 4 months old.  It’s difficult to imagine such a little one out on her own, but that she was found as a stray.  Fortunately, someone stepped up to help and she is now ready to find a family that will not only keep her safe, but give her the loving home she deserves.



It’s nearly impossible to imagine the scenario of leaving one’s dog in a drop pen at a shelter with a note, but this is exactly how we learned about Google. the note said he was housebroken, was great with other dogs and kids, but NOT cats.  They also said his mom was a pure bred collie and dad a lab.  The shelter described Google as having a wonderful, loving lab personality with captivating, beautiful amber eyes.   There was no explanation why he was surrender, but since he is such a special dog, the shelter reached out to us to help.  He is only 2 years old and approximately 70 pounds of lovable lab.



Nox is a rather small 2 year old male weighing only 45 pounds. He was also found as a stray and had a family ready to adopt him until they found out he was heart-worm positive (have you noticed how often we have to share this?).  When the family discovered the expense associated with treatment, they rejected this very sweet dog, so the shelter reached out to us to help.  He has almost completed his treatment, and after a short period of moderate activity, he will be good as new.



Tella is only 8 months old, but has quite a story.  Her original owners had her, and then decided they just didn’t want a dog and were ready to dump her at a shelter. When an acquaintance learned of the situation, he stepped in, and took her so he could help find her a better, more committed family. He made sure she had proper medical care and then reached out to CLR to help place her in a loving home.  She has been living temporarily with this family, who have a three year old son, so she is kid tested and has typical puppy energy and a wonderfully sweet disposition.. Now it’s time for her to find her forever family.



Alvin is a gorgeous 1 year old male yellow lab who was found with his brother, Archer, as a stray. He currently weighs 60 pounds, but he should continue to fill out as he matures. He appears to do very well with other dogs and to be a very sweet and affectionate dog.  We cannot believe our good fortune to be able to help both of them find a family to keep them safe. Generally, with a bonded pair, we know it is unlikely to adopt them together and have found most dogs will learn to adjust okay.



Archer is a stunning 1 year old male black lab who was found with his brother, Alvin, as a stray. He currently weighs 60 pounds, but he should continue to fill out as he matures. He  does very well with other dogs and is very friendly with everyone he meets. Generally, with a bonded pair, we know it is unlikely to adopt them together and have found most dogs will learn to adjust okay. We are honored to help both dogs find families to help them grow and find a family who is committed to keeping them safe.

SAMANTHA (Sam) Tennessee


sammy 6-11 5

FOSTER UPDATE: Sammie is doing quite nicely and gets along with our other lab just fine. She is quite reserved and quiet and she likes to just sit on the deck in the morning or evening and watch birds or people jogging. She has been no trouble and she sleeps great and no accidents in the house.  She is a bit protective of her food which we feed her separately so she does not feel rushed.  She is wonderful with my 2 boys and they get along great. She loves Popcorn and snoozing on the couch…she is a gentle soul who relishes kind pats on the head and just some time with the folks. When its time she goes up and lays in my son’s room on the nice big pillow bed and waits for him to check-in for the evening.

sammie at foster home10 year old Samantha arrived with her siblings and is currently enjoying life at her foster home..  Again we are grateful to Pilots ‘n Paws for bringing her to CLR.  Her owner passed away and his wife was not able to care for the dogs, and they we taken to a shelter.  Without our help, we cringe thinking about what their future would have looked like.  Sam’s foster mom thinks she a terrific girl with a wonderful personality.  We could not agree more, and hope she can find a family to open their hearts to this wonderful girl.



barrett new

Barrett is a 6-7 year old male who from TN. He was found as a stray, and was treated for HW disease. Now that his recovery is complete, he is ready to find his family and experience the joy of a loving family. He was saved just an hour before he was to be euthanized because of overcrowding, and we are relieved to know that we were able to save him. He has had to adjust to many changes, yet still remains an affectionate dog. So his strong personality would not be misinterpreted, we had Barrett evaluated by a professional trainer, who did not see any reactive or aggressive behavior, but he tends to be someone dominant.  Hence, we think his best fit is either as the only dog or a more submissive pet. In addition, he should be with a more experienced handler as well as someone who will welcome advice from a professional trainer, and will be comfortable helping him adjust to family life. This should not be a deterrent, as many dogs come into rescue with similar needs. Most often, they would not be in rescue had they come from an ideal past. Barrett truly deserves the rest of his life to be one with good health and a loving family. As we all continue to learn, life isn’t always fair.



Bayer is a precious 2 year old who was surrender by his owner because he would wander.  His previous owner refused to have him neutered, which has since been done.  We presume that will eliminate his desire to do so.  Regardless, there are safe options for keeping him home and more importantly, he is an absolute love. He is a manageable size at 65 pounds and gets along well with other pets, walks well on a leash, and has a very sweet temperament.  He adores everyone, and his particular specialty is snuggling with his people.


carly 4-30 2

We do not understand why Carly is being overlooked, because she is an absolutely wonderful girl.  She is incredibly loving and will be a very devoted family member.

BONUS UPDATE: Carly has made remarkable progress over the last few weeks.  She is fully house trained and does well in a crate.  She is fantastic on walks, and loves every single person she meets.  She has worked with a trainer and knows her basic commands, and quickly became one of the trainer’s favorite dogs. She has yet to encounter a face that doesn’t need her sweet kisses.  Carly does great with male dogs of all sizes, but has issues with dominant females, so she would be best as an only dog or with males.  She did not chew anything in our house other than her toys, and loves to go for rides.  Some people say rescue dogs have problems, but her only problem is she doesn’t have a family to call her own.

Carly is a two year old female that is looking for a fair chance to find her forever home. She was originally brought to CLR due to family allergies, adopted, and returned because it wasn’t the right match for the family. Like most dogs in transition, Carly needs patience, guidance, and consistency in her life and an opportunity to feel safe.  Currently, she is having a blast in day care, and we have had an excellent trainer work with her. We not only adore Carly, but are very proud of her, and feel she is ready to find the best family that will give her the chance she deserves.