yoshi 5

Yoshi is a young chocolate who is 1-2 years old.  He is another owner surrender, and we were told that the owner’s son required extra time, and he could not continue to care for the dog.  For someone looking for a smaller lab mix, he only weighs 32 pounds, although he does need to put on a little more weight. We have worked with a trainer to help Yoshi manage his energy, and he does require exercise and consistency to manage his youthful exuberance. Regardless, we think he would be the perfect cuddle buddy. This sweet boy needs a home to provide him the stability of a loving family.

VOLUNTEER OBSERVATIONS: Yoshi-“Very well behaved on leash.  He is making huge strides and is becoming quite a gentleman. Very good listener with good eye contact. Sits and lays on command. Beautiful coat that looks like he has highlights!”

Zoie Tennessee

zoe 6-11 2

Zoie is a darling senior who is the final girl to arrived with her siblings at CLR when she was left at a shelter after her dad passed away. She has a huge heart and is an absolute love.  We feel compelled to help seniors knowing how much they deserve being in a loving home.  Adopting a senior pup is incredibly rewarding, not only the dog, but for her caretakers.  Zoie’s is challenged with her hearing, but it doesn’t effect her wonderful disposition and loving heart.  Her foster mom has repeatedly shared how much she adores her, and we would love for her to be able to permanently settle in her forever home.

Hershie Tennessee

hershey tennessee 1

Hershie is one of the wonderful 10 year old seniors that arrived at CLR when her owner passed away, and his wife could not care for the dogs.  She is an absolute sweetheart, and her foster mom raves about her temperament.  She is a nice care-taker of her sibling, Zoie, who follows Hershie’s lead.  Although she is currently in a foster home, we would love for her to be welcomed into her forever home where she can get some extra loving attention.

SAMANTHA (Sam) Tennessee


sammy 6-11 5

10 year old Samantha arrived with her siblings and is currently enjoying life at Camp Senior.  Again we are grateful to Pilots ‘n Paws for bringing her to CLR.  Her owner passed away and his wife was not able to care for the dogs, and they we taken to a shelter.  Without our help, we cringe thinking about what their future would have looked like.  Sam’s foster mom thinks she a terrific girl with a wonderful personality.  We could not agree more, and hope she can find a family to open their hearts to this wonderful girl.

Chillin' at Camp Senior


dixon 2

Dixon is 1.5-2 years of age and was found as a stray prior to arriving at CLR.  He a little under 60 pounds and according to our vet, he is one of those dogs that just makes you smile.  We think that’s as good an endorsement as any dog can have. He is an energetic dog, who loves people, but needs to improve his manners, so we are working with a trainer to help him learn to manage his enthusiasm. His trainer thinks he is a wonderful dog and said he made excellent progress. In fact, to quote his trainer,

“Just wanted to give you an update on Dixon. He is doing awesome, coming along great. His personality is fantastic, very energetic and very playful. He is very energetic and loves to play.   Dixon definitely aims to please. He literally brings me a gift every morning, the very first thing he sees, he picks up and brings it to you with his rear end going crazy. He loves relaxing and getting his belly rubbed for sure.”

Now that his good manners have been established, he will be a wonderful and fun-loving  family companion.

FOSTER UPDATE: Dixon is a well-adjusted and loving dog who is well socialized and is regularly out and about with people, cats, and other dogs. He does wonderfully off leash and is very close to being excellent on leash. He can sit, lay, come and stay. He is quick to learn what furniture he is allowed on or not, as well as which items are appropriate toys.  He is completely housed trained and can be trusted on his own in the house, but is also fine in the crate.  He will accept and learn what is appropriate in his new home with your guidance.  He loves his food and quickly gobbles his dinner, so needs to slow down a bit.  He begs a bit, but is mostly well mannered. He is still a bit of a puppy and still needs to learn his body and manage some of his excessive energy, so we doubt he would be good with infants.  Outside of very young children, he would be an amazing dog for an active family that can give him the exercise, attention, and love he needs and deserves.


carly 4-30 2

Carly is a two year old female that is looking for another chance.  She was originally brought to CLR due to family allergies, adopted, and returned because it wasn’t the right match for the family. They had a difficult time walking her, because she would be reactive around unfamiliar dogs.  Carly needs patience, guidance, and consistency in her life and an opportunity to feel safe.  Currently, she is having a blast in day care, and we have had an excellent trainer working with her socialization, and he believe she has made significant progress. We are very proud of Carly and feel she is ready to find the best family that will give her the chance she deserves.


lance 1

Lance is a wonderful 1 year who was surrendered by his owner and arrived at CLR. Apparently, Lance found entertainment chasing the neighbor’s cows and the elderly owner realized he just was not able to care for an active puppy, especially an 80 pound, strong boy.  When we brushed Lance, we could not believe how much he needed to be groomed, which was further evidence that he needs to find a family that has the ability to maintain his care.  For a puppy, we found him very cooperative and affectionate, and his transporter said he was a very good traveler. Lance is definitely ready to find his forever family and settle into a routine filled with comfort and love.

VOLUNTEER COMMENTS: “Lance-What a mellow and loving boy.  When we picked him up at the door for our walk, he literally stood on his hind legs and hugged  me. Very good on a leash, he didn’t pull at all despite his size.”

Jelly Bean

jelly bean 3

Jelly Bean is a rather small 1-2 year old lab mix.  She is a little over 40 pounds and desperately needed help.  A good Samaritan found her under a bridge near the expressway, and we hate to think of her prospects without CLR stepping up. It’s a mystery how she got there, but she is now safe.  She has had minimal guidance in the manners department, and we are working with her to help her learn. Once she understands what is expected, we think she will be a wonderful family companion.

FOSTER UPDATE:  After working with a professional trainer, Jelly Bean has joined her foster family, and we just received this update: “Jellybean is doing great. She is a super sweet girl with a lot of energy. She loves running, getting in the pool, and playing with as many toys as possible.  She gets super excited about food, and we are working with her on sitting and waiting until we give her permission to eat. Another fun activity she loves is going for car rides and enjoying the scenery and the wind blowing her face.”

Jelly Bean Enjoying Life with her Foster Family


barrett 3

Barrett is a 6-7 year old male who recently arrived from TN. He was found as a stray, and this poor guy is being treated for HW disease, so he needs to relax and take it easy for another month while he’s being treated.  It makes us sad when a dog has not had the proper care and then is found as a stray.  He was saved just an hour before he was to be euthanized because of overcrowding, and we are relieved to know that we were able to save him. He is still somewhat confused and overwhelmed by all the changes he has experienced, but our volunteers enjoyed his company on a short walk last weekend and found him to be a gentleman.  He deserves the rest of his life to be one with good health and a loving family.

Cotton – Courtesy Post

cotton collage

A very special friend of CLR’s asked us to please spread a word about her foster, so we are presenting 2 year old Cotton to you.  According to his foster family, he is an amazing pup, and they just wants to make sure he goes to a good home. Cotton is a lab/pit mix and from her description, we have to agree that he’s a fabulous young dog.  He is neutered and fully vetted, crate trained, 100% house broken (no accidents-EVER & he’s been with them for 7 months), knows sit, and loves to play with dogs of all sizes. He also gets along fine with cats, horses, and cows at their farm.  He never runs off and stays close enough to be seen.  The best bonus is how well he gets along with the family’s 2 and 5 year old children. He has only played with his toys and has not chewed on anything inappropriate in the house.  Top all that with his affection and love to snuggle.  W can’t imagine a better fit for many families and hope a loving family will step up and bring this wonderful little guy into their life.



Jax is a 1.5 year old black male who made many friends on his journey to CLR.  Everyone who meet this awesome boy could not stop raving about him.  He’s what we consider a one-in-a million dogs. Great disposition, beautiful boy, and very loving.  His pictures express his personality quite well, and we know he will find a family that will be equally as wonderful.


Adonis 1

The name Adonis fits this 2 year old male perfectly, because he is simply GORGEOUS! We need to take his glamour shots and will do so as soon as we are able.  But, believe us when we say he is quite the handsome boy. He was found as a stray, and a diligent effort was made to locate his family, but no one stepped up to claim him. He has a very good disposition and gets along well with everyone,  but like so many of our arrivals, he will need guidance and obedience training.  His potential is endless, and we are so happy to help Adonis find a family that will cherish him forever.


aubrey 1aubrey

This absolutely sweetheart of a girl was surrender by her owner to a kill shelter, and she was scheduled to be put down.  Thank goodness, a volunteer took her home so that would not happen.  We believe she is between 3-4 years old, and could not be more gentle, obedient, or kind.  We doubt there ever was a more deserving dog to find a home that would appreciate her wonderful disposition and huge, kind heart.  She truly is a treasure.


tully 6

Tully is only two years old, but has already had far too many challenges.  This 50 pound chocolate male had lost his leg, but unfortunately, we do not know the circumstances.  He was recently hit by a car and his family took him to the vet, but abandoned him at the vet’s office.  The vet tried to reach out to the family, but they never responded and ultimately he ended up in a shelter, who ultimately reached out to us.  We believe the photos are all telling, and it’s obvious he is truly a sweet and loving dog.. We certainly hope he finds a family that can offer him the loving home he deserves.


calypso 3

Calypso’s story cuts us to the core.  This absolutely sweet and gentle 3-4 year old male came to us with multiple wounds. He was found literally dumped on a rural road, and fortunately, a good Samaritan took him to a shelter, who in turn, reached out to CLR. He is also extremely malnourished and even a vivid imagination cannot completely answer his past. All we can do is change is future.  He is being treated for his wounds, being given high quality food, medical care,  and a lot of love. As if he didn’t already have enough challenges, he is also going to begin Heart-worm treatment very soon.  We are very confident we can restore his health and spirit, and once he is mended, he will be ready to find a family to keep him safe, warm, and loved.  We wanted to post him to help you understand and learn more about the heart and commitment of the Pack at CLR.

5-29-16. After several weeks in the hospital, Calyso was finally able to be moved to his foster home.  Below is an unabridged version of his update.  Frankly, we could not remotely consider changing one word.  This is not only a tribute to Calypso, but to his wonderful foster mom.  Please read on: 

“Wow, what a difference a week makes! I’ve had him now only a week and he has done exceptionally well. He is a calm, quiet dog.  It took a few days for the nervousness of a new place to subside, but he knows my house now and I believe he likes it.

Calypso had a few accidents in the beginning, but he is learning to listen to commands and easily complies.  He follows me around wherever I go.  He is learning sit and down.

He demonstrated some food aggression initially too.  What dog wouldn’t when you are skin and bones, not sure when or if you will get a next meal?  I still separate him and my other male Tucker when feeding, but I can see improvements.  They can now stay together in the kitchen while I prepare the bowls without him growling at Tucker. 

He is eager to play.  He is discovering all my stuffed animal toys and tennis balls in the house.  He has watched my Sophie retrieve balls endlessly while outside, and he has begun to pick up a ball and bring it to me.  I drop it at his feet and he picks it up and puts it in my lap for more.  It is absolutely heartwarming to see him show some play drive.  I’m certain it is all completely new to him.  I’m sure when his heartworm treatment is complete and he is given the all clear to play and resume normal activity, he will be running and hopping around outside with a big grin on his face, able to play like a normal dog.

There is a calm and a peace over Calypso’s face and in his eyes.  I think he realizes he is now safe.  He lays down, and with a big sigh, he sleeps as quiet as a mouse and I have yet to hear him bark.  He is truly content.

He has lived a life of hell previously that none of us can fathom. His body still shows the scars and marks of being thrown out of a car left to die on side of the road. The dry, brittle hair and skin, draped over a frame of bones that can be seen and felt. The weak legs and muscles, that give way with the smallest turn.

Never again.  Everyday he shows improvement and everyday we are one more day putting his past behind him.  He is getting stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally.

He was living in hell and destined to die, where most could only sympathetically say “rest in peace” poor boy.

Well now Calypso will live in peace.  He will always have food and shelter, and love and affection.  He will now know what its really like to be a dog.

Though the incredible help of some wonderful humans, Calypso has been saved.  He can count on a meal twice a day, clean water to drink whenever he wants it, a yard to play in, two companion dogs, and a cool, air conditioned home on a soft bed to lay his head.  He will be treated like royalty.  His precious life will be respected from now on.

This is why I rescue.  Calypso is only one of hundreds of thousands of dogs that needs our help.  These dogs come from deplorable conditions.  And with only a little, dedicated effort, they turn into the most amazingly loyal dog you will ever know.  They know their life has been spared and they are incredibly grateful. They show it in the love they give back to you.  In the face that he looks up to me and says “Thank You” with each pat on the head, belly rub, or scratch behind the ears.

It is an awesome feeling, for him and me. Thank You CLR for saving his life, and the thousands of other dogs, and bringing him into mine.”

Rescue on, Jodi

The Heart of Rescue