Although Donner has been with us for a while, it has given us the opportunity to learn about him and understand his personality and needs.  He has been fortunate to be living in a wonderful foster home, but it is time for him to find his forever family. Donner is an 1 ¾ years of age and not a very large boy. He is incredibly affectionate and loving, but needs a strong leader who is firm and consistent so he knows what is expected.  He desperately wants to please, but like most dogs, he just needs guidance.  We all just adore this cutie. He does great with other dogs and absolutely loves his playtime.  

FOSTER UPDATE: We have had Donner for over two months now and although he can be a stubborn little guy, he really just wants to make you happy. He not only does great with our dog, Domino, but does equally well in daycare twice a week.  He has made great progress, but continues to need leash work and a home with a firm leader who is patient, but provides the necessary guidance, but still shows him all the love in the world since Donner is the biggest snuggler  He is crate trained as well, but he doesn’t sleep in the crate at night, he just wants to be near you, which is a testament to his loving heart. Our hope for this sweet boy is to find that perfect family that understands the need to continue with his obedience training, but at the same time really shows him the unconditional love he deserves.

Gracie Girl -

gracie new girl 1

Gracie Girl is a 2-3 year old female that recently had puppies.  She was found as a stray, and although her rescuers found her, they were not able to find her puppies. Although we hate to think so, there is always the possibility she was dumped after she served her purpose. She remains a little cautious and looks to her people for reassurance.  Although she needs some basic obedience and leash manners, like so many of our pups, she is good with people, other dogs, and even cats!  She is only about 60 pounds, so she isn’t very large, which makes her a perfect snuggle companion. As her confidence has grown, so has her playfulness,  and she is loves playing with toys, chew bones, and her kong. She is comforted in her crate and enters without coaxing and even chooses to take her naps there.  She does well with other dogs and is gentle with children, but gets a little excited for food.  She’s a clever girl that needs exercise and a watchful eye to keep her safe.  With the proper guidance, she can be an amazing companion for a family who loves playing and the willingness to provide her a structured routine.

FOSTER UPDATE: “Gracie is an excellent house guest. Our neighborhood has tons of kids and she hasn’t met a person that she doesn’t like. Her tail wag is so hearty that her whole bottom shakes when she meets people. We’ve had no accidents in the house, she has no interest in chewing anything up and goes well into her crate. She loves to be pet and stays close when she finally settles down to snooze.  She also doesn’t say a word – no barking at all, despite her obvious confusion of being in a new place.  We haven’t noticed any issues with food or toys, but we’re also being careful. We have taken her on many walks. She seems to be on high alert during the walks.”



Donovan is only one year old and was on death row when we saved him at the eleventh hour from being euthanized.  One look at him and it’s understandable how we could not let that happen. He is good with other dogs and people, but considering how frightening his life was before, we need to help him feel safe and more confident. We feel so fortunate to bring him to CLR and are anxious to find him a loving family to provide him the love he has never known.



blackjack prof

blackjack new 1 UPDATE: Mr. Personality would have been the best name for Blackjack. His foster says that he continues to make her smile all the time with his playfulness, silliness, and overall joy. He sits so adorably on his hind legs for a treat, and he’s just impossible to resist.

blackjack begging


He loves long walks and snuggle time with his foster mom.  His only dislike is very dominant dogs that crowd his space, but has made several friends with his pack and adores little dogs. Like so many rescues, he just needs the right family to appreciate all of his wonderful attributes and fun personality.



blackjack and friend

Blackjack, an 8 year old male,  is looking for his forever home, which would be such a blessing for him, since he has not had a secure home in the past.  He lived with a homeless person, who needed to give him up when he could no longer care for him. This poor boy’s life  lacked any stability, and when we learned of his blight,  we had to respond and see if there was a way we could help him finally have a secure  home where he is loved and safe from the outside elements. He immediately was taken into foster care, and we are delighted to learn he has so many good manners. Blackjack walks beautifully on a leash, and would never consider having an accident in the house. It is amazing he is such a sweet dog given his previous situation.   Blackjack loves people and doesn’t mind cats; he is just not too crazy about a houseful of other dogs and isn’t comfortable with the pack.  His version of the command “stand” is to sit on his hind legs with his paws in the air with the hope that this trick will earn him a treat, or possibly two, which he takes very gently.   He is absolutely laughable when walking on a lead if you want to go one way, while he wants to go another. He has an expression on his face that will just makes you smile.  It only takes a gentle tug on the lead, and he happily relents without any resistance and happily follows you along.   Blackjack is a beautiful black lab mix that is looking for his chance to find his forever family.

blackjack at fosters
blackjack at fosters 1

Blackjack and the cat seem to be best of friends too!  It’s amazing how gentle Blackjack is with the little guy.

blackjack and cat 1 blackjack and cat


preston and puppies 1

These precious 8 month old puppies are both females.   They are just loaded with puppy personality and could not be more entertaining and playful.  The puppies were surrendered by the owner whose female became unexpectedly pregnant (yes, exactly why we recommend spaying) and unable to find homes for the puppies, so they opted to take them to a shelter.  From what we have witnessed, they are very gentle and sweet. For now, we are thoroughly enjoying their puppy personalities and  cuteness.


waffle new 1

Waffle is a special 5 year old dog and a very special case.  When we learned his story, there was no way we could remotely consider not opening our hearts to this beautiful 63 pound boy. What we learned is that his previous owner abused him, lost him, got him back, and continued to abuse him.  This horrible person managed to leave him deaf and blind on one side with a cracked canine tooth. Yes, it does make us furious, and we are determined to help him.  The shelter that contacted us repeatedly said what a sweet and tender dog he is, and they desperately wanted to find a reputable rescue to help Waffle find a situation where he is treated like he deserves- with kindness and love.  We made a promise to them and Waffle to do our very best.  He obviously need to find a family with a very tender heart to help him heal and learn to trust again.

UPDATE: Well, where to begin? Succinctly put, Waffle is probably everyone’s number one favorite.  Yes, his story touches our hearts, but he is such a love.  How he can put his past aside and have such a huge capacity for affection is incomprehensible, but maybe, he’s making up for all the time he lost.  Today, we literally spent over five hours just loving on this wonderful, tender boy, and every hug and kiss was warmly reciprocated.  He isn’t comfortable in a crate, but he is so happy just being with people and never passes on an opportunity for a belly rub.  

waffle new 2
waffle new


keifer 3

Keifer is a 7 year old male with a special need.  He has lost his vision due to cataracts, but that doesn’t stop him from being a typical lab.  With a few accommodations, Keifer can do just about anything a sighted dog can do. This is one of those times we have to remind ourselves what rescue is all about and how deserving a dog is to find a family irregardless of his so-called disability.  Why “so-called”? Probably, because he doesn’t know that he isn’t just like every other lab who can run freely, play fetch, swim, and snuggle with his family. He is also currently being treated for HW, which means he’ll need to take it very easy for a little while and then be ready to lead a full life with his new family.  Just like any other deserving dog, he deserves to find a family to help him grow old with dignity and grace.

keifer 2


shadow 1

Three and half year old Shadow just arrived and we have not been able to get glamour shots, but wanted to introduce her to our potential adopters.  She is very friendly and has a good disposition, but is strong and will need obedience training and definite leash manners.  Of course, when the dogs first arrived, they are confused with heightened curiosity, so we will need to learn more about her and update her bio.

Shadow on her Transport

shadow 2


ryder 3-21 02

Ryder is another new arrival, who is only 1 year old.  He has such a fun loving personality and gravitates to everyone with enthusiasm and is an exceptionally friendly boy.  He isn’t very large at 60 pounds, and although he will fill out and gain some weight, he will not be a particularly large male.  We hope this friendly and well-adjusted male finds his new home soon so he can thrive in a family setting surrounded by a family that loves him.

ryder 3-21
ryder 3-21 01
ryder 3-21 03

Dexter II

dexter II - 3

Dexter II has quite a story.  From what we have been told, Dexter wandered into someone’s yard last fall.  This person attempted to be a good Samaritan and tried to help him to the best of his ability.  His funds were limited, so even buying food was a challenge, and Dexter was not permitted inside his home.  Considering feeding alone was a difficulty, Dexter also did not receive medical attention. In the meantime, we understand this gentleman has begun chemo treatment and is not capable financially, emotionally, or physically to attend to Dexter at all. So, he is now in our care. We are trying to help him feel safe and comfortable. We are working with the vets to determine his medical needs other than the standard vetting and neutering. We believe he is around 6-7 years old and would be beyond delighted to have someone with a huge heart step forward to help this sweet, sweet boy. He is just the most soulful and tender guy, and he desperately deserves to find the comfort we presume he has never known.


bixby 02

Bixby is a 6 month old black puppy who recently arrived at CLR. He has the expected excitable personality of a puppy, and he sees life as a joyful adventure.  He interacts well with other dogs and kids, and is always ready for a treat and some human affection.  We noticed he ignores barking dogs and does not react by barking in return, which is a great attribute.  We doubt he has had much training, as he needs correction on leash walks and, as with all puppies, we recommend obedience training to establish good manners.

bixby 03 bixby 04

Posie -

posie 1
posie 2

Posie, a 3 year old, 70 pound female, is definitely a very special girl who will require some patience and tenderness to help her transition from a life as an outside dog to life living inside. She is an owner surrender, and we are so pleased she was given up, because she has lived exclusively outside, confined in a kennel without any protection from the bitter elements.   We promised her that we would not allow that to be part of her future. She had no luxuries or for that matter, we assume no love either.  She needs to learn about home manners and training, including learning the appropriate place to potty, but that should not be a deterrent, because all dogs need to learn at some point. We are amazed she is so gentle, and at this juncture, she is terrified being introduced to so many new people and things – in fact,  she had her very first car ride when she was surrendered.  And we made sure that she visited the vet for the very first time. Her temporary foster was also surprised how well she was doing in the short time she was with her. We don’t look at her as a challenge as much as a beautiful girl who deserves to make up for all the wonderful  possibilities and comfort she has missed. We are honored to help Posie find a good, loving home that can provide everything this deserving girl has been denied in the last three years. We can guarantee that her new family will truly know the joy of receiving her love and gratitude for literally “saving” this beautiful girl.

Posie Foster Update  3/17/15

“We were fortunate enough to have Posie in our home for a few days this passed weekend.  I think she is a very special girl who, with the right amount of reinforcement, consistency and human attention / affection, will be a perfect addition to any family.  For now, though, she would be best served in a home with no other dogs or small children around until she gets some more socialization and consistent attention.  In fact, she would benefit greatly from spending time in foster with or being adopted by someone who has some experience socializing previously neglected dogs.  Posie was kept outdoors and isolated in a backyard for the first 3 years of her life.  From what we know, she had minimal to no interaction with people and could only watch other dogs come near her with no ability to interact with them.  She was also never allowed indoors, so she ate all of her meals alone outside and never knew what it was like to relax with her human family in the comfort of a house.  

Knowing her history, I am truly amazed at how well Posie did in our home and at the potential she shows.   I could see her unfamiliarity with being indoors on the first day.  She would frequently check the windows and could not lay down and relax for more than a few minutes at a time.  Whenever one of us would move around, which happens a lot with kids, she would be right there curious as to what we were doing and wanting to take part in it.  She quickly formed a bond with me and decided she liked to stay close to me….mostly laying at my feet and wanting me to rub her belly.  The more attention I showed her, the more she wanted to be close to me and please me.  That night, I was very surprised that she got in her crate on her own and slept until 8am without making a peep!!  Her great bedtime manners stayed consistent the rest of her time with us.

She had only one accident in the house over the entire 3 days, and that was within 1 hour of coming inside.  Unbelievable for a dog who has only lived outdoors!  By the end of day #2, she was going outside to potty on her leash and then immediately going back to the front door to come back in the house.  She would sit before coming in, and around the same time, she started consistently sitting upon command to receive her treat for pottying outside.  I was amazed that she picked this up so quickly, but she makes great eye contact with you so “sit” is an easy one.   Still, great signs of both intelligence and desire to please her humans.

She could certainly work on her leash manners just like many dogs, but we were able to take her for two long walks without any major issues.  She is just very curious about all the sights and smells in a neighborhood and wants to pull ahead to everything she finds interesting.  Oh….and she definitely notices squirrels : – )  When it came to food, she wanted to know what was on our counter as she had probably never seen a counter or smelled people dinner before.   But when I would tell her to get down, she would do so immediately and the sit at or lay on my feet.  She did get upset once when my wife tried to pull her back from some cat food she found in our pantry, so she needs more time and trust before she can be approached from behind while eating.  If she can see you….I saw no worries at all.  She took every treat gently from my hands and was even more gentle if one of my kids tried to give her something.

I tried not to let my 3 year old daughter or any of the other neighborhood kids get in her face given her lack of socialization, but they often were faster than me and hugged her before I could stop them.  Posie was NOTHING short of spectacular  in everything I observed with the children.  She would gently lick my daughter’s face and wag her tail.  While I do believe she still needs more socialization given her past and just to be 100% confident, she showed some amazing signs at being able to be a great family dog.  For a dog with her previous life, to immediately be that gentle and loving with little kids was nothing short of awesome!  

The one area where Posie definitely needs some loving instruction is socializing with other dogs.  This is no surprise given her lonely previous life!!  She may need some formal training to learn that other dogs can be her friends, or, she may just need more time and experience and someone who has experience with doggy “matchmaking.”  

In closing, I would say that Posie is an extremely loving dog who quickly bonds with her master and wants to be their shadow.  She likes to lay with you and always wants to be reassured with a belly rub or head scratch.  Her quick recognition of “sit” and “down” as well as her rush to the front door show that she is intelligent and wants to please.  She also liked to fetch her toy more and more as time went on and was even bringing it back 50% of the time!!  Basically stated, she was quickly learning how to become a real family dog and not just a prisoner trapped outside.  If someone can help her get over her final hurdles and put her previous life completely behind her, they will certainly be rewarded with an beautiful, affectionate and appreciative companion!”


major 2

Magnificent Major is a 1½ year old male. He isn’t very large at a little over 50 pounds, but he’s all positive energy and full of life.  He gets along exceptionally well with other dogs and is already having a blast in day care. He has also managed to grab the hearts of everyone who meets him.


roo new

At a young 1½, adorable Roo has the spirit of a puppy and the heart of a lab. Her expressive face and darling, silly ears just captured our hearts. Her foster already provided an update on her, and believes she is doing excellent. We’re really impressed at how well she is adjusting after only a day.  

FOSTER UPDATE:” She’s good- a Rambunctious tween. Nothing that a lab owner shouldn’t expect for a 1.5 yo. So far… She slept through the night, in her crate without a peep, she potties outside, she responds when called, she’s not a chewer but likes the soft toys around the house, she chases the ball but is easily distracted from it, and she’s not food aggressive…. What else can I tell you? We walked 2 + miles this morning. She responds well to & on prong collar. I’m partial to using them on walks for most of my big dogs.”


roo roo 1



4 ½ year old James is just a lovable hunk of chocolate, and who can resist that?  He gets along well with other dogs and is an absolute sweetheart.  He needs to drop some weight, but that isn’t a challenge at all – green bean supplementing a dog’s diet is an easy solution. We look forward to helping him find his family that will provide him a loving home where he can share his huge heart. 

 Can you tell he is ready for you to pucker up?  We love that silly expression!



Carly, a 1 year old little lady is returning to CLR. Apparently, someone in the family is exhibiting some allergies.  People often question our extensive application, including questions about allergies, and this is the exact reason.  We are heartbroken for her to have to be misplaced again after initially coming to us a somewhat spiritually broken little girl.  She is such a submissive girl, and it only takes her about a minute to roll over for a belly rub.  She is such a sweet girl and very affectionate.  It never ceases to amaze us how the dogs come from less than ideal situations and have the ability to trust and love.  Carly is a perfect example of a loving heart,and we are anxious to help her find a family that will not only appreciate her sweet, loving spirit, but open their hearts and never ask her to leave.