Gracie Girl

gracie new girl 1

Gracie Girl is a 2-3 year old female that recently had puppies.  She was found as a stray, and although her rescuers found her, they were not able to find her puppies. Although we hate to think so, there is always the possibility she was dumped after she served her purpose. She remains a little cautious and looks to her people for reassurance.  Although she needs some basic obedience and leash manners, like so many of our pups, she is good with people, other dogs, and even cats!  She is only about 60 pounds, so she isn’t very large, which makes her a perfect snuggle companion.


skye 1 skye 2 skye

Conroy is a magnificent 1½ year old male who arrived recently at CLR with Skye, whom we believe is his sibling.  They were both surrendered by their owner, and we are completely smitten with this wonderful boy.  Everyone who has met him is beyond taken with his fabulous disposition.  We know he will be our next rock star as he is about as perfect as perfect can be.  

Conroy and Skye are very attached siblings, and if at all possible, our goal is to be able to keep them together.



conroy 1conroy 2 conroy

1½ year old Skye is a gorgeous girl who just arrived with Conroy.  We cannot believe how lucky we are to help them both find their forever families.  She is an owner surrender who was unable to keep his pets, which is our good fortune.  We can’t wait to help her find a family to provide her the perfect and secure home she deserves.  Her temperament matches her beauty which translates to near perfection.  The staff keeps commenting on what an amazing girl she is, and we are anxious to help her the right family to appreciate this very special beauty. 

Skye and Conroy are very attached siblings, and if at all possible, our goal is to be able to keep them together.

Gertie – puppy


We know how much you all love puppies, so we wanted to introduce you to our newest arrival.  Gertie is a 7 month old little lady who currently weighs 45 pounds. As we learn more about her, we will update her post, but we couldn’t resist posting this precious girl.

Her transporter said she rode well in the car and just like any baby, was not only affectionate, but love to be carried.

gertie on transport

(Josie) Posie


(Josie) Posie, a 3 year old, 75 pound  female, is definitely a very special girl who will require some patience and tenderness to help her transition from a life as an outside dog to adjusting to life living inside.  She is a beautiful girl who was kept confined in an outside kennel without any protection from the bitter elements.  She had no luxuries or for that matter, we assume no love either.  She needs to learn about home manners and training, including learning the appropriate place to potty, but that should not be a deterrent, because all dogs need to learn at some point. We are amazed she is so gentle, and at this juncture, she is terrified being introduced to so many new people and things – in fact,  she had her very first car ride when she was surrendered.  And we made sure that she visited the vet for the very first time. Her temporary foster was also surprised how well she was doing in the short time she was with her. We don’t look at her as a challenge as much as a beautiful girl who deserves to make up for all the wonderful  possibilities and comfort she has missed. We are honored to help Posie find a good, loving home that can provide everything this deserving girl has been denied in the last three years.

josie posie 1


keifer 3

Keifer is a 7 year old male with a special need.  He has lost his vision due to cataracts, but that doesn’t stop him from being a typical lab.  With a few accommodations, Keifer can do just about anything a sighted dog can do. This is one of those times we have to remind ourselves what rescue is all about and how deserving a dog is to find a family irregardless of his so-called disability.  Why “so-called”? Probably, because he doesn’t know that he isn’t just like every other lab who can run freely, play fetch, swim, and snuggle with his family. He is also currently being treated for HW, which means he’ll need to take it very easy for a little while and then be ready to lead a full life with his new family.  Just like any other deserving dog, he deserves to find a family to help him grow old with dignity and grace.

keifer 2


lonnie 2

Lonnie is a calm 4 year old male who was found as a stray.  One look at this beautiful boy, and it is impossible to understand how anyone could let that happen.  He is a quiet observer and enjoyed just hanging out with volunteers watching all the activity during adoption day.  We were so impressed by his wonderful demeanor and gentle affection.  He truly is a very loving, special dog who should transition easily into a loving home.

lonnie 1


damsel 2

Damsel arrived from the same shelter as Meadow, and although we thought we would only pull Meadow, we could not pass on this wonderful 1 ½ year old dog. Outside of her beautiful build, we were impressed by her intelligence and wonderful eye contact and focus, which generally translates into a very trainable pet. She rode well for a few hours with her transporter and occasionally had to lean in for some affection, which we were happy to provide.  We were so happy to be part of her journey to find her forever family.


dibble 1 dibble 2 dibble

Dibble really is an adorable 3 year old black female.  She has a very sweet temperament, and has been working diligently on her leash manners and other basic commands.  We don’t want to be repetitive, but, again, we can’t fault a dog who has never been taught basic commands and manners. She definitely wants to please,and she is making significant progress. For us, this is the most important component, because learning manners is the easy part. She is an affectionate, energetic girl who is very people and dog friendly, but CANNOT be placed with cats.  Other than her inability to live with cats, she is a wonderful, wonderful little lady.



blackjack new 1 blackjack newBlackjack, an 8 year old male,  is looking for his forever home, which would be such a blessing for him, since he has not had a secure home in the past.  He lived with a homeless person, who needed to give him up when he could no longer care for him. This poor boy’s life  lacked any stability, and when we learned of his blight,  we had to respond and see if there was a way we could help him finally have a secure  home where he is loved and safe from the outside elements. He immediately was taken into foster care, and we are delighted to learn he has so many good manners. Blackjack walks beautifully on a leash, and would never consider having an accident in the house. It is amazing he is such a sweet dog given his previous situation.   Blackjack loves people and doesn’t mind cats; he is just not too crazy about a houseful of other dogs and isn’t comfortable with the pack.  His version of the command “stand” is to sit on his hind legs with his paws in the air with the hope that this trick will earn him a treat, or possibly two, which he takes very gently.   He is absolutely laughable when walking on a lead if you want to go one way, while he wants to go another. He has an expression on his face that will just makes you smile.  It only takes a gentle tug on the lead, and he happily relents without any resistance and happily follows you along.   Blackjack is a beautiful black lab mix that is looking for his chance to find his forever family.

blackjack at fosters
blackjack at fosters 1


coco new 2-6coco new dog 1

Coco is a nearly 4 year old chocolate male, who along with Reece, is an owner surrender and we really want to help him have a healthier and happier existence. He gets along well with other dogs and the staff thinks he is just a sweetheart.  He is obviously overweight at 103 pounds and needs some serious green beans in his diet.  We can only imagine how gorgeous he’ll be when he is a healthy weight. His disposition is just wonderful, he has had some training is reported to be very good with small children, other dogs and even cats, and we hope he has the chance to meet his family very soon and begin the best years of his life.

FOSTER UPDATE: Coco is a very affectionate, and loving boy. For an older dog, he enjoys some puppy energy, and he enjoys a riveting game of fetch as well. He thoroughly enjoys keeping a toy with him at all times, always ready for play on a moment’s notice.  He does fine in his crate, gets along well with my dog and other visitors and has not had potty accidents.  He is not the least bit destructive when he isn’t in his crate either.  He really is a super dog and has adapted well to his foster family.


coco new 2-18


Meadow, a darling yellow female, is around 2 years of age.  She has a loving personality, but is currently a little confused with the changes she has recently endured, being lost and moving from a shelter to our rescue.  She is currently in heat and scheduled to be spayed very soon, so that will help her settle a bit. Once she realizes she is safe, she will become receptive to all the positive attention she is receiving.  During her car ride to CLR, she just wanted some loving and quickly attached to her transporter.  Like most of our dogs, she will respond well to obedience training and shows the potential to be a great little lady!

meadow new  3


chappie new 1 chappie new 2

Chappie is a labradoodle that we felt compelled to help.  It is pretty obvious from his condition that he needs some care.  We have him scheduled for a grooming and are looking forward to some new glamour shots.We are confident that he will love his bath and trim and will be a real beauty.  He is four years old and reportedly has been abused and neglected. Needless to say,  our conscience cannot allow us to ignore these extreme cases.  Everyone who has met him, says he is an absolute sweetheart, so we are thrilled to help him learn what life can really be like with a loving family.

chappie at foster


elmer 1
elmer 2

Elmer could not be any sweeter.  He is a young five year, and he moves amazingly well considering his 100 pounds.  The extra weight compromises his appearance, but never affects his kindness and big heart ♥.  He needs a serious diet of green beans, good nutrition, and appropriate exercise.  We have had several dogs appear at our rescue with the same need, and fortunately, reducing to a healthy weight is indeed doable. We are anxious to help him find a family that will help him become the beautiful boy he is meant to be.    

ELMER at foster