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Precious Harlee is a 14 month old 43 pound,yellow female, who was adopted from a shelter by a family.  After promising to love and take care of her, they later decided they didn’t really have time for her, so we can only presume that without too much hesitation and through no fault of her own, she was returned to the shelter. We find it amazing that even after so much change, she still has the capacity to love another family. She definitely deserves to find a loving family who understands the meaning of a promise.

FOSTER UPDATE: It’s only been a little over 24 hours since Harlee arrived, and her introduction and adjustment has been so seamless, We absolutely adore everything about her, and it feels like she has been here forever.  If you need specifics, well here they are: she nearly 100% housebroken; she is playful and affectionate; she gets along fine with our pack; enjoys eating (thankfully, because she needs to gain weight), she is very alert and smart; loves to please; good on a leash, slept through the night on her bed without a sound; seldom barks, and any inappropriate behavior only takes one “ah-ah” and it stops.  She is a great escape artist from the crate, but when left out, we haven’t had any problems.  She isn’t even destructive with any of our toys.  Put this all together, and what have you got?  ONE SUPER, ADORABLE,  FANTASTIC DOG! 


austin 4-27 02

4 year old Austin is another owner surrender who was left at a shelter because of a move.  We don’t know the circumstances, but it always saddens us when a dog is left behind, especially after several years as a loyal family member.

At 60 pounds, Austin is a sweet boy who still exhibits some puppy personality at 4 years of age. He can easily amuse himself with his silliness and loves to give bear hugs. He is doing well in day care and gets along well with other dogs, but we believe he needs to practice his leash manners. We are anxious to help him find a new family that won’t abandon him and provide him the loving home he deserves.

austin 4-27-01

Posie –

josie posie new june 2015 2

3 year old  Posie, is a beautiful 70 pound female, and a very special girl.  She is an owner surrender, and we are so pleased she was given up, because she has lived exclusively outside, confined in a kennel without any protection from the bitter elements.   We promised her that we would not allow that to be part of her future.She is an energetic and bright girl and readily follows commands.  We believe she will be best as the only dog, and with a family who will continue to maintain her training regiment for optimal success. This is a benefit, absolutely not a deterrent. Many of our dogs are best as only dogs, and they transition beautifully into a family and bring with them the wonderful companionship you desire. Posie is a beautiful and wonderful girl, as well as a very loving dog. We are honored to help Posie find a good, loving home that can provide everything this deserving girl has been denied in the last three years.


If Clancy doesn't melt your HEART, you are made of stone!

clancy 1

Clancy resting after a hard day of play

clancy new 6-30

Clancy recently arrived at CLR, and we are so relieved to be able to help him.  We are not sure what has gone well for this 7 year old that was found as a stray, but from the condition he was found in, we doubt very much.  He is extremely underweight, appears to have skin issues (which are being treated), and lacked any good nutrition, or vet care.  But, fortunately that is all changing.  

What is the most amazing is that Clancy is the most gentle, sweetest, dear boy you would ever want to meet. One look at his precious face, and you just want to smother him with love, and that is exactly what we intend to do.  We just know with good care and love, Clancy will once again be the beautiful, healthy boy he should be. Hopefully, a loving family with be there to help him on this journey.

UPDATE:  Clancy’s foster mom likes to refer to him as a clown, because he can be such a silly, fun-loving boy.  She loves watching him play with toys and chase balls by himself – nothing is better that a pup who knows how to entertain himself. As a bonus, he is completely house broken and will sit and give you his paw, just another way he melts her heart.  At first she was hesitant with Clancy and her cats, but presently she said he is making progress, but remains a little guarded. She thinks he is just wonderful and after one short week, his spirit has returned.  He walks with confidence and has a new twinkle in his eye. We can’t believe how much he has improved physically and emotionally and just love to see how far he has come. It never ceases to amaze us how a neglected dog can respond so favorably to love and learn to trust. He does well with her pack, but is still learning about sharing his toys and bones.  To say we are pleased with his progress is an understatement.  We are so proud of Clancy and so delighted to see his sparkle return.

Facebook Post from his foster mom:

“Clancy is such a silly dog. The other labs won’t play with him, so he throws the tennis ball up on the air and catches by himself. He liked to play. He is going to make some one an awesome forever dog.”



Ripple is 2 year old, 60 pound mix that has the most unbelievable personality. When the vets called to share his medical update, they did not stop raving about his fun and loving personality. When he was being handle during his checkup, he responding so wonderfully and enjoyed just being touched by gentle hands. They described him as one of those dogs that brings a smile to your face with his silly antics, in fact, they described him as being hilarious. His coat isn’t a luxurious as it should be, but with better nutrition, that will improve.  Ripple, would be the perfect match to bring some joy into your life.

FOSTER UPDATE: “Well, Ripple has been with me for a day and a half and what a great dog!    He settled right in with my dogs and as for the cats, a curious sniff or two and then off to other business.  I noticed that his initial bio on the website said he was silly and that’s definitely the case.  Not in a misbehaving puppy way but if he were a human, I think Ripple would absolutely be a clown.

 He needs to work on his house breaking, but he’s already making progress.  It’s probably just unfamiliarity.  Other than that he’s a perfect gentleman.  He eats politely, walks great without pulling and doesn’t show any signs of chewing mischief.  He doesn’t jump on the chair next to you unless invited but when you do, be prepared to be given lots of Lab kisses.

 I’m not sure what Ripple has mixed in with that Lab but I’ll tell you one thing, he’s a silly loving boy with a great big heart of gold!”

Ripple Chillaxin'

                                 Ripple “chillin” at his foster home




Spirit’s story is quite heartbreaking, and we are so honored to be part of a better future for this sweet, beautiful 6-7 year old girl. Her name represents her survival and heart.  After being surrender by her family, she was placed with another family.  We don’t know the circumstances, but she got away and spent several months searching her way back to the only home she had even known. She traveled 15 miles, and as you have already guessed, they turned their back on her; yes, her second family did the same.  When the shelter reached out, we did not hesitate, because we knew we are surrounded by people with a heart they could change her future.  One of our amazing and wonderful fosters did not hesitate to meet her arrival and immediately bring her into their home.  Spirit is severely underweight and hesitant, but she is gentle and loving and has melted right into their family.  According to her foster, “She just wants love, comfort, and food, and not much else. I just want her to find a loving family that won’t treat her like she has been in the past.” Well, that certainly sounds like a reasonable request, and we promise to make sure that is exactly where her future will take her.

FOSTER UPDATE: Spirit has been surprisingly friendly with our dog and other neighborhood dogs, and she is becoming more playful every day.  She has had limited obedience training, but we are attempting to teach her new commands, and she responds well especially when we tell her to “come”.  We have been taking that slowly considering her history.  She is also becoming more comfortable navigating the stairs and rarely hesitates.  She does appear to be house trained and whines to let us know when she needs to go out.  She currently drinks a tremendous amount of water, leading us to wonder when she will realize that she does not need to worry about having enough. We have seen this with several dogs that have not had home comfort for a long time.

We haven’t been crating her at all, and she seems to do just fine. She also doesn’t get on furniture if that’s of any concern to a potential adopter.

Considering her past, it is amazing that Spirit is so sweet and loving.  We expected  Spirit would be a challenging foster, but in reality, outside of helping her feel safe and working at restoring her to a healthy weight,  from a behavior perspective, she has been one of our easiest fosters.  It has been such an honor to have her in our home, and to be instrumental in helping her move forward, and to find her forever family.

Right now, we do not recommend placing her with cats. She has displayed an uncomfortable interest in our neighbor’s cat.



libby new 1

Libby is a 6-7 year old who was found as a stray. We are trying to assess her previous care and attempting to learn more about her.  We just don’t have the heart to leave a senior dog at the shelter without trying our best to help them find a family to care for and love them. Fortunately, we have had the honor of finding wonderful homes for some of the more mature dogs where they have all the comfort and love they deserve. 

libby - new


gucci-babe 1

Gucci is an absolutely precious 1 ½ year old little lady.  She is rather small at only 48 pounds, but that’s 48 pounds of adorable. She is a playful girl, but in a tender, affectionate way.  Every ounce of her is lovable and sweet.  She was found as a stray, and it’s incomprehensible that someone did not search everywhere for her.  Their loss will be someone else’s wonderful new family member who will bring so much joy into your life.

gucci -babe


sonnySonny is a very sweet year old male who just arrived at CLR.  We were not able to get glamour shots, but wanted to introduce you to this gentle soul. Sonny’s soft expression is a definite window to his tender heart. We look forward to getting to know him better and see his personality emerge as he gets more comfortable.


Tara is a  young, chocolate female.  She has the most adorable playful personality and just loves people.  Tara is an owner surrender who appears to do fine with other dogs and quickly adapted to her new surroundings..  She is not very large and absolutely precious.She was surrendered yesterday and was already ready to open her heart to some new friends.


Beautiful Zoey is a one year old female who has already managed to grab our hearts. Her shelter foster made the following comment: “Love & Miss you sweet girl💕you will be the heart of your new family, you have so much love to give!! Best baby ever! She loves to sleep in the bed with u too FYI.

We definitely can’t top this and think it pretty much says all there is to say.


keifer 3

Keifer is a 7 year old male with a special need.  He has lost his vision due to cataracts, but that doesn’t stop him from being a typical lab.  With a few accommodations, Keifer can do just about anything a sighted dog can do. This is one of those times we have to remind ourselves what rescue is all about and how deserving a dog is to find a family irregardless of his so-called disability.  Why “so-called”? Probably, because he doesn’t know that he isn’t just like every other lab who can run freely, play fetch, swim, and snuggle with his family. He is also currently being treated for HW, which means he’ll need to take it very easy for a little while and then be ready to lead a full life with his new family.  Just like any other deserving dog, he deserves to find a family to help him grow old with dignity and grace.

keifer 2