mcduff 2 mcduff


Young McDuff is 1 1/2 years old and could not be any more beautiful with such a magnificent block head.  He is very friendly, but needs some obedience to learn his manners.  He’s not a jumper, but not experienced with general commands through no fault of his own.  We imagine he’ll be a quick learner.  He had his first bath and wasn’t too sure about it, but is now a clean and gorgeous guy. He is very approachable and affectionate, and we think he’ll be a real star – He’s already a show-stopper!


marley1 marley2

Marley is a new arrival that we just met this past weekend.  We love his markings and white paw- he a unique boy in many ways.  He walks relatively well on a leash, but appears to be just a little bit shy.  He’s very friendly with people, but needs to adjust to his environment to feel more secure.  Gives the impression of being very cooperative and desperately wants to please, which is a great formula for training.  We hope he will settle into his forever home where he will gain confidence and learn about love.



apollo2 apollo3

apollo and kids 3 apollo and kids

Apollo is just an amazing guy 1-2 year old!  An absolutely lovable boy looking for a family to share their home with him.  He is fully vetted and so ready to settle into a family routine.  His exuberance needs to be tempered a little, but he is just seeking attention and affection. He is so hungry for hugs and human contact, and he would be such a loyal companion. His ability to grab your heart is nearly overwhelming.

UPDATE: Apollo’s foster family cannot say enough wonderful things about him.  He goes shopping with them and is an absolute ROCK STAR. He loves, loves everyone and is forever rolling over for belly rubs. Apollo has the most tender heart and whoever is lucky enough to bring him into his/her family will completely agree about his wonderful temperament.

“Apollo is a laid back , gorgeous yellow boy.  It’s nearly impossible to make it through the Lowes’ garden department with him, because everyone wants to greet him, and he just loves belly rubs!  He rides well in a car, sleeps through the night in his crate, and hasn’t had any potty accidents in our home.  He gets along with his seven foster brothers and sisters, ranging in size from a 4 lb poodle, to three Newfoundlands. He enjoys basking in the sun as we work in the garden and happily trots along beside us.  He will make an excellent addition to some very lucky family….we just adore him!”



Roxie 2

Roxie, a chocolate girl, is Diamond’s sister and also 1 year old.  She is very affectionate and responds very well to people.  She is a little frightened around some dogs until she feels comfortable, but having just arrived, we are sure she will adjust well given a little time and some confidence.  It’s difficult to imagine the trauma many of the dogs have experienced in a very short time. She had a very long transport before finally arriving at CLR, and believe she will settle in beautifully in a relatively short period of time.  She is also fully vetted and ready to find a loving family.


gilligan new

gilligan 1

Gilligan looking very handsome after a bath and grooming.  




Gilligan came back to us, so we are looking to find him a home, but it must be the RIGHT home.  He really is wonderful and loving with people, but he has a few triggers around certain other dogs.  Sometimes he ignores other dogs, and other times he is fearful and ready to pounce.  Since he is a very strong boy, he needs a family who can not only work with him, but who can manage his strength.  We sure don’t want to give up finding him the right home. Our recommendation is that he is the only dog in the home. Several volunteers are spending time walking and socializing him and frankly, they think he’s just wonderful.  If you feel Gilligan is the right fit for your family, please let us know so he can relax and know what it feels like to be loved and safe.

Jasper – Adoption Pending


JASPER clr (2)


Jasper just arrived, and we know he isn’t all labbie, but is as sweet as can be.  One look into his soft, gentle eyes and we knew we had to help this boy.  He had a very long ride to Cincinnati and was a perfect gentleman on his journey.  His transporter repeatedly said what a wonderful well-balanced boy he was and such good company.  We feel very fortunate to be able to help him find his new family.


cassidy 1 cassidy 2



Cassidy, an owner surrender female, just arrived on Friday and is scheduled for vetting and spaying this week. We are just learning a little bit about her, but she seems like a very friendly and sweet girl. We just love her soulful expressive eyes.   We will update soon, but wanted to introduce you to this pretty girl.

Cassidy’s Story: What we DO KNOW is that Cassidy recently had a litter of puppies, her previous owners sold the puppies, and then said they didn’t want to bother with her anymore (do we suspect she served her purpose?). Her eventual good fortune was coming to CLR so we can find a family who will love this girl and provide her the love she deserves.

UPDATE:  “We have had Cassie in our home for a week and she has turned out to be a gem!  She seems young maybe 2 and could use some basic training classes but overall she learns quickly as she has mastered sit very well.  She has a burst of energy at first but quickly settles in.  She gets along great with my 2 male labs and sleeps in a crate through the night.  She is a doll and will make someone a great family member.”


scooter 1

scooter new We have a gentle older boy who is currently is in a wonderful foster home. We are so grateful that one of our volunteers stepped up to help this boy. This sweet chocolate boy was found with an electrical cord around his neck, (we also suspect he was thrown from a car) left for dead.  He was in shock when a Good Samaritan found him. Scooter is in between 8 and 10. Scooter is being vetted and will then be ready for a family who will provide him not only a comfy bed, but also lots of tender care and love.  We can’t think of a more deserving guy.  This is another heartbreaking case but we have promised Scooter nothing but happiness moving forward.  

Scooter is bonding beautifully with his foster sibling, Missy, and finally learning what it feels like to be safe and comforted.

scooter and missy


codie retake 3codie retake 1

We are happy to welcome Codie to our rescue, but he is our 43rd dog to be diagnosed with Heart-worm, so he is currently being treated. He is still able to be adopted, but needs inactivity and quiet while he recovers.  HW is so easy to avoid by administering a monthly pill, but sadly, too many people do not.  We feel one of our goals is to help educate people about HW prevention.  If detected, it is a costly and uncomfortable treatment for the dog; if undetected, the dog will most likely die.  Therefore, that is why we do not hesitate to help the dogs with HW that come into our care, especially a sweet 1 1/2 year old like Codie.  He is an affectionate boy, just looking for some tender care and a family.  Once he is able to have some activity, he will need to learn some manners, but he definitely has the heart and disposition to bring much joy to your family.

FOSTER UPDATE: ” Codie is doing a nice job in his foster home. He does a great job on his very short walks, but I can tell he really wants long walks and to play with my dogs.  His manners are improving, and got nice compliments at the vet today saying he is much more calm and settled than he was when he was with them!  It’s still a work in progress, but he’s made great progress with his current limitations.  Codie is going to be a great, affectionate addition to someone’s family!  Crate/house trained and great with kids!”

Dugan and Grady

dugan retake 2

These two yellow males just arrived, but we wanted to post their pictures, but really haven’t had the opportunity to learn much about them.  They are not very large at 60-62 pounds, and they will need some better nutrition. Their transporter was very impressed by their good manners, but we certainly need to learn more about their personalities. Dugan is an affectionate boy who is dog and people friendly, but need some practice walking on a leash.

(Dugan (1-2 yrs) on the left: Grady on the right (1 yr)grady retake 1

We just got word that Grady is HW positive, so will begin treatment shortly.  He is still very adoptable, just will need very limited activity and rest for a month.

UPDATE: Grady has mastered several commands: ready, sit, down, and off.  He is quite affectionate, but a little unsure of some other dogs until he feels comfortable in their presence.  Since his activity is limited, he hasn’t had the adequate opportunity to socialize while he is recovering from his HW.


lucky retake 1 lucky retake 2 lucky retake 3






Lucky is another owner surrender who is between 2 and 3.  He knows several commands: ready, sit, off, and heel and generally walks comfortably on a leash, but occasionally needs a reminder.  He is a very affection boy and gets along well with another dogs and people, but may be a little cautious until he feels comfortable.  We know very little about his history, but what we do know is that he deserves a family who will devote their time and love to this young man.

VOLUNTEER UPDATE: Lucky is very friendly and playful with other dogs and humans, but he needs reminders to settle down.  He is a very strong dog and needs an owner who can handle is exuberance.  He’s very smart and inquisitive and if directed, will be an amazing companion.


mallory 1 mallory 2


Mallory is the absolute sweetest, most adorable girl.  She was recently surrendered and we all think she is fabulous.  When she came in, we were told she was six, but we suspect she may be closer to 7 or 8.  She doesn’t act like an old lady and just has the cutest personality.  She is affectionate toward all people and gets along well with other dogs. Fortunately, one of our wonderful volunteers took her home, mainly because we just are  never comfortable with seniors not being in a home environment.  He said she just melted in with his pack and was doing great.

UPDATE:  “MALLORY IS INCREDIBLY ADAPTABLE. She goes up and down the stairs like a champ. Knows her way around everything already.”

UPDATE: We had Mallory seen by the doctor yesterday, because we suspected problems with her vision.  The diagnosis/prognosis is that she is nearly blind and can potentially loose her sight altogether. This doesn’t stop this amazing girl from being one of the happiest and most loving dogs of all-time.



s'more new 1 s'more new

We just adore this energetic cutie pie and think she is just a bundle of joy. When she came to CLR, we realized she needed some discipline to help her learn house rules and manners, and are so impressed with her progress. Her time with her foster family has taught her so many manners and she has learned to comfortably adjust to her family’s routine.

VOLUNTEER UPDATE: This little lady is learning her manners and knows: ready, sit, and come.  With a well-fitted training collar, she walks very well.  She is exceptionally affectionate, dog and people friendly. She really is a sweetheart, rather petite and feminine. She has abundance energy for a fun-loving active family.

FOSTER UPDATE: “Oh My Gosh! This dog is amazing! S’More came to my house as a foster and has just been a joy all day. She loves the fenced backyard and playing with my other dogs. She is the happiest girl. She is crate trained, housebroken and is really building her confidence. She would certainly blend into any family and would probably enjoy a doggie brother or sister. She wants to please and learns very quickly. Sweet, sweet girl!”



Clancy is a 7 month old little GIRL who is just adorable.  She is a typical pup with an adorable, playful personality. She gets along beautifully with other dogs and is ready to find a family to give her a loving home. Her foster family thinks she is just amazing- she has not had any accidents in the house at all and has been such a joy.  Not only is she house broken, but also crate trained and sleeps well through the night.  Her fosters have done such a wonderful job helping her get ready for her forever home.


collin new 1 collin new 2


Little Collin is just 10 months old and quite thin at 40 pounds.  We doubt he will be a very big boy, but definitely needs some good nutrition and added weight.  He is playful and very sweet.  He rode beautifully for his transporter and just slept the entire trip.  He appears to be quite bright and a quick learner, which is wonderful for teaching house rules. He has a lot of energy, which will be best for an active family. He is very loving and wants to please, but needs focused obedience to achieve that goal of becoming the well-manned sweet guy we know he can be.



wilbur newest 1 wilbur newest

Wilbur, a one year old black male, that is a favorite at the kennel.  He has an incredibly loving personality and has the innate ability to warm your heart. He gets along exceptionally well with other dogs, just loves people, and is incredibly joyful and loving. At only 25 pounds he is a great little lap buddy.

VOLUNTEER UPDATE: Wilbur has come so far learning several commands: sit, come, stay, and off. He is doing so well on a leash and warmly  greets everyone who approaches him. He seems to have learned his boundaries when playing with other dogs and does well in doggy daycare.  He is a little startled by loud noises and traffic, but that doesn’t interfere with his capacity to be a very loving pup.