Buddy is such a special boy.  He is so confused about why he was brought to us and at this juncture very shy and unsure, but after a day of love and socialization, he started to relax.  To say he is a gentle, sweet boy is an understatement.  He certainly has the capacity to tug at our heartstrings. We believe he is 5 years old and most definitely needs a home to provide him security and the comforts we believe he has seldom experienced.


Heidi easily qualifies as an absolute sweetheart.  She was stuck in a shelter with some medical needs, and when she was introduced to us, we knew we had to help her.  We believed if we didn’t,she would not have a chance.  She had surgery to remove a large growth, a teeth cleaning,is recovering, and feeling great, especially after no longer having to deal with fleas.  We cannot explain neglect, but we do know the value of stepping up to help. We do not know her back story, but as a 7-8 year old, we do know she has a tremendous amount of love to give and worthy of receiving it in return.

Medical Update: Heidi came to us with some medical concerns, but she is such a sweetheart we could not do our best to help her.  She was treated for some minor issues and also had a very large tumor removed. The pathology came back as a Grade 1 tumor with clean margins.  We believe she still has many good years in her future and would feel blessed if she could find a family, so she knows the feeling of being loved and protected.



Monty is a 2 year old, 60 pound,  black male who seems to have been passed over.  His manners continue to improve, and he has been responsive to training. At times he becomes overly excited, but he is not difficult to redirect. He is very friendly with people and other dogs. When we learned he was about to be euthanized at the shelter, we said, “No way!” and responded quickly to bring him to CLR. Every dog deserves a chance, and we will continue our best to make that happen.


“Monty is doing great and has learned many commands after only a week in foster care. He knows sit, get it, bring it, drop it, leave it, here, off, back, halt, this way and the best one, wait. He is crate and potty trained. Monty walks great on a leash and makes great eye contact. All of these commands are reinforced daily which makes for a well behaved dog. He’ll pace and whine quietly when it’s getting near mealtime. He met a couple of my neighbors and didn’t jump on them and after a few minutes ignored them. Monty has come a long way in the week that he’s been with me. When I picked him up at EAH he was crazy excited to get out of the kennel. I wondered what did I get myself into…haha, however he settled down nicely, loves to go for car rides and napping on one of the many dogs beds I have. He met my five year old niece and was fine but she was a little afraid so I didn’t push it…he eventually ignored her and her antics.”

FOSTER UPDATE“Monty has had an exciting first evening. He was great in the car, but thinking I need to get him a pair of goggles so he can stick his face out the window.  We have already started working with him, and he already knew the hand signal for sit and will give his paw. He had no problem going into a crate, and he loves playing fetch. I’ve been taking him outside on a long leash because of his history of jumping the gate in daycare, so I want to be cautious. Although it’s only been a few hours, he has no had any accidents in the house. Monty needs to gain some weight, so I’m going to add a lunch for him. He hasn’t barked yet, but I’ve heard him make this purring sound….so cute. I think he is very smart, and I think with some consistent training and confidence,  he will be an awesome dog!”


Josey is a year old beautiful girl whose owners surrendered her when they built a new home. She has been with a family member of theirs tethered outside 24 hours a day.  We don’t want to judge, but we know without a doubt that she most certainly deserves so much better than the life as a lawn ornament.  She is very sweet and gets along with children. She is rather timid, but she is becoming more comfortable daily.  It’s difficult for us to imagine how frightening so many changes are for such a tender little girl. That being said, we are beyond ecstatic to help her find a family that will cherish her and give her the life she deserves.

UPDATE: yesterday, when visiting the vet’s office, EVERY employee (including the vets) I came across said, “Have you met Josey?  I absolutely LOVE her!” This was universal and quite a wonderful endorsement.  I also went to visit with her and can not agree more – what an absolute SWEETHEART!

FROM TRANSPORTER: Josey is an incredibly sweet and beautiful girl. She was also incredibly frightened – to the point of being almost completely shut down. I had to carry her into EAH, wrapped in a towel. Once we got inside she sat on my lap, but was attentive to what was going on around her.


This precious boy is only 9 months old, about 50 pounds, and we think he’s just adorable.  His transporter said he was a great passenger and a total sweetheart. It amazes us how after so many changes in his young life that he maintains such a gentle and sweet persona.  He absolutely loves everyone, is very affectionate, and adores all dogs and has a great time in day care where he has made so many friends.  He was rather timid when he first arrived and, occasionally, still demonstrates some shyness, but his confidence is improving daily. It is his time to find a family to teach him about love and security .Orville truly deserves to find a family that will embrace his tender soul and loving heart


Orville had a great weekend. We had a small party on Saturday, and he quickly gained comfort with the numerous male guests in our home. Also, there were several toddlers there, and Orville was on his best behavior! Everyone commented on how sweet he was.


UPDATE:  we misunderstood and thought Orville was adopted, but went into a foster home yesterday.  His foster said he is doing well with their toddler, ignores the cat, listens very well, and having a great time playing with their dog.  Sounds like he’s quite a great dog!  Hopefully, he will find his family soon- he’s a very loving and special boy!

FOSTER UPDATE: Orville transitioned into our home quite easily. He quickly found the basket of toys that our other lab has previously ignored and made himself at home playing with them (bones, squeaker toys, and tennis balls. Stuffed toys seem to be a favorite). He is a playful boy and is a great retriever and it is adorable how he drops the ball right near you to throw it again! Orville has been great with our toddler. He quickly learned to keep his excitement during play with our toddler in check with some simple verbal correction. I think he just wants a playmate–our current lab is not as much into playtime as Orville.  We also have a cat, and Orville is certainly interested, but has also learned to leave him alone. Our cat’s pretty good at standing his ground overall though :) I really think he’s a smart dog, because he’s already sitting on command, lying down some, and he comes when I call him no matter where he is in the house. On some occasions, Orville demonstrate fear of some men, but generally relaxes once he feels comfortable.  In fact, he is the favorite of one of the male kennel workers and they have established a strong bond. We know he will adjust, but his adjustment would benefit if the men in his life are patient as they build a relationship with him. He was very cooperative for his bath, let me clip some toenails, and he seems to be learning how to walk calmly on a leash (all within 2 walks). He is so sweet and just wants to be a love bug.


Trudy is a two-three year old stray, that was rather hesitant to approach people, but she is improving daily.  She is learning to trust, and from her demeanor, we presume she’s been alone for a while. Fortunately, we learned some significant information to share from her foster, who described her as a sweet, affectionate girl. Although she likes to be with people, but still enjoys time outside and will wait by the door to go outside. She appears to be crate trained and has not had any potty accidents in the house. She was fine in the crate when her foster was at work and at night. Like so many labs, she is a definite lap dog and loves her snuggle time – your choice on the floor or on the couch!  At this juncture, the quick movements of small children make her uncomfortable, and will only approach kids if they are sitting, but tends to run and hide if they are too active, so at this juncture, although she has not been remotely aggressive, we do not recommend a home with small children as the best place for her or for the kids’ safety, as she may be startled and react.

She does fine with all dogs: small and large dogs and enjoys chewing her nylabone, but doesn’t seem to play with toys yet. She’s a great leash walker and never pulls. She is very calm in the house, but also will get a little silly and responds playfully to baby talk – we imagine she loves that silly, loving tone of voice.

Trudy will totally melt your heart, and she will be a wonderful addition for the right family. We suspect she hasn’t experienced a loving family, and that is exactly what this sweet girl most definitely deserves.

FOSTER UPDATE:  Trudy or as we affectionately call her, Pretty Girl, is opening up and showing us her sweet self-more and more each day.  She has adjusted well in her foster home living with 4 other dogs and 3 cats.  Although she interacts well and enjoys their company, she would also do well as an only dog.   She does well in doggie daycare, but is still trying to figure out how to enjoy toys and playtime. Apparently, having toys and playtime were not part of her past, but she is learning about having fun.   Pretty Girl Trudy is a little shy at first, but quickly warms up,  loves to snuggle, and freely gives hugs. Occasionally, her spunkiness will show and it is such a joy to see her having fun. She is crate trained and comfortable and quiet in her crate.   She is also housebroken, and she will alert you when she needs to potty.  Trudy is still gaining confidence with her surroundings and until she feels more secure, we believe, she would be best in a home without small children. She has not displayed any aggression whatsoever, but we do not want her in a situation where sudden fast movements may frighten her and cause her to react.

Pretty Girl Trudy gives us the impression that she has never experienced a loving home where she could feel safe and learn to completely trust. It’s amazing how wonderfully this sweet girl has accepted our affection and returns that love without question.  We promise that whoever opens their heart to this beautiful girl will know they have found a true treasure.


champ new 2

champ halloween


Champ is a 1 ½ year old beautiful boy who was rescued from deplorable conditions outside a trailer.  We had considered posting the pictures, but frankly, they were too offensive, so decided there is no need to recall such misery. A good Samaritan had been patiently waiting for an opportunity to save him and finally was successful. He still needs to improve his manners,   but he has been responsive to training and is learning several commands. He definitely wants to please and heels well, and is so proud of himself when he sits on command. We are so pleased to introduce Champ to a much better life where he is safe and loved.


Champ is ready for Halloween!

UPDATE: We are delighted that Champ just arrived at his foster home.  According to his foster family, “His tail hasn’t stopped wagging.  He’s getting along great with our brood.  He is very curious and is learning quickly not to jump up, and he’s even gone potty outside: NO ACCIDENTS! He is a sweetie, and when my husband rubbed his ears, he just melted and moaned.  We are so pleased to help Champ, and we know he feels very thankful to be here.”

champ at foster

Ophelia (Maggie)

ophelia 1
ophelia 2

Our 2 year old, 55 pound  Ophelia certainly deserves better than being dismissed by Hamlet, but needs someone to love and care for her.  She arrived at CLR confused, and at this juncture, is still somewhat fearful of strangers and appears to be a little sensitive toward men.  But, her foster dad is making excellent progress, and she responds beautifully to him. She needs to continue to gain confidence and realize that she is finally safe. She requires patience and love, and we are committed that she learns that life can be wonderful. We can’t help but wonder about her past that created her weariness, but have witnessed her ability to move forward and be very affectionate once she feels comfortable. She gets along well with foster canine siblings, and her playful side has begun to emerge.  We promised her we will do our very best to help her find a better tomorrow.

FOSTER UPDATE: Ophelia here.  As you can see, I’m back inside and taking a little nap at my new foster home.  My foster dad is still making me wear this STUPID collar but the vet said I could maybe get the stitches out tomorrow so he might bring me in.  I sure hope so.

He also said he might change my name AGAIN, this time to Maggie.  He said it kind of fits better than Ophelia.., whatever that means.

I’ve decided I like getting attention and being scratched behind the ears and guess what?  If I wag my tail, my foster family does it even more!  They’re such suckers.  My foster dad even got all excited when I scratched at the door to go outside for a bathroom break.  Where did he expect me to go?

I had a really good night’s sleep on the couch.  In the morning, my foster dad poured me a bowl of breakfast.  At first I didn’t know if he was a good cook but once I tasted it, I decided it was OK and ate it all up.  After that, I went outside with my foster brother and sister, Kosar and Roxy, and we had a great time.

I guess maybe humans aren’t so bad.  We’ll see…,  Maybe I’ll see everyone tomorrow when I come to get my stitches out.




Nutmeg, a 3.5 year old chocolate female, came to us as a kennel favorite. She is a smart, energetic girl who requires exercise, but does pretty well on a leash with guidance and direction.  She responds very well to people, including kids, and definitely looking for some stability.  The kennel does not give her adequate opportunity to get sufficient exercise, and she will be so much happier with a home and family. Nutmeg spent a week with a residential trainer who thought she was wonderful.  The trainer also offered to guide her new family on the best way to maintain appropriate behavior.  She knows many commands: heel, come, stay, sit, down, climb, and place, so taking advantage of professional advice will help guarantee her transition to a new home. Consistency and maintenance of her obedience training will only benefit her adjustment and your relationship. It was also recommended that she would do best with either a younger sibling or as the only dog in the home. Do not misinterpret that she does not interact well with other dogs, as she has been socialized.  Although Nutmeg requires discipline and continuity, that does inhibit her loving heart and beautiful soul.

FOSTER UPDATE: This is one special dog!  While there is more to learn about Nutmeg (Ellie), ok, yes, we admit we changed her name to Ellie since we think she looks more like an Ellie; we think she is just terrific.  She is really more gorgeous than her pictures on the CLR site depict.  Shiny coat, intelligent amber eyes, and a good spirit about her.  She rides very well in cars, the more wind blowing back her ears, the better she likes it.  She knows her commands:  sit, stay, place, heel, climb, and down.  We took her on a 4 mile hike this past weekend, and she heeled beautifully the entire time, with minor guidance or corrections.  She has easily adapted to our family routine by going into her crate at night, and staying in a down-stay when we need her to.  She also has an “off” switch when she is inside.  In my home office, she is happy to be at my feet taking a nap, and especially loved being my office mate when I moved in a dog bed for her…then she was really ready to clock in for the day.  She relaxes more each day and seems to keep expanding her ability to experience joy and be herself.  While I don’t know her story, she is exhibiting strong signs of trust, meaning she is not anxious or retreats when we reach down to pet her, or snap on her leash. We can walk next to her while she is lying down, and she doesn’t flinch. Most importantly, she is relaxed enough and trusts us enough to roll over and wants her belly rubbed – a sight to see.  She loves her walks,and her exercise, and looks forward to these each day.  Because of her love of walks, one area we continue to work on with her is her exuberance at a door.  We have been firm to have her sit/stay while we open the door and lead the way.  Not doing this, results in Ellie taking us for a walk, not what we had in mind.  We took her out last evening at dusk for a walk around the neighborhood, and it was really lovely to see her look at the holiday lights on a number of houses; as she just totally enjoys being outside walking with her people.  It was an awesome Nutmeg/Ellie moment! While most labs tend toward being very loyal, I would say this is especially true for Ellie.  Because of her strongly developed sense of loyalty to her people, we think she would do best as an only dog since she will soak in all of the love and attention her new family can give.  Ellie is an awesome girl, and I think would bond easily to her forever family.

nutmeg and shelly

Nutmeg bonding with one of our volunteers

Note: Nutmeg is a great girl, but we do recognize that she will prosper best as the only dog in the home.

Charlie 2

One of former adopters (and a local transporter) found Charlie at a shelter and without hesitation immediately pulled him from spending any longer there.  He is somewhat anxious and confused, but sharing her home has made a immediate and fantastic difference.  He is playing with her dog and beginning to relax and enjoy life again.  We were told he was 5, but believe him to be closer to 7.  One look at his gorgeous face and learning of his fear, we knew we would have to say yes and try to help him.  We are so happy that he is in a loving home and feeling safe and secure.


dustin at foster

Dustin is a 5 year old black male who needs a fair shake at a better life.  He has been treated for heart-worm disease (we have treated over 70 dogs for HW with 100% recovery rate).  He has an amazing spirit, gets along very well with other dogs, and thinks tennis balls are just the greatest.  We are happy to bring Dustin into CLR to help him find a good home and a promise to help find him a loving family.

FOSTER UPDATE: Dustin! Old dog – new tricks! Definitely hasn’t been easy, but this 5 year old ex-stray is up to a healthy weight and learning about being a family pet, but  ee is still searching for his forever home.  He is now house trained, leash trained,  great with other animals and all people – this sweet boy has never shown any aggression and is just a happy energetic lab!  Please help find this deserving guy find a home so we can take in another at CLR.




Yes, this is the renowned Paulie who was lost for 8 days, and is so happy tpaulie's journey 2 - Page 081o be back with his foster family. Our famous survivor is more than prepared and ready to find his forever family. We think that was maybe what propelled his search.  He certainly deserves to settle with a loving family that will keep him safe.


If you ever wonder whether a dog can be depressed or feel sadness, all you need to do is look in Paulie’s eyes.  He absolutely breaks our hearts, and we want desperately to find him a loving family. We were told he was 5, but think he is probably 6-7 years old.  We presume he doesn’t look youthful because he hasn’t received the care he deserves.  His so-called family recently dumped him at a shelter, because they said they were moving.  Paulie is so confused and has no idea what has happened to him.  When we received a request to take him, it only took one look at his sad face, and we were committed.  He could not be more gentle or sweeter. We have truly fallen for this sweet boy.

MOST RECENT UPDATE: Paulie ls is a great example of a dog’s ability to adjust and adapt. He is running in the yard with our pack and has found the confidence to investigate the wooded area. He likes to walk around the yard with me checking out the garden (probably his version of taking time to smell the roses).  He enjoys chewing on bones, hanging in the living room with everyone, and is becoming a tail-wagging happy boy!  This senior boy still has so many more years of love to give.  He is very calm and loving and is content to just sit by your feet or chair patiently waiting for a little love.  He is a very sweet boy and exceptionally CALM, great on a leash, and has excellent house manners. In fact, he needs little to no training; just normal adaptation to a new environment.  Although he sleeps all night in his crate,he really wouldn’t need to crate him. We already have 3 dogs, so we traditionally crate, but he will be fine without being restricted.

Paul will be a great companion for almost anyone, Considering he was abandoned and still confused, we also think he would relish being the one dog to get all the attention.    He responds beautifully to people and like most dogs loves being petted and close to his people.

If you are looking for a wonderful and tender hearted companion that will transition easily into your home, Paulie would be an excellent match for you!

Paulie video – click to watch Paulie