Amaretto is a 9 month old black female who just arrived. This little lady was found as a stray, most likely because she is quite athletic and able to climb a fence. She would probably be safest with an invisible fence and leash walks.  She was excellent during her transport and appears to really enjoy car rides.  She is friendly and rode with other dogs without a problem, so she does well with other dogs too.  We still are learning about her, but so far, we think she’s quite a catch.




Beck is a 1.5 year old chocolate male, so past the puppy stage, but still playful and active.  He is only 57 pounds, so not too large for a lab, but has a gorgeous labbie face.  He also rode well for his transporter who said he was a total sweetheart.  Beautiful and sweet – we don’t think there is too much room for improvement.



Maximillan is one magnificent 4 year old. At 78 pounds, he is just a sweet lover. He adores people and rode beautifully for his transporter.  He is very friendly and appears to be well balanced.  Being a new arrival, we are just learning about him, so will update as we have more information, but the first impression has been 100% positive.

Molson –

You can definitely add Molson to our list of current fantastic dogs.  He is a three year old who has been relocated a few times and still appears to love life. Someone gave him up several years ago to someone else who keep him tethered outside and finally decided he didn’t want the dog.  Thank goodness!  That is certainly no life for a wonderful dog like Molson with such a big, loving heart!  He interacts well with other dogs and does well with everyone he has met.  Molson joined his foster family today, so we will update his post as soon as we learn more about him.

FOSTER UPDATE: After two days, I can certainly say that Molson is one great Lab boy.  He was a little apprehensive at first, but now that he knows he’s safe and secure, maybe for the first time ever, his personality is blooming.

His bio says he’s three but he may be closer to two as he really enjoys being silly and playing with my younger dog.  He stops when I tell him to, so it certainly isn’t out of control, but it is so wonderful to observe him starting to enjoy life.

His behavior is really quite good.  He eats politely and walks nicely without pulling when I take him along with one of my dogs.  I’ve also discovered that Molson thinks fetch is the greatest and generally puts the ball at my  feet (or close by) with the “drop” command.  He can also “sit” and “shake” so he certainly has some training. We’re still working on his housebreaking, but that is understandable since he was exclusively kept outside for the  past year.  He is definitely making progress, and with a little more diligence and training, he’ll be fine.

Molson is truly a very handsome young Lab with a huge, generous heart who is patiently waiting for that special family to share his love.


bliss 2

This four month old little baby girl has lived a difficult time in her very short life. It has not been confirmed how she sustained some injury, although some abusive facts were shared as the potential damage, but fortunately she received extensive medical care and has absolutely not residual effects from before.  She has been cleared as 100% okay!.  Now, it is our privilege to show her that there are wonderful people who will love and care for her from this day forward.  Her transporter said she was the sweetest, dearest little baby who just snuggled on her lap the entire time.  Like so many pups, her capacity to love is enormous, and we are delighted to help her find a family that will treasure her for the rest of her days.


wallis retake

Wallis is a 9 month old little girl who currently weighs only about 40 pounds.  She is a very sweet little lady and is very well behaved for a puppy.  She is a very quiet and tender girl who is exceptionally loving and affectionate and just adores people.  She walks very well on a leash, but still needs some obedience training, although she takes pride in being such a good sitter for a treat. We hope she finds her family so, because we are never happy to see such a cute little puppy have to keep searching for love.


Chablis’ story is a difficult one to condense.  She was rescued from someone’s neighbor,  who abused and neglected her.  They would not come home for days and left her without food and water.  In addition, they had a goat that would bit and kick her, which was evidenced by her wounds. She was emaciated as well and extremely timid. The family was also informed that she had had two previous litters and one under their care. With love and kindness, she has learned to trust and was very loyal to the new family.  Chablis loves to play with other dogs, but sensitive to being nipped as she still carries a few emotional scares.

We estimate her age at approximately 3 and she apparently was born without a tail, most likely from heredity. She isn’t a very tall girl, but she has a great heart and considering her history, we would love to find her a forever home where she will never again experience any of the misery from her past.

We dislike having to share so many sad stories, but sadly, this is our reality.


FOSTER UPDATE: What a sweet little girl Chablis is turning out to be.  Even though she had a tough start in life, she’s very affectionate and likes to snuggle close for pets and belly rubs.  It’s funny how she just sort of melts into you. Her lack of a tail is more than made up for by a cute, little, puppy-like face.  I asked Chablis what happened to her tail and she told me she wasn’t sure, but in her opinion, tails are overrated.  She also asked me to point out that her short stature makes sure she won’t be  a counter cruiser!

I believe she’s housebroken as there have been no accidents, and she is starting to ask to be left out.  Chablis is fine with my dogs and cats and will probably be fine without a crate.  On walks, she’s a “stop and smell the roses” kind of a girl,but she really enjoys it.

All in all, Chablis is a wonderful dog  who more than deserves an equally wonderful home, and all she’ll ask in return is love and affection.


Chablis finally feeling safe at her wonderful foster home


Marlee is a sweet 1.5 year old female who was surrender by her owner because of a move (yes, we hear that too frequently).  She has a beautiful red coat and is rather small. What we know is that she has had some formal training; what we can assume by her behavior is that the training was not consistently reinforced, and she needs guidance and continued discipline. Marlee has very good eye contact, which is an excellent quality for successful training. Since she has an obedience training background, she knows many commands and with consistency and knowledge of the expectations, she has amazing potential..We recently learned that she absolutely loves the water, so if you are looking for a swimming/boating companion, she is definitely your girl. Marlee is very social and is also doing great in daycare. She really deserves a loving family to give her the privilege of showing you what a wonderful girl she can be.


Durbin is nothing short of a big teddy bear.  He is a 5 year old chocolate male and a large 90 pounds of love.  He is quite a character who  lumbers along on a heel and after a while, he will just stop  and not want to budge and requires some coaxing to keep going.  He sits when he wants and currently not very interested in treats. Everything is so new for him, and we know he is still confused and will connect more with his handlers given a little time to adjust. After petting him and talking to him for a while, he finally made good eye contact, which is proof positive that he just needs to feel more comfortable.  It is sad to look into those big, soft eyes knowing he is unsure of the changes he is experiencing.

FOSTER UPDATE:  There are so many positives about Durbin, whom we love to call Burly-it seems to fit him. He is very good on leash with prong collar, but does pulls when he wants to smell something. We passed dogs behind fences, dogs in houses, and a cat on the sidewalk with no reaction to any of them. We’ve been walking just under a mile and he behaved the entire walk, but we don’t think he accustomed to much exercise, so we’re going to take it slow. He is still learning to share toys with the other dogs, so we have removed them from the living area for now. Our plan is to try again in a few days on a supervised and limited basis. Overall, he’s a love who just wants to sit close. Although he’s a little pushy for attention when he wants it, but in reality, we think it’s kind of cute. He is not a beggar when humans are eating (rare for a labbie), and he does not like going into his crate so we entice him with a treat.
Sometimes he settles right away, other times he barks for a minute and then settles. He doesn’t get on the furniture and is completely house-broken, something that always makes life easier. Durbin/Burley lets me pet him, touch his face/head/ears while he’s eating. He even lets me take his bowl away, or put my fingers in his bowl while he is eating. Additionally, he has a very gentle mouth taking treats.  He is doing a great job keeping us entertained with his silly and fun personality and are enjoying learning more about him every day.


Spumoni is a year old beautiful, female Labrador retriever who weighs between 55- 60 lbs. A dog loving family was trying to help someone who had requested help getting a dog, but once she had her, she changed her mind. So much for trying to do a good deed.  Once the dog was back with the original family, they were unsuccessful finding a home on their own and their good conscience would not allow them to send her to a shelter, so now she is with CLR.

Spumoni was kept outside, so needs to learn some manners and house rules, but is very friendly and loving.  She gets along well with other dogs and is also cat friendly.  Her foster reiterated how social she is, but indeed needs to learn her manners, but is bright and inquisitive, and we look forward to learn about her progress.