ruthanne 1 ruthanne


Ruthanne is a beautiful chocolate girl who just arrived with CLR on Sunday.  She is approximately 4,  and we discovered she recently delivered a litter of puppies, so she currently weights 64.9 pounds, and is in the process of regaining her girlish shape. Typical of so many of our dogs, it never ceases to amaze us how sweet she is, especially considering her former neglect. She absolutely loved getting a bath, and one can’t help but wonder when the last time she was treated so kindly and gently as she just melted under the loving touch. To quote her helpers today, “No more babies for you, because now it’s YOUR turn to be somebody’s baby.”

Chance (Duo) and Sammy

Chance (yellow male) and Sammy (chocolate male) are two 6 1/2 year old siblings, but not litter mates, gifted (not sent, because they are a true gift) as an owner surrender.  Heartbreaking, personal challenges made it impossible for the family to keep the dogs, so we were contacted to help.  To say they both immediately captured our hearts is an understatement.  They are not only beautiful, but have the true Labrador spirit.  They are excellent with kids, other dogs (yes, they adapted instantly at their foster’s), and even cats.  They are well mannered, house broken, and crate trained.  Chance is the more out-going of the two and always ready to embrace whatever comes his way.  He is just a joyful boy!  Sammy is just as sweet, but a little more hesitant, and tends to look to Chance for guidance.  The reality is that Sammy is extraordinary attached to his brother, and consequently it would break our hearts to separate these two boys. Sammy seldom takes his eyes off Chance and just follows his lead.  At nap time, Sammy has to settle close to Chance, puts his paw on Chance’s head, and then can relax and go to sleep.  We just can’t begin to imagine having Sammy not only adjust to a new home, but to be separated from his brother is just unimaginable.  We have had several adopters take two dogs, so we are hopeful that the right family is there to open their hearts to both these incredible dogs.

Avery – Recovered and READY

avery 2avery 1avery

avery new

                                           Our precious Avery at OSU

Avery is our precious 5 month old female puppy who has captured our hearts for several reasons. She recently underwent heart surgery at OSU, and it was a complete success. We are so honored to have been able to provide her the opportunity to live a full and normal life.  She has been with her wonderful foster family preparing for surgery and is now recovering at their home.  The foster update below is by far the best reference to learn about Avery.

FOSTER UPDATE:  “Avery was a super star at OSU Vet Hospital.  Everyone loved her and commented every time we saw them how much they adored her,and what a great pup she is.  She went in for her surgery and came out with flying colors.  We thank the Doctors at OSU for allowing Avery and CLR to get into the Valvular Stenosis study! They were wonderful calling and updating our foster parents all the time on how she was doing. The echogram shows the surgery was a success, and she should live a long and health life.  She will need to check in once a year, though, for the rest of her life just to make sure the values are still good! We were even told when picking Avery up that one of the techs in the MRI study commented on he would think about putting an app in on her!   She is a true beauty of a girl. She is recovering great— stitches out in 2 weeks and a one month recheck.​”

avery recovering

                                  Avery recovering @ her foster’s-post surgery  

Additional comments……….”Her foster parents and siblings love her, she is so smart, great eye contact , and easily learns commands.  Avery has really blossomed into such a sweet, cuddly girl. She will probably be on the smaller side of a lab, which is great because she is very affectionate and loves to really snuggle up!  She is walking great on a leash, sleeps well in her crate, and enters her crate with no trouble at all!  She has excellent, calm energy in the house, but still demonstrates great energy for running, swimming, and chasing the ball in typical lab fashion.  We have noticed she also has the great lab nose and hunting skill, because she finds everything in the woods – yes,I mean everything—-”



Eloise just arrived at CLR as an owner surrender with her litter mate and sister, Penelope.  This 16 month old pure bred chocolate lab is as friendly as they come.  She was a little nervous getting in the car as it was her very first car ride, but she was wonderful on the 3 hour ride.  After scrubbing the dirt off of her, we found a beautiful 70 pound girl with a heart of gold.  She is a little more timid than her sister, but she appears to be less independent, more affectionate and loves to cuddle.  As an outside dog, the elements bleached her fur, but with proper nutrition, her coat will return to its original darker chocolate beauty. As an outdoor dog, she needs to also learn house manners as well as be housebroken in order to be the perfect housemate.  Through no fault of the dog’s, It is too easy to turn our backs on a dog who has not been taught the proper house rules. Like her sister, Eloise she just needs the opportunity to learn. She is a bright girl,with a tremendous heart and sweet disposition,  and we believe she has great potential to be everything we look for in a Labrador.  

UPDATE: We took Eloise and Penelope on a walk together and both did very well.  At bed time, both were put in their crates.  Penelope whined for a couple of minutes and then was quiet until we went to get her out in the morning. Eloise was absolutely great in her crate.  Neither girl had an accident in their crates all night.  We also discovered, both dogs know how to sit.  Although it would be wonderful If a family could adopt both as they really seem to lean on each other, but we have also discovered, most dogs who are this close also adapt and also do fine independently.



Penelope is penelope 1the litter mate of Eloise, and came to us as an owner surrender.  She rode great in the car for the 3 hour ride to CLR, and didn’t mind having two baths to get rid of all the dirt.  Then, after a good brushing, we discovered a 16 month old pure bred chocolate lab, who is a big hunk of love at 89 lbs.  She needs some better nutrition along with some exercise to drop the extra weight. Along with a better diet, her sun bleached fur with return to its natural color and luster too.  She is extremely friendly to people and loves giving kisses to anyone that gets close enough.  She has been living outside her entire life, so she needs to learn house manners,training, and some social skills. We doubt it will take her very long to transition to a home and learn to be housebroken and adjust to other family expectations.
penelope 2  At her fosters home, she readily gets in the crate, although she can get a little nervous if her sister is not relatively near.  We will update this post with additional information as she settles in at feels more comfortable at her foster home.

UPDATE: We took Eloise and Penelope on a walk together and both did very well.  At bed time, both were put in their crates.  Penelope whined for a couple of minutes and then was quiet until we went to get her out in the morning. Eloise was absolutely great in her crate.  Neither girl had an accident in their crates all night.  We also discovered, both dogs know how to sit.  Although it would be wonderful If a family could adopt both as they really seem to lean on each other, but we have also discovered, most dogs who are this close also adapt and also do fine independently.



Bella the Beautiful

bella 2

This absolutely docile, precious 3-4 year old girl was found by a good Samaritan who could not consider leaving her to manage on her own. She saw her wandering and tried diligently to find her family, but never had any success.  She has devoted herself to helping Bella find her forever family and in the meantime has reached out to CLR for assistance.  We discovered that Bella is Heart-worm Positive (yes, another one- that makes about 50 HW+ we have cared for).  She has begun her treatment and just has to remain calm for a month and then complete her treatment.  Having treated so many dogs for HW, we have had 100% success with no residual effects, so we are confident Bella will be just fine.  As long as her new family will keep her inactive, she can certainly recover with her new family.  It is impossible to not fall in love with this beautiful, tender girl.  We truly believe her beautiful eyes are a window to her tender heart and soul.


mallory 1 mallory 2


mallory preciousMallory is the absolute sweetest, most adorable girl.  She was recently surrendered and we all think she is fabulous.  When she came in, we were told she was six, but we suspect she may be closer to 7 or 8.  She doesn’t act like an old lady and just has the cutest personality.  She is affectionate toward all people and gets along well with other dogs. Fortunately, one of our wonderful volunteers took her home, mainly because we just are  never comfortable with seniors not being in a home environment.  He said she just melted in with his pack and was doing great.

UPDATE:  “MALLORY IS INCREDIBLY ADAPTABLE. She goes up and down the stairs like a champ. Knows her way around everything already.”

UPDATE: We had Mallory seen by the doctor yesterday, because we suspected problems with her vision.  The diagnosis/prognosis is that she is nearly blind and can potentially loose her sight altogether. This doesn’t stop this amazing girl from being one of the happiest and most loving dogs of all-time.



lady new 1 lady new

Lady is a cute 2-3 year old labbie who currently weighs in at a light 56 pounds. She already knows a few commands, such as sit and down and willingly rolls over for belly rubs. She loves to play with her ball, but we are working on her not to be too possessive with her toys. Our initial impression is that she is very playful and loving, and we are so glad we were able to meet her and bring her to CLR.  Fortunately, we saved this sweetheart just in time.

NOTE:  Lady is very ball driven and possessive of her toy.  Consequently, we believe and recommend that she is the only dog in her new home in order to avoid any potential conflict.


Handsome Hamlet is a 2 year old male, who has begun to relax and feel more comfortable as he is learning to trust his new environment.  He is a yellow  lab who has had a very difficult history.  Prior to arriving with CLR, he was isolated in an outside crate and most definitely neglected. Considering his prior life, it is absolutely amazing how affectionate he is with people. We are very confident that with the security of a patient and loving family, he will be the wonderful lab he is meant to be and would be a wonderful addition to your family.   These are the stories that just break our hearts, and we feel compelled and committed to do our best to help Hamlet find a better life. We just know there had to be a better option for him.  We don’t even want to imagine what else he had to endure, but we promise to help him find a much better life from this day forward. 

NOTE:  Hamlet has demonstrative some reactive responses to other dogs (never people!), most likely from fear, but we highly recommend that he is placed as the only dog in his new home.

VOLUNTEER UPDATE: Hamlet is very loving and people friendly, and while he has previously had some fear around certain dogs, he has made incredible progress.  As evidence, he calmly walked by an anxious dog today. He doesn’t jump up and walks well on a leash.  In addition, he knows several commands such as: heel, sit, down, and ready.  He really wants to please and is trying his hardest to be a pleaser so he can find the right home.  He’s really a great dog and exceptionally loving!

UPDATE: We were able to spend some quality time with Hamlet today and think he is just wonderful.  We brushed him, and he was so responsive to a loving touch.  It was obvious that he just craves some positive attention.  He is selective around some dogs, and we presume it is a fear response, but we want to be sensitive to any potential triggers around certain dogs.  This is only around some dogs, NEVER people.  Hopefully, as he is gaining trust and confidence this has really improved. He really is a very sweet and loving dog who just needs a chance at a better life. Considering his history, it is amazing that he is open to so much affection and willingly warmed up to us.



vali 1 Vali

When we were asked to help Vali, we could not resist.  He appears to be a wonderful year old lab/collie mix.He is fully vetted, microchipped , and HW tested.Apparently quite a sweet boy according to his fosters.  He gets along with other dogs and is indifferent to cats –  to us that translates into doing fine with cats.  He is somewhat shy and is believed to have been a stray and may have had limited time inside a house as he was initially uncomfortable navigating stairs. He is a little shy submissive (not shy aggressive) and knows some commands (sit), is housebroken, and adapted to leash walks very quickly. He would need a little patience, because he does still has a few nervous behaviors (pacing, lying down in submission when a new person meets him), but seems like he will be a great dog once he feels safe, loved, and comfortable in his new surroundings. We think he sounds like one awesome guy!