sallie 2

Sallie is a smaller chocolate female at only 50 pounds.  She was such a wonderful lady for her transporter who defined her as a very sweet dog.  She is only 1.5 years old and this friendly pup impressed us by how well she gets along well with other dogs and every person she had the opportunity to meet. With her sweet disposition, we imagine she will be everyone’s favorite and a very popular girl.


aries 2

Aries is a 2 year old handsome male. He is well socialized and gets along with other dogs and cats. Although he was picked up as a stray, some one along his journey taught him some manners as he already knows sit & paw and walks nicely on leash. He does need some good nutrition and some additional weight, which for a lab shouldn’t be a problem.  He has been waiting patiently for his family, and now is the right time for him to find his family.


ellie new 1

If Honor could talk, she would have quite a story to tell.  We believe she is approximately 3-4 years old and has definitely not experienced a good life. She came from an abuse situation and then was abandoned with several other pets.  There was a subsequent court case, but without sufficient evidence or a direct witness, the judge dismissed the case.  She responds well with females, but is more cautious with males and takes a little longer to warm up to men. She gets along well with other dogs and even cats.  For us, justice would definitely be served if her future was with a loving family and all the comforts to erase her miserable past.
honor's freedom rideIn our volunteer’s words, “This is
the best freedom ride ever!”

Ellie new


This precious five month old little girl has had a very tough beginning.  She was found on the side of the road by a family, who in turn gave her away. Sadly, she hasn’t found a family willing to give her the love and stability of one family and has been passed around to several different homes.  She is currently being treated for skin issues, and is beginning to turn the corner and her hair will return.  Other than that, she is doing great and amazingly is a very sweet and loving pup.  She gets along well with kids, dogs, and even cats!  This little lady most definitely deserves a family to finally give her a chance at good health and a stable, loving family.

UPDATE: We picked up Bambi on Thursday to help care for her as she heals from her skin issues, which are being medically treated. New situations may frighten her a little, but she quickly adjusts and shows all her sweet personality. There is no question she is a happy puppy and has puppy energy in the morning – running full blast and chasing anything including her brothers’ tails!  Once she settles after play time, she loves to snuggle on the bed with her brothers and her humans.

With proper nutrition, love, and proper care, her hair will grow back, but with her precious face, you hardly notice.  She is nearly completely potty trained and sleeps through the night in her crate. She loves her crate and considers it her safe zone, especially when eating or enjoying chewing a bone.

Little Bambi has an abundance of love to share and a wonderful spirit to go along with all that adorable puppy energy.


sprout 2

Sprout is only a year old and has the goofy energy of a puppy. His open heart just loves everyone he meets.  He is an owner surrender due to the break-up of the family, and we believe caring for a dog was just too overwhelming for those left behind.  He is only 59 pounds, so not too large and would be a wonderful addition to your family. He was such a good boy during his bath and just loved all the attention and sudsy back rub.   Like all pups, he will require obedience training and leash manners, and then you’ll have the perfect pup you’ve been waiting for.


redford 3

Redford is a young 1.5 year old and rather small. He’s approximately 50 pounds of a sweet and friendly pup who’s looking for a family to care for him and provide him security and love. We were not able to learn very much about his past, but definitely would rather look to his future and help him find the best family.


hartley 1

It’s hard to believe that Hartley was found as a stray and no one claimed this beautiful 3 year old.  He is a very friendly dog and gets along well with other dogs and responds well to everyone he meets. He is 64 pounds of adorableness.  He will begin treatment soon for Heartworm disease (yes, another pup who was not on a regiment for HW prevention).  Once he begins his treatment, he will be ready for adoption.  After a period of reduced activity, he will be as good as a new pup.



Opie is only 18 months old, and we wonder about his past, because he is somewhat fearful of new people .  The staff has been patiently working with him, and when he feels he can trust, he is 100% a complete love bug.  We believe he will need a very special family to help him gain confidence and trust.  Once he relaxes, he is a wonderful boy, and we are trying very hard to help him know there are good people who will love and care for him.

UPDATE: We just received this update from Opie’s new foster and we are so excited to share it. “He is doing absolutely fantastic and doesn’t seem to be overly fearful at all.  He’s met two “strangers”.  My son was out when I brought Opie home so when he returned, Opie had his first encounter.  He held back for a few seconds, approached carefully for a pet and then he thought my son was a long lost friend and became Opie the cuddle monster.  Encounter two was a little while ago when my son’s friend came over.  He even has a beard.  Extra scary! Same outcome.  A few seconds of hesitation and then he ran up and gave him a bunch of Opie kisses with a wagging tail.” He seems to have worked through his issues and I think he’s 100% ready to be adopted with no further training or work required.”

Opie & Kosieopie at foster

Well, Opie has been a member of my household for a couple of days now and all I can say is what a sweet, loving dog.  He seems happiest when he’s sitting as close to you as possible on the couch and he lets you know with his thumping tail.

He fit in quickly with my other two dogs and just gave a couple of curious sniffs to my cats.  As I mentioned in my first post, he seems to have gotten over his fear of strangers.  If Opie sees other people on his walk, he stops to look but there is no barking at all.

He is very calm for his age but he really enjoys meal and snack time.  Opie goes by the old saying, “you can call me anything you want as long as you don’t call me late for dinner.”  He hasn’t really shown any bad behaviors yet but if he starts to think about it, a firm “no” seems to stop it right away.  I can’t say enough good things about Opie other than you better adopt him soon before I decide to keep him myself!

This is a true testament to the importance of fostering a dog.  It is so hard to evaluate the true character of a dog when they are not in a family setting.  This is another example of the rewards of being a foster.



garrett 1-27-16

Garret is a 5-6 year old chocolate male who has lived outside. It doesn’t appear that the owner took very good care of him, and we feel he was somewhat neglected.  The owner seldom kept track of his pets, and they ended up in the shelter numerous times. The last time Garrett ran off, he didn’t even bother to claim him. We suspect he ran off for obvious reasons, always looking for a better place to settle down and call home.  He has a few medical needs we are addressing and are anxious to help this sweet dog find a home where he will enjoy the comforts he has never known.


Sweet and friendly Mercy is a tender-hearted senior at 10 years old.  It’s difficult for us to imagine someone abandoning a senior, but we are faced with this daily.  It is impossible for us not to open our rescue for the seniors who deserve a family to provide love, warmth, and security during their senior years.  We are currently evaluating Mercy’s medical needs, but wanted to introduce her with hopes that someone wants to provide Mercy exactly what she needs at this juncture of her precious life.


abbey 4

Abbey is a 10-11 year old owner surrender, who gets along beautifully with kids, cats, and other dogs. Apparently, she would wander off their porch and bother the neighbors, so rather than finding an alternative, they surrendered her. Fortunately, Abbey currently is in a wonderful foster home and her foster mom thinks she is just awesome, sweet and just easy.  Everyone describes her as absolutely the sweetest girl. Yes, it is difficult to comprehend the circumstances, but regardless, we are so happy to help this sweet senior girl feel loved and secure. According to her foster mom, she is just the sweetest lab ever!



Barney is a very sweet older guy, somewhere between 15-16.  When we learned of his plight, we knew we could not let such a sweet dog be sent to a shelter to spend his remaining time.    Barney was left outside and pretty much neglected, including getting fed regularly.   Apparently, his owner was very ill and unable to care for him, and we were told his landlord said the dog had to go.  One of our wonderful volunteers immediately said she would help, and she took him home with her the day he arrived.  We were very sensitive to making sure he would not experience any discomfort and promised to provide him as much security and love as possible.  If you have the heart to open your home to Barney during his golden years, we know he will be incredibly grateful.

FOSTER UPDATE : ” He is great and has adjusted well with no problems.
He gets along great with my dog. He doesn’t play with her much, probably due to his age, but he attempts to, and she likes him. He eats without issues now. Initially, I had to separate the two, as he wanted to eat her food and vice versa, and there was mutual growling, but he has learned which is his bowl and hers. He sleeps on floor next to my bed. I’ve picked him up to sleep in bed with me, but he doesn’t seem to know what it is or really like it. He is content on floor with a dog bed.
He is excellent when I am gone to work. He holds his bowel/bladder until my neighbor can let him out. He has not attempted to eat or chew on anything!  My neighbor says he is found sleeping when she comes in. He follows me around the house and is just content to be petted. He is calm when I leave and excited and whining/barking when I come home. He is a very sweet old boy. No problems one bit after the first few nights.
I do think he is very hard of hearing and sight. It takes loud noises or for him to be looking directly at me in order to get his attention, but that’s OK with me.”

barney 1



Maggey is an 8 year old chocolate female, who after 8 years was surrendered by her owner for getting into a one-time, random conflict with their other dog over food.  This was a singular event, but rather than looking at a better solution, their decision was to euthanize. We cannot understand how after years of loyalty this was how they reacted. What makes this even more difficult to comprehend is their description of her as a sweet, loving, mellow, affectionate dog, who loves belly rubs.  After her vetting, we were also told she is such a wonderful and sweet dog.  Maggey has always played well with other dogs, she does well with children, and with elderly people evidenced by the times she has visited with an Alzheimer patient. Sadly, Maggey is severely overweight and needs to loose a considerable about or weight, so we have put her on a special metabolic diet to jump start our goal toward better nutrition and health.   Considering all this, it is difficult to understand the family’s decision, but the good news, we are happy to be able to help this sweetheart find a family to appreciate all her wonderful attributes.


FOSTER UPDATEThis girl is one sweet gem.  She is housebroken, and readily went in her crate last night.  She does a high pitched cry/whine every now and then, yet, when I tell her to stop, it does. Although she had an upset stomach (maybe from new food/stress) she took care of everything outside (good girl!).  The biggest challenge was waking her last night off of the couch to come upstairs to go to bed :)  Today will be a big day– she will get a walk, and we are headed to buy stairs or a ramp for her to get in and out of my SUV for at least 1 walk per day, and of course she gets to explore in my yard.  To think she could have been PTS (put to sleep) last week–outrageous!  This girl is one mellow dog that just wants to be near any person, and is so pleased just to be pet and get a belly rub.  She is one sweet soul and ready to get in better shape to be able to share her wonderful demeanor with others.  Maggey and I are grateful–at least I think that is what she said as she is snoring so sweetly.  Even my own dog thinks she is okay, which is a wonderful endorsement.

maggey at foster


mittens 2

Mittens is a new arrival; so we just met him briefly. He did very well for his transporter, and we think he’s a very handsome one year old.  He is only 55 pounds and although he will fill out, it is doubtful that he will not be a very large boy.  He was found as a stray and no one came to claim him, so we are lucky to be able to help him find a forever family that will keep him safe.

UPDATE: I picked up Mittens yesterday to foster him, and he has been such a delightful house guest. We went on a walk with my other dog, and they got along very well. We will continue to work on his leash manners, and fortunately, he is a quick learner. We also played fetch in the back yard and have done some additional training. Prior to going into foster, when Mittens was let out of the kennel, he would jump all over people. After only one day of constructive instruction, when I let him out of his crate this morning, he didn’t jump AT ALL!  In all honesty, he wants to be with someone, capture their attention, and share his affection. He especially loves my kids, and I am confident that Mittens will make a great family dog.

Ellie – Courtesy Post

One of our volunteers asked for our help, so we agreed to post Ellie. According to her family, “First off, we love Ellie very much but my husband and I are just getting to old to handle a puppy.  We both work full time, and it’s not fair that she is home all day alone.  Plus my husband is diabetic and the lack of sleep we are getting with a puppy is really taking a toll on his health. She is a rescue so approximate birth date is mid-April of 2015 (8 months old).  Papers say she is a German Shepherd/Sheltie Mix.  She is micro-chipped and current on all shots.  I’d guess she’s around 25 lbs.  She loves going to doggie dog care and playing with other dogs and thinks everything is a game.  She’s never been around cats, so not sure how she would handle them.

She if very high energy, we have an invisible fence, and she loves to run.  She loves to chase things when you throw them and jump on you, but will snuggle up next to you to sleep when she is tired.  She is house-broken, but does have an occasional accident if we don’t get to the door fast enough. Like I said, we love her very much so we are trying to find her the perfect home.”

Please note:  She is not one of dogs, so you need to contact the family directly.