DiNozzo is very handsome 18 mo. old male who weighs in at 77 lbs.  He just arrived, so we haven’t had an opportunity to access him, but will update once we know more. He seems like a very nice boy, but needs to settle in and appears to be an appropriately energetic  young man, which would be wonderful addition for an active family.


McGee 1 McGee 2

Like his brother, Gibbs, McGee is that adorable combination of lab/hound, and he has a personality to match his looks.  He is just an easy going, adaptable 18 month old, who adores people and gets along well with other dogs. He is playful, but also knows when it’s time to relax and just find some good snuggle time.  He also has some spring in his ability to jump, so he will have to be monitored and would benefit with an invisible fence and leash walks. He is a little under weight, but a good diet is helping him add some extra pounds. He is a very special boy who is looking for a family to just open their hearts and share their loving home with him.

McGee’s FOSTER UPDATE:  “McGee has been with us for 3 days, and has been wonderful.  He is starting to come out of his shell and gets more comfortable everyday.  He gets along great with our three other labs, but has developed a special relationship with one, and they engage in playtime at every opportunity. We’ve taken him on several walks, and he has excellent leash manners, so it’s apparent that he has had some training.   With his sleek body, we believe he would make a wonderful jogging buddy and would just relish the time together.  We’ve had absolutely no issues with the crate while we are at work, and he enters without coaxing.  At night, he sleeps in our room and continues to be a perfect gentleman. As a very sociable dog, McGee just wants to be around people and will tend to follow us wherever we go, and he especially likes being with the kids.  And the best bonus of all…. not one accident in the house!  We can’t say enough positive things about McGee- he has been a wonderful house guest!”



gibbs 2 Gibbs

Gibbs is an 18 month old male who appears to be that wonderful lab/hound combination. We believe that translates to an abundance of cuteness and a good disposition. Although he seldom jumps, he is capable of reaching great heights – literally and figuratively, so leash walks and an invisible fence may be the best option for him. McGee is only about 58 pounds, so he needs to add a few pounds, which can be easily remedied. Good nutrition makes all the difference. When home alone, he is content with his bed and a bone and settles in beautifully.  He is one of the sweetest and most mellow dogs, and everyone is completely enamored with him. To quote his foster, “He is so good-just love him and his mellow temperament.”

gibbs new

Gibb’s FOSTER UPDATE: “Gibbs is such a wonderful boy!  We have truly fallen in love with this gentle boy’s sweet nature.  He is the perfect combination of a Lab and a hound… may favorite combo!  Good nutrition has helped his black coat return to its natural shine. At about 18 months, he still has a little puppy playfulness, loves to run fast with my 3 year old female lab, and walks great on a leash with no issues at all -except for the occasional ‘lean’.  He doesn’t love being crated and has broken free a couple of times, so we put his bed, along with a couple of bones, in  the laundry room, and that seems to be a better option for him.  He likes the crate and sleeps in it at night when with us, but when we leave, he still has some anxiety about being confined in the crate, so we made the above adjustment.  All in all, Gibbs would be an outstanding and loving addition to any family – either or without kids !”



lucy new 2 lucy new

Sweet  Lucy just can’t seem to catch a break.  When she first arrived it was obvious she had not been well cared for during her 1 1/2 years on this planet, but she went into foster and did just great. She was quickly adopted, but returned, adopted again, and returned because the family had a medical emergency and did not have the time to devote to her. They readily admitted that the timing was not right, and they should not have adopted a dog, but in the meantime, dear Lucy is caught in the middle. Everyone who knows her and has spent time with her (including adopters) say she is just a dear girl.  We believe all this transition is creating a little anxiety for Lucy, and she needs to understand that she’s truly safe and wanted. Lucy keeps searching to find a family to finally give her a chance to settle in and know that they have made a lifetime commitment.




We are thrilled to reintroduce you to 2 year old Mr. Lucky, and we hope his name is fitting, because it’s time for good luck to be on his side. Several weeks ago, we decided to pull Lucky’s post because he was demonstrating excessive anxiety.  In this case, an entire village really has stepped up. Primarily his wonderful foster dad and Donna, the trainer, at Wag’s Park. Together they have volunteered their time to help this beautiful boy settle down and become less anxious.  We never doubted  his potential, but like many surrendered rescues, anxiety can be a common factor.  He loves his time at Wags Park and daycare and is demonstrating greater independence every visit. He has even begun initiating play with the other dogs at daycare, which is a wonderful indicator of his progress.  He gets along with all dogs he encounters and is exceptionally loving toward adults and kids.  Lucky is completely house broken and crate trained, in fact, he is comfortable eating and sleeping in his crate. He is happiest just laying at your feet and doesn’t ask for much other than an occasional loving pat.  We are so proud of him, and believe he is ready for his forever home to help him through the complete transition.  His foster dad has been incredibly devoted to Lucky, and believes he is really a great boy.  He has also graciously offered to help with Lucky’s transition and recognizes that Lucky needs a very loving and patient family to help him complete his journey.


dutch cutedutch 5 dutch 4

Let’s begin by saying looks can be deceiving. We believe Dutch may be a little bit Husky mixed with lab, because he has one blue eye and one brown eye which gives him a different gaze and a thick bushy tail.   One could misjudge his personality, but the reality is he could be one of the very sweetest dogs ever. When we inquired about his temperament, they laughed and said, “Well, he is so gently and kind, that he is the dog we use to test all our other dogs, so his temperament is just wonderful.”  We believe that says it all!  He is just a complete teddy bear who is loving and gentle and just wants to please. Even though he is an owner surrender, his coat is bleached from being outdoors, he is underweight, and has a scar on the bridge of his nose. When we brushed him, it was obvious this was something new for him, and he was just loving the attention. More importantly, he never challenged us when we had to groom him all over – absolutely no issues with anything. To us, this adds up to a dog who has not been treated the way he deserves, and we hope someone is willing to open their hearts to this dear, dear 3 year old boy, who deserves nothing short of the very most loving home.

FOSTER UPDATE: “He’s settled in quickly with no problems at all.  He gets along great with my other two dogs and is excellent with my cats.  Only one accident inside, but he’s made it through every night since I’ve had him with no issues.  I walk him with my younger dog, and he’s an excellent walker, preferring a quick pace- fortunately with no pulling.  I think Dutch has a permanent wag motor attached to his tail, as he’s a very happy boy with an abundant of kisses for everyone.  He also has a perfect barometer to knows when it’s time to relax and has found his special bed and settles in.  With his rich coat and unique eyes,  this handsome and incredibly sweet guy will make an exceptional family dog.”Dutch Nap


lexis 1 lexis

Lexis, a two year old chocolate female,  arrived a few weeks ago, but she needed some special care, so we have waited to post her, but she is now ready to be adopted and find her family.  We discovered a fibrolipoma on her leg,  which fortunately was benign, so she is as good as new, with a strong percentage in her favor that it will not return. She is rather small for a lab for those who would prefer a more delicate lady.   She happily roles on her back for belly rubs and loves to share her affection.  When the vets met her, they commented that she’s a “great” girl and we tend to agree.  We don’t know very much about her history, but she came to us with some minor dermatitis presumably from flea bites, so we assume she wasn’t given the proper care or dare we say or love she deserves?  Now that we have treated everything and she is a very happy, healthy girl, we are hoping she doesn’t have to wait very long to find her family.


Our other recent addition is one year old Forest.  He’s a chocolate male who is impressively beautiful.  Our volunteer classified him as “extremely affectionate” which is something we all look for in our pets.  It is also indicative of a great future relationship. He isn’t feeling 100% and still managed to share his excitement about being with CLR, and we think he knows he can look forward to finally having a family to love him in the near future – something we are more than happy to help him achieve.


Tommy is a year old package of joy.  From his original shelter picture, we thought he was a chocolate lab, so you can imagine our surprise when he arrived and was a black male, but we are more than happy to embrace this absolutely beautiful guy.  He is exceptionally lovable and friendly and gets along so well with everyone he meets.  His outgoing personality is evident in his photos, and he would be fantastic with a fun loving an active family.  We would never hesitate bringing such a wonderful boy into our rescue regardless of his color and know the perfect match is just around the corner for Tommy.


higby 1 higby 2 higby

When we arrived at the shelter to meet 4 year old Higby, we learned he was a true favorite.  Once we spent some time with him, we certainly knew why.  He has such an easy going sweet demeanor.  He is just a very agreeable guy and although affectionate, he doesn’t seem to be overly demanding.  He rode beautifully in the car and along with us, never looked back.  We think he knew his time for a better life has finally arrived. We look forward to helping him look toward a better future.


Tobie is another new arrival who is a young 22 month old.  He is quite a show stopper, but needs some basic training, like most of the dogs.  He can’t know commands if he’s never been taught.  Most labs want to please their people and are willing learners. so with consistent instruction,Tobie would be a wonderful boy. He walks relatively fast on a leash, but doesn’t pull and responds beautifully with a slight tug to return and slow his pace.  He is very affectionate and friendly and appears to enjoy the company of other dogs.  We are thrilled to have him join our new dogs and are honored to help him find his family.


Two year old Candy just arrived, and we are learning a little about her.  Right now, she is not completely comfortable and confused about all the change in her life, but she is most definitely a beautiful girl. She walks relatively well on a leash, and she is very people friendly.  Candy sits on command and has almost mastered down, so her potential for learning more manners is definitely there.  We look forward to knowing her better and are hoping a kind heart can step-up and bring her into their home to teach her about stability and love.



To say 9 year old Milo is exceedingly special doesn’t even begin to express how we feel. In desperation, the SPCA reached out to CLR to help with their overcrowding conditions. Of course, we could not deny getting Milo into a better situation.  Our one contingency is to find a loving foster for our senior dogs – it is just too important to us to make sure they are never put into a frightening situation ever again!  We were so lucky to have several of our wonderful volunteers step-up, and we got the ball rolling to retrieve Milo, give him a bath, have him vetted, and send him into the very best foster home. Milo is only 61 pounds, but in this case it is because he needs to gain weight. His coat is coarse, but good nutrition will help his coat become more luxurious too. But these are just the externals – what is most important is his very gentle and sweet nature. He just tucks his head into your chest and enjoys being stroked and loved. He is truly an absolute sweetheart, and we feel so honored to know that we will never allow for him to be harmed or neglected ever again.  We know that there are several people who will open their hearts to a sweet, senior boy, and the return is that his gratitude will surpass anything anyone of us can do for him.  That’s just the heart of a dog.


Lady is an exceptional girl, who at one point we had thought of having available for adoption, but our focus is to help her on her journey for Search and Rescue. Therefore, currently she is exclusively available to a Search and Rescue handler.  We truly believe this is “her purpose” and want to be instrumental in helping her achieve that goal.  

 Lady’s  Journey for Search and Rescue 

All Dogs K9 Academy
We are so proud of Lady as she begins  the process of being trained as a search and rescue dog.  We suspected she needed a job, so we had her evaluated in early August.  She passed with flying colors, and we are so excited for her future.  She is an absolutely fabulous and smart dog.  Please follow along as we share her progress in the weeks to come.

8/16/14:  Lady had a training session today in California, KY.  It went very well. First we got to watch as Rob worked with his German Shepherd, Brooklyn. Brooklyn is trained to search for cadavers. Rob has chemicals that reproduce the right scent for various conditions (don’t worry, it’s only strong enough for the dogs to smell). He put a tiny dogs inside a plastic tube with a tiny hole in it (Rob explained this was the equivalent of searching for a fingernail). The tube was hidden in a field, and Brooklyn went to work. Lady watched every move (seriously!) as Brooklyn went to work, and managed to find the object twice in a row. Lady seemed especially interested to see Brooklyn rewarded with a few tosses of a Frisbee after finding the object (Frisbee is to Brooklyn as ball is to Lady).

Then it was Lady’s turn to work. To get her started with the scent, Rob cut a slit in a tennis ball, and placed Brooklyn’s scent sample inside. He then got Lady excited about that ball (not hard!), and then hid the ball in the grass while I held onto Lady out of sight. It wasn’t quite the same challenge Brooklyn had — it was a smaller area and she was really tracking the very familiar and much stronger scent of the ball  — but Brooklyn’s a pro and this was Lady’s first time. She performed like a champ though, finding her ball quickly two times in a row.

Rob’s confident that Lady has the right traits to succeed as a scent dog for cadavers or drugs. The next step will be to see if he can get her to associate the scent with her ball drive, so she will find the scent to get rewarded with the ball, rather than finding the ball. This will involve 5 days in a row of training.
Images:  Rob training Lady with the ball, and Lady proudly showing what she found.

Lady had her third training session today. Rob summed it up nicely at the end in three words: “She did awesome.”

8/23/14: Last week, we tested Lady to see how good she was at finding her ball when it was hidden in a field, and added scent to the ball to help her begin the association. This week was more of a challenge. This time we were using PVC tubes with holes drilled in them, and a scent marker inside, just like the other search and rescue dogs were using. Rob placed the scent marker in one tube, and I placed 5 tubes in a row on the ground with about five feet between each. Rob took Lady to each tube in turn and directed her attention to it. At the 4th tube, where the scent was, Rob tossed the tennis ball for Lady after she smelled it. Then the ran through again. Rob pointed Lady to #1 and she sniffed it. When nothing happened she went straight on to #4, and got to play with her ball again.

Then I rearranged the tubes so they were scattered, and Rob let her go again. After a little sniffing around, she went right to the marked tube. Next, we hid the tube while the others were in plain site. Again she found the tube after a few moments searching. It was ball time again after every success.

Her last test was more of a challenge. We were down to two tubes. I placed a tube without scent in the place where the marked tube was last time, and then hid the marked tube someplace farther away. Lady went to the original spot first, looked for what Rob called the “residual scent”. She found it and looked up… and Rob ignored her and kept walking. Without missing a beat, she must have realized that wasn’t her target, so she moved on. She got hung up for a bit downwind of the marked tube, where some scent was accumulating. Once Rob redirected her from that, she caught the scent and went straight for the tube. Then it was time for some ball throwing and a drink!


pup with stacey 1

The precious puppies just arrived, and we believe they need a little time to get some good nutrition since a few are quite undernourished; so we are taking care to restore them to perfect health.   Apparently, they (along with Coach and Dooney) are owner surrenders, but in this case, little attention was given to their care prior to their arrival. There are two girls: Danica & Nadia and Three Boys: Packer, Bear, and Cowboy. Sadly, Bear came to us quite ill, and our wonderful DiNozzo donated blood for his transfusion, so with the excellent care from our team of doctors and staff along with a few extra prayers, we hope little Bear will make a complete recovery.


Well, it took about 2 seconds for Titan to capture our hearts.  He was so confused today and unsure about what was happening to him, which translated to a very shy 7 month old pup.  His transporter said he was hiding behind the seat during most of the 5 hour trip.  A warm bath and some affection helped him relax and begin to trust his new environment.  He is so very gentle, although we imagine he will become more energetic when he is feeling more confident and comfortable.  His tender expression is just irresistible, and we can guarantee he has the ability to wrap just about anyone around his paw.


Dooney is the pups’ mom and we regret we did not get any photos today, but we will soon.  She is an absolutely beautiful chocolate girl, who loved being pampered during her bath.  We couldn’t help but wonder if she has ever been bathed before.  She appears to have been a good mom and wanted to be near her pups, but it is time for them to separate.  She adjusted quickly and after a little while was able to comfortably relax.  She really is an impressive beauty, and like Coach, we look forward to learning more about her and helping her find a better life.


Coach is the pups’ dad, and we were not about to leave this gorgeous boy behind.  We believe he is between 2 and 3, and not a very large male.  He does need some better nutrition to restore his health to its maximum, although he appears to being doing well. He is exceptionally friendly and enjoyed his much needed bath today.  Our initial impression is that he is an easy going guy and is adapting relatively quickly to his new surroundings. We look forward to learning more about him and helping him find his future home.

(photo sessions will produce better pictures this weekend)

Hobo- a special surprise post


This adorable little guy was abandoned and left to fend for himself in one of our volunteer’s yard.  Or maybe the former owner new exactly where to “dump” his dog, because this volunteer has a huge heart and would do anything humanly possible to help him.  Our friend was hesitant to ask CLR for help, since the dog isn’t a lab, but he needs a loving home just like all the other precious dogs we post. She said he is a very sweet boy, who obviously has not had a wonderful life.  In his estimated three years, we doubt he has had adequate care.  We will have him neutered soon and have already treated him for fleas. We often ask ourselves why some people treat their pets so terribly- well, we just can’t answer that since we don’t understand this anymore than anyone else. What we do know is that some kind soul will step up to provide this cutie pie just what he needs to know there are indeed good people.


vali 1 Vali

When we were asked to help Vali, we could not resist.  He appears to be a wonderful year old lab/collie mix.He is fully vetted, microchipped , and HW tested.Apparently quite a sweet boy according to his fosters.  He gets along with other dogs and is indifferent to cats –  to us that translates into doing fine with cats.  He is somewhat shy and is believed to have been a stray and may have had limited time inside a house as he was initially uncomfortable navigating stairs. He is a little shy submissive (not shy aggressive) and knows some commands (sit), is housebroken, and adapted to leash walks very quickly. He would need a little patience, because he does still has a few nervous behaviors (pacing, lying down in submission when a new person meets him), but seems like he will be a great dog once he feels safe, loved, and comfortable in his new surroundings. We think he sounds like one awesome guy!