Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow is a four year old who was recently found as a stray.Fortunately,  a good Samaritan stepped up to ensure his safety. According to his foster, he does really well with other dogs and kids.  When our vet met Mellow Yellow, his only comment was, “Wow, what a dog!”  That was all we needed to know to feel very fortunate to help this special guy..


biscuit new 2

5 year old Bisquit was surrendered by his family because they were moving – sadly, we hear this way too often. He is a beautiful blocked headed guy who gets along beautifully with other dogs and adores people.  He really is a sweetheart who is house trained, good on a leash, and we assume knows some commands. He needs some weight management, but some green beans added to his diet and the extra weight will disappear. We imagine he’s a little confused about the change after being with his family for five years, but we know there is another family ready to open their hearts to this wonderful dog.


morrison 1

One look at Morrison’s face, and you know he’s a heart-breaker.  This 5 year old has certainly not had too many advantages in his life.  His transporter said he was very gentle and well behaved and was particularly gentle taking treats.  He was found as a stray, has some scarring, and sadly is very thin at only 51 pounds.  In addition, he will begin treatment for heart-worm disease, which is further evidence of how much he was neglected. Although he is a little cautious in new situations, he relaxes when he feels comfortable. He loves being caressed  and responds affectionately to kindness. One look into his soft and tender eyes, and we knew we would have to help change his future.

UPDATE: Morrison is most certainly on the road to recovery.  At his most recent vet check, we discovered he gained over 10 pounds, maybe closer to 15, and has responded well to medication. His stamina has certainly improved, and he is finally feeling comfortable in his foster home.  His foster parents are so pleased with his progress and have been incredibly proud of how well he is doing.  He is a little possessive with food, but he is learning that no one will take it away from this formerly starving boy.  We know he is grateful for the care he has received and shows his appreciation with good cuddles and kisses. The best news is he is finally ready to finally curl up with his new family.

Kayla –

kayla new 3

Two year old Kayla’s heartbreaking story is difficult to share.  She was abandoned in an apartment for a month, with no food or water and survived on whatever she could find.  A court case ensued, and she finally ended up at a shelter, where they did their best to restore her health.  In the meantime, their crowding conditions ended her up on the euth list, so when this was discovered, after what she had endured, there was absolutely NO WAY we would allow this to happen! We are so happy to help her find a family with the heart to make sure she receives the most loving care.  We’re thinking this will be the classic ending of, “Who rescued who?”.

FOSTER UPDATE: Kayla was shy at first but has started to show more of her personality. She is very sweet and playful with us and the other dogs. She loves to go on walks and explore in the backyard but is also content laying inside. She also loves to run around and play fetch with a stuffed animal we picked up for her.
It seems like she’s been potty trained in the past and has done well holding it until she’s outside. Kayla is also pretty quiet. She does not bark or whine much. The only time she really has is a playful bark when we were throwing her a stuffed toy. We’ve crated her twice when we’ve left the house. She goes in the crate without any trouble. First time she just laid down and the second time she whined a little while we were walking out.

We didn’t crate her overnight. She slept on the dog bed in the upstairs bedroom and stayed in that same spot until morning. Also, we’re not sure if she was trained or if she just does it naturally, but she always goes straight to her dog bed when we aren’t giving her attention, when the other dogs are napping, or if we tell her to go lay down. You can add to the update that Kayla is kid tested and approved! We ran into a few kids around 2-6 yr old during our walk and she loved them 😊

She is a very sweet girl and easy going pup!



barrett new

Barrett is a 6-7 year old male who from TN. He was found as a stray, and was treated for HW disease. Now that his recovery is complete, he is ready to find his family and experience the joy of a loving family. He was saved just an hour before he was to be euthanized because of overcrowding, and we are relieved to know that we were able to save him. He has had to adjust to many changes, yet still remains an affectionate dog. So his strong personality would not be misinterpreted, we had Barrett evaluated by a professional trainer, who did not see any reactive or aggressive behavior, but he tends to be someone dominant.  Hence, we think his best fit is either as the only dog or a more submissive pet. In addition, he should be with a more experienced handler as well as someone who will welcome advice from a professional trainer, and will be comfortable helping him adjust to family life. This should not be a deterrent, as many dogs come into rescue with similar needs. Most often, they would not be in rescue had they come from an ideal past. Barrett truly deserves the rest of his life to be one with good health and a loving family. As we all continue to learn, life isn’t always fair.


montgomery new 2


Montgomery, a new arrival, has impressed everyone he has met.  First, our volunteers who bathed him kept raving about him, then we receive an email from the vet saying, “Montgomery is just a wonderful dog!” and to top that off, we actually had fosters fighting (not literally) over who gets to take this boy home.  This beautiful 3 year old was found as a stray, and one of the wonderful volunteers from an advocacy group actually hand-picked Montgomery for CLR, because she thought he was amazing and wanted to make sure he went to a good home.  We promise not to disappoint her or Montgomery and will do our best to do just that.



Franklin is only about 5-6 months old and weighs in at around 35 pounds. He is at the adorable age when he is just a sweet, silly boy looking for a family to share his time and labbie affection.  He was transported with Vienna, and the transporter had equally wonderful things to say about Franklin.  She wanted to make sure we knew he was such a fabulous pup, and we promised to share.  We are always anxious to help the young pups to find their family so they can learn and grow surrounded by love and guidance.



vienna new 1

Precious little Vienna is only 6 months old and approximately 30 pounds of precious.  She is exceptionally sweet and loving and her transporter could not stop singing her praises.  She repeatedly shared how impressed she was with Vienna’s disposition.  We think that’s a great endorsement and can’t wait to help her find a loving home.


jedd 8-20 6

Handsome Jedd is a 2-3 year old wonderful dog, who was also picked up as a stray.  He traveled beautifully for his transporter and appears to be a social little guy, and we just love his smile.  We have been able to spend some time with him today and found him to have a great disposition.  Being new, it does take a little time for the pups to settle into a routine, but he is very sweet, but does need to learn some additional commands.  With a little guidance, we believe he will be an amazing companion.


2 year old Sprite came to us with a difficult story.  When we hear scenarios like this, we cannot help but respond immediately. He had been hit by a car and left alone on the road.  Fortunately, a wonderful person helped get him to a hospital, and that is where we come in.  Subsequently, Sprite was brought to us so our vets could perform surgery for his dislocated hip.  The surgery was a success, and he is currently recovering. We believe being with his forever family will most definitely help him recover more rapidly as he rebuilds his stamina and learns the benefits that a loving family can provide.


PEPSI 8-20

Pepsi enjoying extra affection from a volunteer

Pepsi is a beautiful 1.5 year old female that recently came to us.  She was found as a stray and needs to find a family to keep her safe.  Those who have been able to meet her said she is so sweet, and her transporter said she was really such a good girl. She really is incredibly affectionate and just wanted to crawl into our volunteer’s lap today.  The pictures certainly demonstrated how much she responses to tender and loving care.She was spayed this week and vaccines are now all up-to-date so we hope she finds her new family very soon.


It’s impossible to imagine anything cuter than 3 month old Harry.  He is a newfie/lab mix so he will be a big boy, which means a lot more of fluff and love. His transporter said he was such a good boy, and we can’t wait to learn more about him.

SAMANTHA (Sam) Tennessee


sammy 6-11 5

FOSTER UPDATE: Sammie is doing quite nicely and gets along with our other lab just fine. She is quite reserved and quiet and she likes to just sit on the deck in the morning or evening and watch birds or people jogging. She has been no trouble and she sleeps great and no accidents in the house.  She is a bit protective of her food which we feed her separately so she does not feel rushed.  She is wonderful with my 2 boys and they get along great. She loves Popcorn and snoozing on the couch…she is a gentle soul who relishes kind pats on the head and just some time with the folks. When its time she goes up and lays in my son’s room on the nice big pillow bed and waits for him to check-in for the evening.

sammie at foster home10 year old Samantha arrived with her siblings and is currently enjoying life at her foster home..  Again we are grateful to Pilots ‘n Paws for bringing her to CLR.  Her owner passed away and his wife was not able to care for the dogs, and they we taken to a shelter.  Without our help, we cringe thinking about what their future would have looked like.  Sam’s foster mom thinks she a terrific girl with a wonderful personality.  We could not agree more, and hope she can find a family to open their hearts to this wonderful girl.




When we heard Hershel’s story, there was no way we could ignore his need for help. we were told that Hershel is 7-8 years of age, but the reality is 12-14 years old and 100 pounds.  We are currently working with the vets to determine some of his medical needs. Losing weight will definitely help his ACL problems and hips, and he has recently begun medication for hypothyroidism. Sadly, poor Hershel is also being treated in a less invasive way for heart-worm disease. Putting all this aside, he is an absolute sweetheart, and we desperately are hoping to help this neglected, tender-hearted boy find someone who will love and care for him.  We know there are many with the heart to bring an older dog into their lives to provide all the loving care they deserve.