keifer 3

Keifer is a 7 year old male with a special need.  He has lost his vision due to cataracts, but that doesn’t stop him from being a typical lab.  With a few accommodations, Keifer can do just about anything a sighted dog can do. This is one of those times we have to remind ourselves what rescue is all about and how deserving a dog is to find a family irregardless of his so-called disability.  Why “so-called”? Probably, because he doesn’t know that he isn’t just like every other lab who can run freely, play fetch, swim, and snuggle with his family. He is also currently being treated for HW, which means he’ll need to take it very easy for a little while and then be ready to lead a full life with his new family.  Just like any other deserving dog, he deserves to find a family to help him grow old with dignity and grace.

keifer 2