11/28/17 FOSTER UPDATE: What fun we’ve had fostering Amigo! This fellow is just full of personality.  We have only had him in foster for a few days but each day we see more of this guy’s playful and loving nature. He loves chasing a ball, playing tug of war, chasing his tail, going on walks, and chasing leaves, and chilling and snuggling on the couch with us and watching TV…yes he likes to watch TV, as you see in the picture.  He has a healthy appetite and is doing very well with housebreaking as he loves those treats he gets as a reward. He is not a barker but will talk to you a bit when he’s playing. He sleeps thru the night and has not had any accidents in his crate. He loves everyone he meets including children and other dogs. He is smart and has learned to “sit” and understands “no” (most of the time)…. he is still a puppy after all. And those ears! Not typical lab ears, but they fit his silly personality perfectly! He is so loving and just waiting to find his perfect forever home just in time for Christmas!