11/15/17 UPDATE from her former family:

  • Cherry is on the right
  • Cherry  is very affectionate, giving kisses, wanting pets and strokes.  But when she is tired she wants to be let alone; she will leave the area and space herself.
  • She is totally housetrained and give you clues when she wants to go outside. She never had one accident in the month we had her.
  • She loves chew and rope toys  She also likes rope toys.   If you have plentyof those around she stays out of trouble.  She never chewed one thing in the house that wasn’t a toy, even when left alone.  You can take toys and food away from her with no negative reaction and  loves to play ball and will kind of bring it back.  She also loves to be chased – by dogs or people.
  • She knows her name, will sit, wait, and down on command.  These are pretty consistent but she is still young so would need some reinforcement and patience.  We made her wait until we gave the OK to get in the car, out of the car, and to go out the door.  She was great at this as long as you verbally remind her to “wait” (and hold up one finger).  She loves training sessions.  She really wants to please you and tries very hard.
  • She does not beg for food and will leave the kitchen if you tell her to “go.”
  • She is energetic and really likes/needs walks and does not pull on the leash.  When she sees another animal (squirrel, deer, cat, etc.), if you tell her no, she will not try to chase it.
  • She enjoys meeting other people and is very polite (no jumping up, etc.).  We had friends over several times and she enjoyed meeting them but was not overly attention seeking (which was nice).
  • She does demonstrate some fear when meeting unfamiliar dogs.  Passing within 10-15 feet of them causes a little anxiety but no big issues, but when another dog wants to come to nose to nose, she is not comfortable and lets you know. So, it is important to let other dogs approach giving her space and NEVER nose to nose (with all dogs, this is not an appropriate introduction).  Like many dogs, it is not difficult to avoid and just cross the street and in those cases, she just ignores the other
10/1/17 FOSTER UPDATE:  What a sweetheart!  Once she felt comfortable in our house she let her guard down and let her wonderful temperament shine.  She plays so well with our older pups and respects their relaxation time. She even got extra play time at Eastgate Animal Hospital because she played so well with the daycare dogs. I’ve had her at our construction site, and the nail guns and power tools are not a problem for her.  Car rides are no biggie either.  Given the opportunity, she does prefer sleeping in bed with us.  She did have an issue the first day when a male neighbor reached out to pet her, she just back away.  The following day, she did approach him for attention.  She never seemed nervous around the male workers, so hopefully, she can leave her past behind and find a loving home to share her joy for life.