11/6/17 UPDATE: As we have learned more about Hubie, it is important to share that he needs to be THE ONLY DOG IN THE HOME.  He is a great boy until it comes to sharing any toys, and he has the potential to become aggressive toward another dog who interferes with his possessions.  To ensure everyone’s safety, at this juncture, we will not adopt him to a family with any other pets. His foster family also added: He is very sweet, loving and gentle with people, but is obsessed with toys.  He is a great boy and needs a family to help him learn how to appropriately share.  In just a few days with his foster family, he was showing some progress.

10/23/17 UPDATE: One of our experienced volunteers spent hours playing with Hubie over the weekend, and we were captivated watching them having so much fun.  Hubie has so much personality, is a bright guy who easily mastered some tricks.  By the time we all left, all we could say was he is an awesome, wonderful dog.  After about five minutes with him, it’s impossible not to fall instantly in love ♥.