10/23/17 ANOTHER STERLING UPDATE:  JOSH continues to do amazingly.  I am now using training treats and he has learned to sit and leave it.  He is so smart and so loving.  He loves walking and is much better at healing and staying to one side.  I wish Iggy were as easy to train!!  He is fully acclimated to living in the house.  No accidents.  not using the crate much anymore and no destruction.  he loves other dogs and is super friendly – his tail goes into helicopter mode when he meets another dog – it’s hysterical and adorable!  🙂  


10/15/17 FOSTER UPDATE:  After 10 days in his foster home, Josh is adjusting beautifully.  He continues to learn about noises and appropriate behavior.  Josh has made huge progress on the leash.  He now stays to one side and is getting better with staying at the heel – unlike his foster brother!  Josh does have a prey instinct and will go after squirrels and cats and bunnies.  He is acutely aware of his surroundings!  We are working on the “leave it” command.  He is doing much better with “off” and “sit” as well.  Josh does not realize that he is not a lap dog and is so cuddly and snuggly.  He still has had no accidents in the house even when left for a long work day.  He has not destroyed anything either. Josh is a perfect gentleman when he meets other dogs on walks.  He is totally appropriate and super friendly.  He loves walks and would love a playmate – his foster brother (an older pug) is not very playful).  Josh has a great deep bark and although he uses it very sparingly, it would be a plus in warding off any criminal activity.

10/11/17 NEW UPDATE:  Josh is doing so well!  He LOVES being outside on walks and is super cuddly on the couch!  He is completely house trained – no accidents at all.  He sleeps in his crate overnight and is perfect – no crying.  I leave him gated into the main floor of the home with Iggy during the day while I’m at work and so far there is no destruction.    I have plenty of nylabones and toys, and he is content with those.  Josh loves to eat and is very curious about any food, is really smart, and easy to train.  We are working on “down” when he jumps up on the table or counter and to tone down his face kissing as I know some people do not love that!  He is great on the leash, and we are working on basics like heeling, not pulling or leading, and stopping at streets before crossing.  He is really responsive to training.  He is very interested in other dogs and super friendly with them.  He would be great for daycare since he wants playmates and has considerable energy.

I am totally in love with him and I really want the best for him –   He would do really well with a family that has another dog that wants a playmate or a family that wants to work with him alone and is active.  He does not show any fear or hesitation with children (my neighbors were petting him) and he sniffed the neighbor’s cat and did not chase it, although he did chase squirrels.

I will continue working on manners.  He is so sweet!  Oh – Josh is terrified of thunderstorms.  He didn’t destroy anything but he crawled under my bed and stayed there all night Saturday while it stormed.  And he definitely needs the large size crate.  He truly will make a wonderful family companion.

10/6/17 FROM JOSH’S FOSTER MOM:  Just to update you…. he is doing so well.  He learned stairs today… he was very hesitant to go down them for a while and now is up and down regularly!  We went to Rheinstrom Park in Indian Hill today for a short walk, and he socialized with many dogs and did absolutely perfectly!  Everyone fawned over how beautiful and well mannered he is.  He had a great night too.  no accidents and was very quiet and calm all night.   He is such a sweet and smart guy!

9/9/17:  One of our volunteers had the privilege of spending time with Josh this weekend, and she said although he is still a little shy, he is just such a gentle and sweet dog.  Everything she shared was so complimentary, and we have to think about what a hard life he has had in a kennel for so many years. We really hope his family is just a few steps away and will change his life for ever and give him the chance he deserves to find love.