2/24/17 UPDATE:  Kingly has come so far and is now comfortable meeting new people and understanding that no really does mean no.  He absolutely loves playing with toys and thinks stealing them from his siblings is great fun.  He does not need to be crated and behaves appropriately out of his crate.  He is no longer mouthy when playing and loves his walks.  He has excellent leash manners too.  We are so proud of his progress and love our cuddle time with this wonderful dog.   Now it’s his turn to find his forever family.

1/31/17 FOSTER UPDATE:  Kingley has been with us for two weeks and although he is still on a learning curve, he has made excellent progress.  Lucky Kingley visits daycare 3 times a week and has a blast with his dog friends and does well with his foster siblings.  Also, we have not had the need to crate him, which naturally makes him happier.

He still takes time to warm up to new people until he senses that he is safe. Generally, presenting him a treat with a flat hand in a non-threatening way helps him become more comfortable.  The word no or stop hasn’t penetrated his brain, but we continue to work on that. Since he is still timid in new situations, it is possible he is overly conscious of outside stimuli and that dictates his focus.

Kingly really is a special boy. He is very sweet, playful and has an abundance of snuggles and kisses to share.


12/26 FOSTER UPDATE: When Kingly arrived at our house, he was incredibly fearful of new people. It even took about 20 minutes just to get him into the car.  Although he still is cautious, he has made tremendous progress. He remains reluctant meeting people and may bark and cower. However, after being reassured that he is safe, he warms up and responds like they have been life-long friends.  With so many strangers at our house at Christmas, knowing it would be stressful for him, we slowly introduced him to everyone. Within an hour, he settled and did fine.

Initially, he was hesitant getting in the crate, but now he enters on command and realizes that it is his safe place. We continue to work on house training, and he is improving every day. His favorite game is tug-of-war and he gets a little over -zealous, but it’s great to see him engage. Now that he is becoming more comfortable, he follows us everywhere and has become our shadow.  He has mastered sit and down, and could be a master counter surfer, but responds well when told “off”.  He is an extremely loving and beautiful lab who will require a little extra patience and love while he learns that he is truly loved and safe. Kingly is a very special dog who continues to move beyond his difficult past, and we have no doubt that he will be a fantastic family member.

12/22: Kingly is doing amazingly well at his foster home.  His situation is exactly why fostering a dog is so critical in not only helping the dogs build confidence but for us to get to know a dog better under normal circumstances.  Although Kingly was so fearful prior to arriving at his foster home, he has relaxed, getting along well with the entire pack, and loving on his foster family.  His foster family said he is just a fantastic dog and 180 degrees from what they had expected.  We are beyond happy to know that he has settled in so well and truly is everything we had hoped for his future.