8/10/17:  Word-for-Word we absolutely have to share this update from Otto’s foster dad!

We still find Otto to be a wonderful addition…his story with us has become his personal OTTO-Biography...he likes to run in mud to leave his footprints which my kids call his OTTO-Graph..he does sleep on the OTTO-Man at night…he is OTTO-Matic about going outside for his personal business…and loves to ride in the OTTO-Mobile when we drive fast on the OTTO-Bahn because have to go the OTTO-Machine to get more cash to buy his treats. His routine at night is on OTTO-Mation…run and play, dinner, sleep, snack, outside, snack, Watching the Reds game (BTW his favorite player is Joey (v)OTTO).…the pictures I send have to be taken with OTTO-Focus…sounds silly but the kids wanted me to update you all since the K-9’s run the joint here….I think that’s call OTTO-Crazy

8/3/17 FOSTER UPDATE: Otto has fit in just fine and we haven’t experienced any problems. Usually, when I foster, the K-9 needs a break in period. readjusting to life and understanding love, kindness, and building trust. I haven’t that delay with Otto. He seems well adjusted and gets along fine with people and other dogs and is self-reliant.

He is unsure of people that he has not sniffed or met, and may briefly growl, but once he is acquainted he is totally fine. Considering he has been neglected and has a sad history, this is not surprising or a concern. He has a healthy appetite, a good sleep pattern and is great on recall.  We are very impressed with Otto and find it difficult to believe he has only been with us for a short few days.