9/9/17:  It truly is breaking our hearts to watch Ronnie being overlooked.  His one flaw is that he is fearful around other dogs.  We don’t know if this will dissipate over time, but it really isn’t that challenging to just cross the street when walking or avoiding public dog parks as there are other options for exercise.  Ronnie is truly the sweetest most loving dog and after spending considerable time in the kennel, we really feel it should be his turn to find a family.  Only one requirement: he needs to be the only dog in the home, and we know there are families that easily qualify.  If you have dog visitors, then temporarily use a crate.  Ronnie is GREAT with kids and loves every single human he meets.  We sincerely hope that Ronnie’s family is ready to open their hearts to this very deserving dog.  Yes, it is absolutely HIS turn!

5/27/17 UPDATE: Ronnie and I spent a good time together this morning.  He was very happy to get out of the kennel and immediately was giving me kisses. We decided to go on a nice long walk to the nearby neighborhood park. He sniffed a lot of areas and was wagging his tail continuously. He is a very nice walker and doesn’t tug on the leash. At the park we played on the jungle jim and at that time he decided we needed to take a break and lay down. We sat down on the top of the jungle jim and enjoyed the nice breeze. He enjoyed the belly and ear rubs. Then we continued our walk and he thought it was too hot, so when we walked passed a shaded tree he stopped and rolled over on his back for a belly rub. I thought it was the cutest thing! Once we got back to the rescue we took a water break and played in the fence area. He LOVES playing ball. He was running and squeaking the ball and wanted me to chase him. He did drop it a couple times but he was content with running around with the ball in his mouth. Ronnie is a VERY affectionate and playful dog. He sits on command and likes treats. I don’t think he was treated kindly in the past and perhaps that why he is fearful of other dogs. I think he needs some time to build his self-confidence and trust. Ronnie would make a great companion for someone who wants a playful dog and one to talk on walks.