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By November 26, 2019December 13th, 2019Uncategorized

A Homeless Dog’s Holiday Poem
by Coby

Some people say I’m a beauty
I don’t know what that means
All I know is my human died
And it’s all like a bad dream

A kind person found me
And saw me in great need
She said, “C’mon Girl, I got you”
So I took her lead.

I’m told I’m sweet as chocolate,
And love everyone I meet,
Dog, human, two-legged or four
All our friends who walk through the door.

While I know that I am safe,
And my days of pain are passed,
I want a family of my own,
One that will always last.

I dream of sleeping by the fire
Holiday lights twinkling on the tree,
Before you go “shopping” for another dog,
Could you please consider me?

You’ll save my life this Christmas,
And the dog that’s rescued in my place,
The greatest gift that you can give,
Is to extend to me that grace.