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9-11-19 UPDATE:  Odey is doing great in foster care and a testament why fostering is so important.  He is now very agreeable going in his crate at bedtime, learning to potty outside is no longer an issue, he patiently waits to get his feet cleaned before coming inside, very little jumping and is understanding that counter surfing is not acceptable either.  If he gets a toy, he can endlessly amuse himself and he’s very entertaining.  Oday is a very affectionate pup, and although he love to snuggle and lay his head on his forster mom’s chest, he has also learned about space.  We could not be more pleased with his progress and now he isn’t only beautiful, but he is such a good boy too.
9/2/19 FOSTER UPDATE:  Good Afternoon! Odey has been with us for a little over a week, and he’s settled in very well!  He is young and definitely needs consistent direction, but he’s a fast learner!  Odey is hands down the happiest boy we’ve had in our home.  He loves playing in the yard, and loves playing gently with his foster brother.  Foster mom could watch him play for hours – he tosses his toys in the air, then catches them right before doing a somersault and rolling around with his toys.  Odey is very loving, and he is pretty sure he’s the perfect sized lap dog.  He loves to lay his head on my chest and  quietly get pets.
Odey knows sit, paw, come, off and down.  He likes to check out what’s on the kitchen counter, and may jump sometimes, but he easily redirects with correction.  He’s already picked up so much – he sat patiently when he greeted my niece and nephews over the weekend.  He loves kids, and has been gentle and sweet with them!
Odey is definitely a chewer, so he will need some tough toys.  He’s learned quickly what things are okay to chew and what’s off limits.  He goes to his crate happily, and patiently waits for me to let him out when I get home. Odey’s all-time favorite part of the day is meal time, and he gets excited to eat!  We are working on sitting and settling before his food is put down and also using a slow-feeder to help his savor his meals. We are loving our time with this sweet, happy-go-lucky boy!



8/14/19 VOLUNTEER UPDATE: Odey is a very excited boy who is eager to please and play with people. He has done some “happy pees” so will need some time with training and adjustment to that. He is already learning some basic commands and knows “sit” very well. He is high energy and would likely do best with an active family. He is very affectionate but not overly selective or protective which means he will be friendly to seemingly everyone.  It’s important to remember he is still a puppy and needs appropriate guidance.