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9/18/19 FOSTER UPDATE: Ginger Girl was frightened when her foster mom picked her up. but her foster family will show her how to be a dog and be comfortable.  She fell asleep on the car ride home. It is evident she has never been inside a home, played with toys or laid on a blanket, but gratefully, Ginger Girl is slowly warming up.  She  LOVES other dogs and wasI so happy when she met Molly and Jack.

This morning we witnessed a huge improvement! Less timid, not suctioned up against the wall, and following Molly and Jack around. This makes me so happy!! She sleeps like a champ. No potty accidents, wants me to hand feed her half of the time but that’s ok! She lays in her crate without a peep. She is allowing more personal touch and affection. I’ve received multiple kisses this morning! This is what fostering is all about and why it’s so crucial! It’s amazing to see progress