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2/13/18 FOSTER UPDATE: After fighting his infection and getting out of the puppy hospital, Aaron was a bit timid and unsure. Over the past month with us, he has opened up and his personality is back! He has a calm temperament but loves to play, get ear & belly scratches, cuddle, and go for walks. His favorite squeaky toys get lots of play time and he loves chewing on his bones. He gets along well with our pup and loves meeting new people. Aaron knows “sit” “paw” and “lay down” and is very treat motivated to learn more. His arthritis doesn’t hold him back, and we’re working on weaning him to a lower dose or hopefully completely off the prednisone.  His latest vet visit went well, and he’s not in pain. The prednisone makes him thirsty, but he hasn’t had any accidents even in his crate while we are at work all day. He is crate trained and with a treat doesn’t have any issues going in and doesn’t cry when we leave. Aaron will be a wonderful addition to any family willing to give belly scratches and lots of love to this sweet boy. 

1/27/18: Aaron’s foster parents have nothing but praise for this amazing and beautiful dog.  What is even more impressive is that even with his higher dose of prednisone, he keep his kennel clean for 8-9 hours while they are at work.  That is very impressive!  We totally agree that Aaron is a fantastic dog!

1/13/18 UPDATE: After extensive time being evaluated, it has been determined that Aaron has Immune  Medicated Poly-Arthritis. He is responding to his steroid treatment of prednisone and feeling well. This is not an anti-inflammatory dose, but immuno-suppressive dose.  He should remain on this treatment for approximately 4 weeks. Then the vets will consider a 3-6 month maintenance program on steroids with gradual reduction. Aaron should be able to live a very normal life, and this should not deter anyone from wanting to opening their home to this very tender-hearted pup.  Our hope is that someone will easily open their heart to him and just let him know that someone cares enough to not let this influence his or her willingness to provide him a loving home.

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