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12/4/19 FOSTER UPDATE:  Albey, an exceptionally sweet pup, is a very good listener and always eager to please. He sits on command and gently take treats and a methodical, slow eater.  Albey loves to snuggle anywhere he finds us.  He enters his crate without trouble and sleeps quietly all night with no accidents and house trained. Playful Albey enjoys chasing a ball, playing tug of war, and is seldom without  a plush squeaky toy in his mouth. When Albey tries to chew on an inappropriate item, he is easily redirected and listens to being told “no” and will happily substitute a favorite Nylabone.  In addition, Albey has good leash manners and only seems to bark when another dog is barking, yet, again, listens when told “no bark “. He does well and is playful with his furry foster siblings too. One of Albey’s most positive attributes is being very gentle with our 2 year old son and patiently allows him to pet him. Albey is a very lovable, well-balanced, sweetheart. This happy pup will make a great family companion.