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7/27/18: Amberlynn here.  I wanted to let you know what’s going on and my foster dad said I should feel free to use his computer.  I like to talk when I’m happy or excited, which is more and more all the time, and my dad says I’ve turned into a real chatterbox.  The ladies at daycare noticed too.  I also am starting to have more fun with the medium size dogs that are there on little dog Tuesdays when I go for my bath.  Everyone at EAH loves me I’m told.  I’m having lots of fun.  My foster sister Gracie Lou even got me a little wound up the other night.  I have a special chair that my dad lets me curl up in.  It’s really comfortable and I feel safe.  My foster dad says I’m turning out to be a real “hoot” for a senior girl.  I guess he thinks I’m an owl. See everyone on Saturday when I come in for my bath.


7/24/18: When I first met Amberlynn a few weeks ago prior to fostering her I must admit, I had my doubts.  She had obviously been mistreated, her skin was in bad shape and while she was a nice dog she seemed a little distant.  Well, I was certainly way off base about Miss Amberlynn!

Her skin is looking much better, and while it might take a while for her coat to grow back, one thing that doesn’t need healing is her kind, sweet, gentle personality.  Now that she is feeling better and knows she can trust humans again, and she has every reason not to, she can open up and be the dog that you can’t help but love.
Amberlynn immediately fit in with my other two dogs and other than a sniff or two of my cats, seems to have no interest in them.  My daughter brought her 5-month-old puppy over last night and she even tolerated a little puppy playfulness. She has a healthy appetite, walks great on a leash and hasn’t had a single accident in the house.
I’ve said many times that it’s hard to believe how these dogs can still be loving after being treated so poorly and that certainly applies to Amberlynn.  I honestly cannot think of a single, solitary thing I would change about her.  Come and see for yourself.  I’m sure you’ll agree.

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