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FOSTER UPDATE 9/29/20: This sweet boy has made so much progress in a few short days. Yesterday Bane came to work with me and passed with flying colors! He was so mellow and very receptive to people who stopped by. He is doing great on walks – I even walked him with our two other dogs and had no difficulties. He enjoys his chew toys and will “Sit” well (with a treat in hand!). We’re amazed at how well he’s settling in.

FOSTER UPDATE 9/27/20: Bane is still settling in to our home and has a lot of energy in this phase of the adjustment. He LOVES any human attention he can get and has the happiest tail!

Bane prefers to be the leader of the pack and doesn’t seem to like our other dogs getting attention. He will butt in between or do a low growl. However, he is NOT aggressive, just protective over toys and food if other dogs get ahead of him while waiting to eat. He isn’t phased by our cats whatsoever!

Bane would eat ALL day if he could. He loves food and scarfs his down in less than a minute. He’s a fabulous car rider and enjoys looking out the window the entire ride. He’s even quieter than our two dogs!

We’re working on the “heel” command during walks as he is super strong and will pull – he starts to calm down the more we walk though and is starting to get the hang of it! We’re only 12+ hours into having Bane in our home but can tell he’s a very sweet boy. We look forward to seeing more of his personality as he adjusts!