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10-30-19 FOSTER UPDATE:  Bartley is doing great. He adjusted very quickly to my house and is getting along great with Max. He’s only had one accident in the house but since then, we’ve had no problems. He’s kept his crate clean while I’m at work and has automatically started going in his crate when I’m leaving for work. He’s still itchy at times but I think once he’s able to get a good bath, that will really help. He does great on walks and walks right by my side. He definitely thinks he’s a lap dog and was trying to climb on me the first few days. However, we’ve been working on “Off” and he’s so much better at sitting near to me and not climbing. If he does try and climb, he quickly gets off and sits down when told “Off”. He has been sleeping in my room at night.  The first night, he barked for over two straight hours in the crate, so I eventually relented and brought him in my room. Since then, he has slept without any issues on the dog bed in my bedroom. He even has started to put himself to bed when tired. He’s become at giving those irresistible puppy dog eyes and loves to be next to me no matter what I’m doing.