Without a doubt, goodbyes are the hardest, especially when he was a superhero like Batman. After a four day foster, the family knew he was there to stay. In his dad’s words,  He was one of a kind; If he noticed you were upset, he’d cuddle on your lap. His tail was almost always wagging. He’d jump on my bed to wake me up in the morning. He was scared of thunder and would howl at the harmonica. I called him Earl because he acted like an old man. At night, he slept in Ryan’s room to keep him company. He got all excited when Mom would take him on walks, and when Dad got home from work, Batman would be first to greet him. Some of his favorite things were his Kong toy and rope bone, car rides, BELLY RUBS, chasing the chipmunk, and morning naps with dad. There was never a dull moment with Batman. We are beyond grateful to have spent the past 6 years with our superhero.  

RIP Bateman- fly high and see you on the other side.