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10/4/2021 UPDATE:  Hello everyone.  It’s Beethoven again with an update from my foster dad’s house.  I really like it here, and he says I’m the goodest boy.  I have a foster sister but I can’t play with her much because of my heartworm.  I don’t feel sick though, and I’m almost done with my treatment – I promise I’ll be ready to play and have some fun.   I also have a foster brother who is a cat.  I leave him alone. and just him go on his merry way.  This past weekend, my foster dad dog sat a little dog, and I got along fine with her too.  I think she might have been a cat, but my foster dad said she was definitely a dog.

I am happy to report that I am house broken, which I guess is important to humans.  I can also be trusted outside of the crate when my foster dad is gone, but sometimes I like to go inside  and lay down.  Right now, my three favorite things are scritches, eating and playing rope but hoping to add more to that list when I find my forever family.  When I do, I know we could compose a great symphony together!