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1/22/18 FOSTER UPDATE:  Bethy has so many wonderful qualities: she is friendly, accepting of strangers, especially when in familiar surroundings. Her disposition is excellent, loves going out, enjoys “family time” and simply put an excellent and loving companion.  She seldom has potty accidents, but occasionally is drawn to our carpet, so we are being more attentive to her signals to go outside.

Once crated at night, she relaxes and sleeps and nothing seems to distract her, even if we get up during the night. She and our dog, Jeb love playing together and they have a good romp every day and sometimes we need to intervene and let them know it’s time to settle down.  She has learned several commands while with us and has mastered come, sit, off, lay down (sometimes).  We are impressed with her adaptability and she no longer is hesitant about getting in the car. Being patient and desensitizing her to being in the car has been 100% successful and now she hops in the back, but we have indulged her by one of us sitting with her in the back seat.

This is the Bethy we know and love.  She is a great companion, fun, ready to learn, and so very loving.

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