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7/28/19 FOSTER UPDATE: Birdie is playful and continues to quickly learn boundaries and commands such as easy, drop it, and enough.  She will drop the ball at your feet and loves her stuffies and balls.  She is always ready for belly rubs and shares numerous licks & kisses.   She is quick to settle and loves attention, and  when we sit on the floor, she loves lay on our laps.

Last night, after being here less than a day, she barked for us when she needed to go outside to use the bathroom. She loves going outside to play and take walks.  When putting her leash on she is learning to sit and stay and is patient as we put on her leash and will wait until told it is time to go.   When we walk her, she is great about not taking my daughter for a walk and will stay by her side as we say heel and keep her on a shorter leash. Birdie is a very friendly dog and a quick learner.   She is learning not to jump (and learning fast).   She wants to jump on furniture and people but is easy to correct with down or off.  She needs a fenced yard as she is an explorer and tried to go under the fence several times. She does very well if you provide rules and expectations and she is quick to learn them.  If the rules and expectations are not laid down, I could see her getting too rambunctious as she has a lot of energy. Being realistic, this is true for all dogs. She is learning how to adjust well and appears eager to please.