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9/21/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Bubba is doing very well, and we feel this boy is ready for adoption! He has gained 7lbs in three weeks and is looking so much better! Dinner time can be a little crazy, but we’re learning a routine that he feels comfortable with. We’re still working on crate training…he much prefers to lay on his dog bed. Bubba has formed a strong bond with my wife and follows her everywhere! He definitely loves his humans.

Bubba tolerates our other dogs but isn’t interested in playing with them. He thrives on human attention and would be perfect as an only dog! Bubba will make some lucky family very happy.

9/3/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: We’ve had Bubba one week now and he has come along way in a short period of time! He is getting along much better with the other two dogs at meal time and when food is around. We still feed them completely separate. He is learning to play with the other dogs and share the toys which at first he wasn’t comfortable with. He sleeps in his crate all night and only has an accident in the house occasionally. Bubba is learning the ins-and-outs of being an inside dog. He occasionally still lift his leg in the house, but we are working on it and correcting him.

Bubba is still working through some separation anxiety and barks if he isn’t near one of us. We are working on crating him a little bit at a time when we’re home. He’s been lucky Mike works from home and I’m not working outside the home right now, so there’s almost always someone here. He is super sweet and loving with us! He wants to be right next to us or on our lap. He still shows some puppy behaviors and gently mouths us as a way of showing us he loves us…we are teaching him not to do that. Bubba is putting on a little bit of weight, and we noticed he’s shedding a lot of fur right now. Mike has washed him two or three times and that seems to be helping with the dander and shedding. We love having Bubba in our home and are so proud of the progress he’s making!

8/27/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Bubba is very sweet, and our heart goes out to all he’s been through. We’ve had him on three or four walks and he has done quite well. He interacts well with other dogs and people walking towards us. He also completely ignores our cats which is wonderful!

Bubba is still getting used to being inside and has a hard time calming down at times. He’s still a bit anxious in his new surroundings. He is showing some signs of food insecurity, and we have to be careful leaving food out in the kitchen. We’re also feeding the dogs separately as a precaution as Bubba is protective over his meals. He slept in a crate in our room next to our bed and Eden was on the other side in a crate. He slept on and off throughout the night – he’s still adjusting to the crate. The good news is he hasn’t had any accidents in the house!