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7/18/18: WOW!  After fostering Bud for a mere 24 hours, I can honestly say that he is a family favorite in our house!  He is such a happy boy and loves everyone that he meets.  He has been a perfect gentleman and is unbelievably mellow.  He is very in tune to others and loves to check in by gently laying his head in your lap.  Our senior lab is very happy to have such a cheerful friend around to keep him company.  Walking him was a breeze, as he is SO much better on his leash.  He has been accident free and slept all night stretched out next to my daughter’s bed.  His loving demeanor and happy go lucky attitude will make him the perfect addition to a very lucky family!!

7/2/18: Although we attempted to let Bud’s Happy Tail heal, there was no improvement, and the decision needed to be made to dock his tail.  On a good note, there will be no need to clear your coffee table of items that a wagging tail can swipe onto the floor in an instant.

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