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9/9/19 UPDATE: Button has been with us for two weeks now and is a delight to have around. He is equal parts playful pup and snuggle/lap dog and very affectionate. This little boy is also very smart and has learned “sit”, “no bite” (important for a playful and energetic pup!), is working on fetching a ball, and will potty pretty much on command. Over the last few days, he’s been starting to give us a little bark/whine to let us know he needs to go out, so I think it won’t be too much longer before he has potty training down. Button also keeps his crate clean overnight and chooses to take short naps in it during the day. As with most puppies, he is a chewer, but is easily redirected to his toys. (He loves toys!) He’s just a little bit shy at first, but is definitely interested and friendly with other dogs and people. He is an all-around great puppy already at only 10 weeks old!


8/27/19 FOSTER UPDATE: He did great last night—no crying at all in his crate. Settled in and went right to sleep. Seems to be a great balance of playfulness and cuddles, and absolutely loves to flip belly-up on a lap to go completely limp for tummy rubs. Even at his tiny size, he hops right up and down stairs. Funny to watch! He will make a great family dog for someone.