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9/29/19 FOSTER UPDATE: After just one day, Carter is transitioning well.   He may drool some but he is a big lovable teddy bear.   If you lay on the floor, he will place his head on your chest – sometimes with his rump up in the air and sometimes he tries to lay on top of you!   He has been great with our nine year old and is calm around her.
He knows sit, down, and will respond to his name.   If you say no,  he will stop what he is doing.   He is quiet in his crate, although it takes coxing with treats to go in.   So far, he seems to be house broken.   Our routine is take him out after every meal and drinking water.   He LOVES to be brushed! And laid there for 30 minutes as we use the rake  on his undercoat.   Overall, he is a calmer dog but is still playful.  He typically barks with excitement when getting water and food.   He rides well in the car and is quiet as long as the car is moving.  He has been a great family dog.