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4/20/18 UPDATE: If anyone hopes to meet Cheerio, they need to understand his special circumstances. Cheerio has been with me for over two months and although he has improved greatly, he will continue to require therapy, medication, and careful monitoring.  Cheerio’s physical health is very compromised, and he requires extensive therapy for polyneuropathy, compressed neuropathy, possible disc issues, and laryngeal paralysis. He has weekly physical therapy at Med Vets and is scheduled to begin acupuncture in the near future. In addition, he needs to sustain a regiment of medication for comfort and a litany daily exercises and icing. It’s probably redundant to include that the costs are extensive.

He is able to walk short distances, but cannot navigate stairs. (I have only one floor-no stairs).  I imagine his needs are far greater than most would expect.  He is a beautiful, loving boy, but can’t really engage in play and activity.  I love him and know his needs are extensive. I am not resistant for him to have an opportunity to find a new family, but it would be unrealistic and unfair to expect an adopter who wants an active companion to take this on. If more information is requested, I will be happy to answer any specific questions. Just email us at: info@cincinnatilabrescue.org.

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