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6/12/19 – Last weekend, we sent Cisco to our trainer to help him become more relaxed and confident in new situations.  We are so pleased with his progress.  She has introduced him to awkward situations, and he is learning to relax and focus on his handler. Hs a work in progress and like all dogs, he needs continued guidance and consistency as well as rules and boundaries to maintain his newly acquired skills.  Cisco, we are so proud of you and you have quite a fan club at CLR!

5/11/19 VOLUNTEER UPDATE:  Loved my one on one time with Cisco today.  What a gentle and loving boy he is.  He loved his long walk.  He was a little apprehensive at first as he was glued to my leg, but warmed up quickly, and was a good little walker.  He loved getting a bath and sat very still as I bathed him. As soon as I started drying him off, he nestled into my lap.  His happy and confident personality shines through when he has a ball to play with, and a friend to throw it to him.  He will need a patient and loving family member to help him gain confidence as he becomes startled with new situations.  His perfect day would consist of laying on his owner’s lap, a few belly rubs, an occasional game of fetch, and back for more snuggle time.


4/29/19 UPDATE: Although he was adopted, after nearly 3 months, his family returned him without a word- they just appeared on our doorstep. Perhaps his family wasn’t experienced enough to help him gain needed confidence.  He continues to be so affectionate and in need of a home that understands his unique need for direction and confidence.  He is struggling in the kennel and so afraid.  We hope the right family comes along very soon as we know how desperately he needs a family.