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9/11/20 FOSTER UPDATE: Craig is exactly what you expect in a young lab: energetic, loving, and playful. He wants to be near you at all times. You can tell he is very loyal and wants to please. He’s been great around everyone he’s introduced to. This cutie is very energetic and playful – he’ll be a great addition to a family looking for a young lab they can be active with!

Over the past week Craig has made tremendous progress with leash training and is walking quite well on a leash now. While most dogs struggle to make the transition to their crate in foster care, Craig is doing a fantastic job keeping his crate clean and staying quiet. He’s a pretty skinny guy but he’s started to pick up weight…the treats are definitely helping!

Being that Craig is a puppy, we’re still working on a few skills to prepare him for his forever home. He’s had a few accidents in the house, so I continue to work with him on this. Because he loves being with you so much, he does want to jump when he’s excited, but we’ve seen progress! Craig is just starting to get the hand of “Sit” and “Lie” and should have some basic commands down within the next few days.

8/29/20 VOLUNTEER UPDATE: Our volunteers got Craig out for a walk this morning.  He has a lot of puppy energy, but he did settle and react well to corrections with the prong.  He is a VERY happy boy!  BIG tail wags!  He has a great temperament but does need some additional training.  He is a jumper so we are working to correct that.  He is also very food motivated which should aid in his training. With the right guidance, he will be a fantastic dog!