Coby is one of the sweetest 4.5 year old, 70 lb. boys you will ever meet.  He has been raised in a shelter since being a pup so he can be a bit timid when first meeting new people but in a short time he is putting his labby head in your lab and snuggling up with you just to receive the love he so desires.  He is a very happy, calm, obedient boy who loves walks to show off how good he is on the leash.  Coby enjoys both dogs/people and is house trained according to the shelter.  Not all homes should have a dog, but all dogs should have a home even after 4.5 years!



Coby arrived into foster care a few days ago, and wow! What am amazing dog! He arrived very shy and timid but he has absolutely come alive these past few days. He is a professional couch cuddler and he loves to give kisses. He is SO gentle and sweet….he really is the best boy!

He has adjusted well to life indoors. He appears to be house trained….no accidents! He will go to the door when he needs to go out. I also haven’t used the crate with him. He seems to be trustworthy so I have given him free reign without any incidents. He hasn’t shown any interest in bones or toys (yet!), but he does love to romp around the yard. He is great with other dogs! He also walks well on a leash and rides well in a care. He’s just a pretty chill dude!

More to come as I get to know this sweet boy!

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