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5/28/22 FOSTER UPDATE: Hi everybody.  It’s Dean or as my dad says, The Dean of Happy, friendly dogs!  I’ve been in my new foster home for a few days and boy, do I sure enjoy it!  I have a foster sister who’s also a dog and we get along fine.  I also have a foster brother who’s called a “cat”.  I’ve never had a cat before but we get along fine although he smells a little different.

My dad says I’m settling in very well for only being here a short time.  I sleep quietly through the night without having to be crated but if I need to be in a crate, that’s OK.  I also have a yard to explore which is nice.  I’d really like to have the zoomies in this yard but my dad told me not until my heartworm is better.  Then it will be like nothing was ever wrong. As you can see from my picture, I’m also the Dean of Cuteness.  Come and meet me soon and see for yourself!

5/12/22: A little update on Dean and providing some pics that show his beautiful smile. Dean is a sweet, gentle boy who is on the smaller side. He walked like a gentleman, and loved to have his butt scratched. Super curious about the dogs in daycare in a playful way. His tail was wagging non stop when he saw the other pups and is just a happy boy overall! I’m sure he cannot wait till he gets out of his heartworm treatment so he can play.

4/28/22 UPDATE:  We were just informed that Dean is Heartworm positive and immediately beginning his treatment.

We are on our knees begging people to PLEASE provide HW prevention to your dogs.