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10/16/18 FOSTER UPDATE: We cannot say enough good things about this sweet boy! He loves playing with his foster brother and is a big fan of naps when he’s tired from playing. Deuce’s favorite napping position is on his back with his legs in the air, which also perfectly describes his personality- he’s a big goof. Deuce is very silly and often provides a lot of laughs simply by just looking at him. He truly is such a sweet dog and wants to please very badly. While staying with us he has been working on basic commands (he’s gotten the hang of sit really well and now thinks that every time he sits he should get a treat!). Deuce still has a long way to go with his commands but he is very eager to please, so patience is key because he doesn’t always understand what is being asked of him. Deuce does great in a house with another dog because he LOVES to play! But I also think Deuce would do fine in a house by himself (with lots of play time, and toys of course!) because he also loves to have a lot of attention. While Deuce was with us we took him to the dog park for the first time and I think it was his new favorite thing, so a family that could take him to the dog park would be great!
Overall Deuce is a really great dog and would make any family happy, they just need to have patience and a sense of humor with his sometimes goofy ways 🙂

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