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Devers hanging with his foster sister
10/14/19 FOSTER UPDATE: Devers here.  My foster dad said I’m supposed to send an update on how I’m doing.  I can’t type very well with my paws so I’m dictating. My foster dad says my first two days have been great so far.  He says for only being a year and a half old, I’m pretty well behaved.  I really love running in the back yard with my foster sister.  We have a blast together!  I also had a great time in daycare while I was still in the kennel.  My foster dad says that means I’m “well-socialized”.  He also has these two small dogs that he calls “cats”.  I’ve given them a couple of sniffs but they’re not very interesting.
The second thing I love to is jump up and give hugs.  My foster dad says I have to learn something called “manners” and not do that.  I’m trying real hard to sit instead of jumping, and he says after only two days, I’ve made pretty good progress.  Plus you know what? I found out that if I sit, I’ll still get lots of pets and scratches, and then my dad says I’m a “good boy”.  He especially likes to pet my ears which he says are the softest ever!
Well it’s time for a nap.  I hope you’ll come by to meet me because  I’d sure like to find my forever home!