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4/18/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Diggs is a very sweet and lovable pup! He has a great temperament and enjoys playing with my 8yr old female lab and 9yr old male lab (who also act like puppies!). Diggs does have a playful side, but responds to corrections if he is being too much. He was a little nervous at first around my 3yr old son, but quickly warmed up and is very gentle and nice to him! I think he was just unsure of his new environment at first.

Digs LOVES to snuggle and is very affectionate. He will lay next to you and lay his head in your lap like a typical lab. He gives lots of kisses and in return enjoys getting ear rubs. He loves running outside and playing with squeaky toys. Playing ball and tug of war are some of his favorites, although he will need to be watched with plush toys as he likes to chew ears and eyes off (LOL). Nylabones and kongs also keep him busy ! Diggs sleeps like a champ in his crate. He does cry/whine for a few minutes but relaxes soon after. He is very happy in the morning to get outside and eat.

This boy is so smart! He goes to the back door and looks at you when he has to go outside. He knows the commands “ go potty”, “ come “, “no”, and we have mastered “sit”! Diggs is treat motivated and will be quick to learn more commands. He is a very sweet pup and will make a family very happy!