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FOSTER UPDATE: Hello from Pat, Heather and Jane!

We are here to report Don Juan is a sweetie pie!  He doesn’t bark.  Sleeps all night in the crate. And is a labrador lounge lizard.  He’s picking up quickly on what a walk means. All the good sniffs don’t get wasted on this guy.  He gets along great with Jane.  Meaning, they are basically lazy together.  But, grab that leash….and it’s time to go!

He has mastered the “please pet me” look.  And of course, we can’t resist giving him all the pets.
Since he can’t hear, we are going to try to communicate with hand signals.  We need to discuss what hand signals to use so we are all on the same page.
I hope we can get his comfort level and health under control.  He deserves to feel good and find a family to love on him. I couldn’t imagine being abandoned during a time when he needs humans the most.
Thank you for helping this special guy.