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1/9/22 FOSTER UPDATE:  Dresdon is such a wonderful dog, and I only put him in a crate the first night.  Since he’s been in our home, he has had NO accidents in 10 days. He sleeps comfortably on my bedroom floor. Being a protector, he will bark at an unfamiliar outside noise.  He enjoys our walks and continues to learn different commands, is a good listener, and responds to instructions. He likes to stay in my office with me while I work from home.  Dresdon is also very affectionate and although I’ve only had experience with a few fosters, he has been my very easiest, and it’s really a joy to take care of him.  In a word, he’s an absolute sweetheart!

12-27-21 VOLUNTEER UPDATE: Dresdon has made so much progress!  He was great on a leash today.  He was able to stay in stride with very little pulling.  He would make a great walking or running buddy! He is such a happy guy!  He is so affectionate and loves to give hugs and cuddles.  We are continuing to work on his jumping.  He is a very smart boy and aims to please, so I’m confident he will continue to make a lot of progress.

12/21/21 VOLUNTEER UPDATE:  Dresdon is a big happy boy!  He is very affectionate and loved treats!!  He seems to know quite a few basic commands (sit, down, shake).  He loves to explore but is still working on some leash manners.