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5/8/19 Words of Wisdom from his foster dad, ” He’s an absolutely wonderful dog!”

FOSTER UPDATE: Well, his name may be Dudley, but he’s certainly no dud.  Maybe “Lovely” would be more appropriate because Dudley loves everybody, every animal and pretty much everything.

He immediately made friends with my dog Gracie Lou.  She has been grudgingly sharing bones with him although she steals them back as soon as Dudley isn’t looking.  He is fine with my cats.  Sort of gave them a look like, hmmm…, I’ve never seen little dogs like this” and then went on about his business.
Because of his heart-worm treatment, I can only take him on short walks but when I do, he doesn’t pull at all.  No accidents so far, and he slept soundly through the night.  Well, maybe with a little snoring.
Dudley’s first five years were probably not all that great but once again, the dogs with the toughest starts prove to be the most forgiving.  Come in soon to meet Dudley.  I’m sure you’ll agree he’s Lovely!

We, fortunately, spent some extra time with Dudley today, and he tightly wound his way around our hearts.  It’s impossible to believe he’s had a difficult past as he is the sweetest, most lovable little guy. He is calm and loves to cuddle.  We were impressed by how easily he met everyone and did fine with other dogs. There is no doubt he is one very special pup.