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3/21/22 FOSTER UPDATE:  Freddie has been in my home for 3 days and has settled in nicely.  He is such a sweet boy and is very intelligent.  He loves to be with people and will follow me around the house.  He is perfectly content either napping or playing while I work at home.  He absolutely loves belly rubs!  He also loves to play with toys, especially the squeaky ones!  We are working on his leash manners, he is getting better but will pull sometimes, he does respond well to a correction.  We are also practicing sit, come and stay.  We are working on crate training, but he prefers to sleep on his dog bed in my bedroom.  He sleeps through the night with no problems.   He is doing well with housetraining by sticking to a schedule, he has only had 2 accidents.  He enjoys mealtime but is not aggressive and does not devour his food.  He also takes treats very gently.  He was initially afraid of stairs but is now comfortable going up and down a small flight of stairs but is still unsure of going downstairs to the basement.  I have no doubt that he will soon master these as well!  Freddie is a very happy little guy who has been a joy to foster!

3/16/22 VOLUNTEER UPDATE: Freddie is a happy little guy!  We had to limit his exercise today because of his heartworm but he loved getting outside to enjoy some sunshine!   He is very affectionate and loved attention (and treats!).  He had a big smile and lots of tail wags!