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7-13-19 UPDATE:  Freya ‘s new family adored her and said she was a wonderful dog.  Unfortunately, she just wasn’t adjusting to their cat, and they could not risk their cat’s safety.  They were devastated and a very loving couple, but we understand their concerns, and said we would find Freya a new home.  So, she is now available and hopefully, she will find her new family very soon.

Additional information from the family:  I regret that it didn’t work out, but I am grateful to have had her in our lives for the time we had. She has a great spunky personality and is full of love for the right family. We were devastated to find ourselves bringing her back to you guys. She was doing very well with off, sit, stay, leave it, and never had an accident in the house. Also she was great on walks, car rides and when going to the vet she was a rockstar. She would do anything for a game of fetch and would respond very well to drop it. She does get very intense playing tug-of-war, so would likely not recommend that game, but she definitely loves sharing time with her family.