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5/16/18 SUPER UPDATE: We are absolutely thrilled that Gigi joined her foster family and doing fantastically!  She has had zero potty accidents in the house and rapidly learning her manners.  Rather than jumping, she has learned to sit and wait most of the time and is in the process of mastering sit, down, and comes when called.  She is a champ going into her crate and never makes a sound. When we open the door of her crate, she just rolled over for a belly rub, which we were happy to supply.  She is so full of joy and can easily entertain herself with any available toy. Best of all, she is such an affectionate pup.  We are thrilled to have her join our family until she finds her forever home and think she is an absolute treasure!

5/3/18  UPDATE:  Our darling Gigi has found her joy in daycare.  She is definitely the star of the show and loving playtime.  She does great with both big and small dogs and has found a bff.  We are so happy after experiencing such a hard life that she is having so much fun.  She even loves playing in the pool – we think her happiness and potential for loving life has no limits.

4/19/18 VOLUNTEER UPDATE:  I spent some time with Gigi today, and I think she loved our walk as much as I did. She is on the smaller side and even though she needs some guidance on a leash,  she is very easy to walk.  She loved the attention I gave her. I’m sure, knowing her background,  she isn’t accustomed to lots of belly rubs and one-on-one attention, but she certainly enjoyed it today!

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