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1/28/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Hansel is such a good boy! He’s still doing fabulous on walks. He’s extremely gentle (except when in a playful mood). I fed him a little slice of apple and he nibbled on it while I held it in my hand. He’s also patient…when I dole out treats after dinner, he waits his turn without trying to grab another. We had a breakthrough with “sit” yesterday, so he is doing well with that. He’s still doing great in his cage at night.

After a few accidents, he is doing great on his housetraining! He is a bit nervous in the car but improving. He does better when he’s near me and I can pet him and reassure him it’s okay.

1/26/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Hansel did fabulous in his crate the first night. There was some minor crying at first, but then he went to bed. He hasn’t had any accidents – he goes to the door and waits to be let outside for potty. I took him on a few walks today and he is great on a leash! No pulling…some crossing, but only if there’s something to smell on the other side or he’s afraid. So easy!

Hansel is terrified in the car. He wines and paws at the door to get out. He does like to stick his nose out, but he will try to squeeze through the open space if he can. I bickled him in this morning and he chewed his way out. I’m hoping this behavior will calm down as he gets more comfortable.

I’ve been bringing Hansel to work with me, and he’s doing much better today in the office. He’s taken a nap and is no longer crying or looking out the window. He’s also becoming more interested in people, which is great progress!