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8/13 UPDATE– Happy is definitely making progress – some big steps, some small. He loves his food and is putting on some much neede weight.  His coat is growing in well, and he loves being brushed. His foster family is also doing their best to help heal his happy tail. Happy continues to gain confidence with his surroundings and they are consistently working on food behaviors, and potty training. Learning to play, but tires quickly and recovers with long naps, which also translate into him being more comfortable and feeling safe.   Showing more interest in toys and enjoys play time  with his foster sister.  Currently we are only taking short walks and he walks like a gentleman and doesn’t pull on his leash.  We are thrilled with his progress and so very proud of him.

8/7 UPDATE:  Happy recently arrived at his foster home and is learning life with a loving and caring family.  Most importantly, the highest priority is putting some weight on this exceedingly thin dog and restoring him to good health.  We are anxious to get updates from his foster family and travel this journey with them. Happy has had little to no guidance and his foster family will need to have him stay in their care for a little while to prepare him for his forever family.