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9/29/22 FOSTER UPDATE: Well, my foster dad suggested I keep a diary of my becoming a dog.  That way we can see the progress I’ve made throughout this journey.  So here goes:

Day One (Saturday)
I came home and sort of relaxed for a minute (that’s the photo on the deck) and then I decided to be freaked out BY EVERYTHING.  It was a little better by evening.
Day Two (Sunday)
I ate breakfast and dinner but I was careful.  Maybe someone might yank it away from me!  I also ate treats if dad put them on the floor near me.  I also drank some water. BIG NEWS – I went potty (#1) outside in the evening
Day Three (Monday)
I’m really starting to enjoy my meals. BIG NEWS – I went a new kind of potty outside.  Dad said, “good girl!” a lot. I will walk a few steps away from my safe spot to take a treat from dad’s hand.  I must really like treats
Day Four (Tuesday)
I will walk a few steps towards dad if he offers his fingers to pet me.  I’ll give him a couple of kisses and then I’ll let him scritch my nose very carefully. My foster sister came over to get in on the action. I gave her some sniffs and dad said that’s what dogs do.
Day Five (Wednesday)
Nothing much new to report.  When dad gets home from work he says he thinks I’m kind of waiting for him near the door but I go back to my safe spot quickly.  He says I seem more relaxed and I think that’s true.  I’m still careful though! Oh, he said I haven’t regressed in any of my new learnings.  I have absolutely no idea of what that means but he said it’s important so there you go.
I’ll be sending more diary updates so stay tuned!