Harley, whom we affectionately referred to as Harley Davidson, recently crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  His wonderful family had him for a short 3 years before spine tumors make his ability to enjoy a quality life too challenging.  Their devotion to Harley was so deep that they knew they could never allow him to suffer. His mom’s final words were, “We would have moved heaven and earth to keep him for another couple of years.”

In a perfect world, every dog would have the love and care Harley received from his family.  The messages from Harley’s parents brings tears to our eyes when we remember this precious boy, and we share their sorrow.

Thank you CLR for giving us this amazing dog to love on for the last three years.  He filled our hearts daily and we miss him more than words can say.  We loved EVERY second with Harley.  He was a dream of a dog who loved squeaky Kong balls and playing in the hose.  He was always a trooper with my costumes and clothes, although he looked his most dapper with a simple bandana.  


RIP Harley