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10/30/19 NEXT UPDATE: Heide here.  After ten days with my foster family, I have learned many new things even simple things like running, playing, and navigating those strange things called stairs.  I was super nervous when I first arrived, but I started to do better after a few days.  Things really changed when I discovered the humans’ couch – it’s simply the best thing ever.  I no longer nervously pace because now I spend my down time lounging on the couch.  Naps on the couch are the best, maybe I can be a professional dog napper or dog queen of napping.  Another highlight of this past week was discovering peanut butter and will happily accept dog treats too – both are   so delicious!

One of my foster humans is ironically happy that I have started being a little devious. She caught me chewing a few times on the wrong things, but she thinks it’s a sign that I’m becoming less timid and feeling safe, playful, and happy.  I’ve also discovered cuddling with the humans this week, it’s such a warm and wonderful feeling. Each day, I realize I can trust my humans more and discovered it has definite perks.  For example, I had my first belly rub and it was awesome! I don’t understand all the human appliances, particularly the coffee grinder so many of these peculiar sounds still frighten me, so I retreat to another room and return when it’s quieter.  I continue to gain confidence, probably because my humans keep telling me I’m a super sweet dog. I’m pretty exhausted from writing this for you, so time for another nap and enjoying this new life– perhaps I’ll dream of more peanut butter in the kong or another belly rub.


10/22/19 FOSTER UPDATE:  In the four days Heide has been with us, we have seen tremendous progress. Although It was evident that she loved having a yard for running and a foster brother, it took some time until she was comfortable inside the house.  The first day, she spent hiding in a corner behind a table. On the second day, Heide started to gradually venture beyond the corner. Now, she spends her days following us everywhere. She’s still nervous, especially with unfamiliar noises, but as she becomes more accustomed to our home, we expect she will continue to relax. As I write this, she is napping beside my desk rather than chronic pacing. We will chalk that up as huge progress.  She hasn’t had any accidents in the house and starting to understand the perks of dog beds and toys.  Chew toys and stuffed toys are her favorite thus far, but I think playing with balls will be in her near future.  She has picked up the word no, but we are still working on coming when called and understanding dog treats are a great bonus.  It has been amazing to see her transition over the past few days, and I look forward to seeing even greater improvement as she learns to relax and trust us.