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5/13/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Hendrix is such a happy boy! He has so much going for him: he’s confident, affectionate, and very docile. He loves going for car rides, especially to the dog park to run off some extra energy. He loves going for long walks, too. So far, he’s doing great one-on-one with other pups. Thunderstorms are no big deal, and being left alone hasn’t been an issue.

Hendrix loves toys and treats! He learned to shake and lay down in no time…he’s sooo smart! He sleeps through the night in a crate without a peep.  The house training has been going great. We’ve been accident free for a few days! We’re continuing to work on jumping and controlling his excitement, especially with younger kids. The mouthiness is also almost under control! Hendrix is loving his new lease on life indoors and definitely prefers the couch over his dog bed. We love having him as a house guest!