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5/25/19 Update: As promised, we am providing you an update on Irwin, Ernie (my name for him). He is recovering well post-surgery and hopefully, his staples can be removed in a week.  At this juncture, he still needs a bandage change and new cast weekly.  In about a month he will need another procedure to remove the screw and will remain in a cast for a minimum of two months.  He can put weight on his leg, but his activity is very limited.  At approximately 3 months, he will need to begin an exercise regiment too.  Additionally, he is still being treated for HW and his final injection is 6/10.  This also limits his activity level.

Regardless, he is loaded with personality, very loving and playful.  He is not docile, and I suspect once he is recovered, his energy level will escalate.  He’s a good boy, but we need to keep him as calm as possible.  The foster does not have any stairs, so we do not know how he would navigate stairs, but stairs need to be avoided if possible.

Since he has numerous visits to his surgeon in the future, although he could move to a permanent home, he does need to remain in the Cincinnati area. and we need to continue to monitor his progress.

5/16/19 – Irwin is comfortably recovering in his foster home.  His surgeon said his surgery went very well.  Although it will take a while for Irwin to complete the recovery process, he is doing great, adapting well, and is the sweetest, most affectionate and loving dog.  We are so happy we could help this wonderful boy!

5/11/19 UPDATE: We just met with the orthopedic surgeon at Medvet and have scheduled Irwin’s ruptured tendon repair surgery next week.  We know he will have an extended period of recuperation, but we are very hopeful for his full recovery.  He has completed his initial round of HW treatment and is one of the sweetest pups EVER!  We are so happy we are able to help this loving and extremely special boy live a life full of adventure and love.