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6/26/19 FOSTER UPDATE:  I’ve had Jayme for a little over 24 hours and she’s settling in quite nicely.  She quickly made friends with my own dog who was very happy to have a new playmate. No problems with my cats as she has demonstrated no interest. Jayme has “young dog” playful behaviors but certainly not over the top. More of the silliness you’d expect. She’s playful and a little uncoordinated which brings a smile to my face. She had only one accident when I first brought her home which I’ll blame myself for not be attentive. Since then, no issues.

First and foremost, Jayme absolutely loves people. She’ll sit quietly for pets if you’re willing to hand them out.  She met my next-door neighbor kids and thought they were the greatest!  I encourage you to come in and meet this sweet pup as soon as you can – I predict she will be a very popular girl.