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12/28/18 FOSTER UPDATE:  Kerry has been a wonderful house guest. She is very affectionate, a good listener, playful and eager to learn. Kerry is submissive and is very dog-friendly to dogs both small and large. She enjoys playing with my other 2 labs and is pretty gentle with my 1-year-old son. She enjoys lying on her dog bed or snuggling in bed with us. She will go in her crate and cry for only a few minutes. She enjoys her meals and treats. Kerry LOVES squeaky toys, tennis balls, bones and playing tug of war. Playing outside is one of Kerry’s favorite things to do. She will run laps in the yard and sniff around. Kerry enjoyed a nice warm bath and her coat is very soft. She gets told every day what a good girl she is. And how adorable her spots and nose are 🙂 Kerry is truly a sweet girl.


12/8/18 VOLUNTEER UPDATE:  Kerry is definitely making progress in learning her manners. She will look at her leader for guidance, so we think consistent training will be very effective.  Her leash walking has improved and she responds well to a prong collar and again seeks direction from her leader.  She already responds to sit, come, and leave it. Like so many misplaced pups, she craves affection and lap time and is a very sweet and affectionate girl.