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10/243/21 FOSTER UPDATE: Hi Everyone:  Klint here.  My foster dad says I’m an awesome pup, but guess what?  I already knew that because everyone tells me the same thing!  He says that I’m pretty chill and very well behaved for a dog who hasn’t even had his first birthday yet.  I do have a little problem with being a little uncoordinated and tripping over myself sometimes, but hey, I am still a puppy for goodness sake!
Here’s what I like: my foster sister (she’s from Tennessee just like me!), people, ear scritches, eating, walks, sleeping, cats (so far), toys, running around the back yard and people!  Oh wait, I said that already. I hope you come and see me soon!  Awesome pups like me get adopted really fast!

10/11/21 UPDATE: Klint is such a sweetheart!  He is a bouncy pup that absolutely loves attention.  He weaves a bit on a leash but he is otherwise pretty easy to handle.  He actually prances while he walks (he has huge floppy paws too!). He is so handsome and has a really great temperament.  He loves to give hugs and kisses….Super affectionate!

10/1/21 UPDATE: Klint was an angel today on our walk!  He has a very sweet and gentle temperament.  He walked well on the leash and took treats nicely.  It appears that he knows how to sit.  He is a really great dog!