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3/28/20 FOSTER UPDATE:  Lacy Jane is such a sweet girl! We learned in the last couple days, that she prefers to sleep all night in her cage. She’s been very active on walks and outside with the kids. She did have an accident in the house, but I consider 1 accident in a week, pretty good. She does fantastic with the kids! When we go on walks, she doesn’t even bark at other dogs and has adjusted into family life very well.

3/22/20 FOSTER UPDATE:  Good morning!  Miss Lacy Jane had a great first night. She slept in our room and did great! She LOVES our kids and hates when they leave the room. She wants to be outside with them also! She loves the fenced in backyard and runs around like crazy. We are working with her on staying off our couch and not grabbing things like shoes, blankets, etc. She also does great making sure to potty outside. No accidents yet! She can get a little rowdy, but I’m sure the kids are partially the instigators. She’s a good girl!